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It's Time to Call #TimesUp on Standing Alone

It's Time to Call #TimesUp on Standing Alone

Laura Flanders

What did we witness on September 27th in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court? We witnessed a woman, reluctant, and by her own account terrified, trying to be helpful by offering highly credible testimony about her experience of assault

And then we saw the man she accused turn truculent, angry, accusatory, and simultaneously weepy—his teary belligerence entirely consistent with the character profile of one who commits abuse.


Thank you Laura for standing up. Thank you for outlining the other possible perjury by Kavanaugh. When we don’t hold people accountable at the time, we loose credibility and the uber rich and powerful have not been held accountable for way too long in this country. I understand why women don’t come forward as they are the ones one trial not the powerful.


In view of his track record, I can’t agree with Laura’s characterization of Kavanaugh “as a swing vote on the SCOTUS”. Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS record will be consistently as far right as any other justice who has worn the SCOTUS robe.

With Kavanaugh confirmed any right winger or any corporation having the means to take legislation they don’t like to the SCOTUS will be assured of a decision in their favor. It won’t matter if the Democrats (or the Greens) control Congress in the future, the SCOTUS will determine which legislation survives and which legislation dies.


My daughter is being abuse by her mother everyday.
My ex has kept my daughter from me over a question I asked my daughter in a subway shop with the help of the courts.
People like Kavanaugh who sit in a position of power decided not to follow the court procedure and ruled against me on the word of a narcissistic, controlling, psychopath.

Her time is not going to be up any time soon.

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I am reading this differently: She may be alluding to the Democrats getting back both houses. She does cover his abysmal record.

I don’t disagree with your assessment of Kavanaugh. I think she was saying that he’s assuming the slot that has been, to some extent anyway, a swing vote on the Court. That’s not to say that Kennedy was anywhere near the “middle.”

Sen. Whitehouse brought this up in the hearings, Roberts voting group of 5, has ruled 92% of the time with conservative interests in the SC. Kavanaugh has ruled 91% of the time with conservative interests, while on the lower court. Of course this is while K. was still aspiring to be appointed to the SC, if he is, no reason to believe his % won’t go higher.

But he has never denied his extreme views on executive authority or his record of disdain for the less powerful. His record is very, very clear on civil rights, voting rights, labor rights and the humanity of people who happen to be pregnant or migrating or in police custody.

So Kavanaugh is at war against everyone and everything which isn’t Elite-Patriarchal-Corporate –
all underpinned by “Christianity” … of course. This is a KKK/“Christian” who will behave savagely
towards a female he targets.

STICK YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR – Keep your foot in the door –

Let’s let no one stand alone –

That woman, Ana Maria Archila of New York, didn’t stand alone either. She’s co-director of the Center for Popular Democracy, an organization that’s all about building grassroots power.

Whatever happens on the Court, in the rough times ahead, let’s do what Ana Maria did. Let’s let no one stand alone.

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