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It's Time to Build a Trump Impeachment Campaign

It's Time to Build a Trump Impeachment Campaign

Ted Glick

I have some experience with campaigns to impeach Presidents. In October 1973, in response to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre—the firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and the forced resignations of the two top Justice Department officials who refused to do so—I co-founded with others the Washington Area Impeachment Coalition and the National Campaign to Impeach Nixon. For the next nine months, until Nixon’s resignation in August, 1974, I worked as a co-coordinator of that national campaign.

and this will accomplish what…?


We must impeach as soon as possible this man is ignorant and corrupt. Neither he, nor his sycophants belong in our Whitehouse. Get rid of them all before they can do any more damage to our country. Any Republican in congress or Democrat for that matter who supports this president and his activities is NOT a patriot.


Specifically what is your argument opposing a movement to impeach Trump?

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This will make the rest of the world know that this ‘so-called’ president does not have the backing of the majority of the population of the United States.

Furthermore, it brings to light the ‘Numerous’ crimes against the Constitution, conflicts of interests, and assaults on our Democratic processes that are happening on a daily basis.

This, is what good it will do.


It will take time for the call for impeachment to be fulfilled.
Plenty of Republican congress critters are disgusted already.
There will likely be a progressive populist takeover of Congress in 2018.
So even with a Pence presidency Congress should keep him in check.
Then on to the presidency in 2020.

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I keep asking for evidence, too. That’s what you need to make a case for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Also, in case some of you haven’t noticed, Congress is controlled by Trump’s party.
Also, President Pence has a bad ring to it.
Also, don’t bring up Flynn. His crimes–unless you have proof otherwise–aren’t Trump’s.
Also, don’t bring up Kushner/Trump business interests involving EB-5 visas–they’re legal.

They have to slip Mike Pence in through the back door, because he’s low energy-
like Jeb Bush.:unamused:

Amendment 25 virtually guarantees that Pence will become POTUS. This will replace bad with worse.

Deal with Pence if the nearly impossible happens.

I agree, we will have to deal with Pence - but I don’t think a Trump impeachment is anywhere nearly impossible. The entire universe seems to want him out. At this rate, it may happen before the end of the year. This is the time to focus on more important matters, like expanding and improving Medicare to cover all ages and conditions (as one good example), not replacing bad with worse.

Not just Dump, but his entire creepy crew.

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Impeach Trump!

Single payer!

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Best to have a case for impeaching them both with one available for Ryan. Domestically, Pence will be worse than #45. Internationally on war and peace issues, I suspect he might be a little better. But neither is worth a pinch of bat crap. Ryan would be even worse domestically, but an unknown internationally.

Nevertheless, if #45 has committed impeachable offenses, the effort to impeach him must be made no matter who controls Congress. Same thing for Pence. One question on Pence is,Did Flynn mislead him, or did Pence know about Flynn’s Russian contacts all along and all the hubub about Flynn is just a cover for Pence?

Pence is part of this Russian mess. He knew but pretended publicly to have been left out of the loop. I don’t have a citation for that at my fingertips. Sorry.

Those visas are quid pro quo for a Kushner business interest…That’s not legal.

I’m not sure I understand.

No…he’s a rubber stamp for the same nasty stuff djt’s been promulgating…Indiana wasn’t sorry to see the back of him. He’s implicated in all this under the table Russia/USA stuff. He knew long before it was publicized. The right planned on his stepping in if DJT whigged out on them. He’s cultural, political, economic, you name it, poison. Argh!

All EB-5 visas are quid pro quo for an investment. That’s their stated and clear intent.

I have no idea what EB-5 thingies are but just because something is “legal” doesn’t mean its good.