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It's Time for Answers on Yahoo's Email Scanning


It's Time for Answers on Yahoo's Email Scanning

Kate Tummarello

You should know if the government thinks it can deputize your email provider to scan through your messages.

Like most people, we were shocked at reports earlier this month that Yahoo scanned its hundreds of millions of users’ emails looking for a digital signature on behalf of the government. We join millions of Yahoo users in wanting to know how this happened.


Worth keeping handy is a review of the concept of the "Panopticon" and 'panopticism' and the implications of dehumanization, among other things.


They are driving as back to using typewriters and good old fashioned mail. And certainly when it comes to security a land line phone is much better than a cell phone, Communication without the government prying is getting to be more and more difficult as digital means of communications take over. Apparently you cannot go digital and still have privacy. That should be alarming.


If private citizens did anything approaching what is going on, whether it be Yahoo's breach of trust or AT&T's active marketing of it's breach of trust, they would promptly be indicted and convicted of organized crime. There is no longer any meaningful limit to the reach of governmental power. The secret courts Congress invented for this purpose are at the root of the problem -- or put more succinctly, Congress itself is at the root of this problem.