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It's Time to Build a Trump Impeachment Campaign

A 2-part response:

Take the time to look up and explore EB-5 visas. They’ve been around since 1990. Understanding them will help you form an opinion on whether or not you believe they’re ‘good.’ Personally, i have mixed feelings about them, leaning against. In the meantime, you’re displaying a rather knee-jerk, I-hate-Trump-so-everything-his-family-does-is-evil simplicity.

‘Simplicity’ is my way of saying ‘willful ignorance’ politely.

OK, Donald Trump is a misogynistic unwarranted egotist with the Idea that he will make a killing as president. Granted that he has little concept of fair play unless he personally can gain an advantage and considers those with less wealth than he has as worth thinking about. Understood that his words are chosen entirely on what he perceives as what his audience wishes to hear and truthiness is secondary to popularity. Given all that, why on earth would you want to hand the reigns of power over to a man who thinks that the pulpit is a proper venue for political lectures, a direct abrogation of a major tenant of our constitutional principals? I am all for calling our"socalled" president on his every gaff or misstep but he is what WE elected so it is time the Party of the People decided to get off its dead ass and make some Loud proposals or we will start sounding like the Party of No and lose our base entirely. Trump and his totally incompetent swamp dwellers make me ill but a man who professes Christian principals and lives by the Old Testament scares me.

Your tone is unconstructive. Kushner should not be catering to his personal business interests out of the oval office.