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'It's Time to Cut Weapons of War': Barbara Lee Unveils Resolution to Slash Pentagon by Up to $350 Billion—Nearly in Half

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/its-time-cut-weapons-war-barbara-lee-unveils-resolution-slash-pentagon-350-billion


This time I agree with the headline’s “Slash” as opposed to the June 12 article about Sanders modest 10% cut proposal. That headline should have used the word “Trim” or “Reduce.”
Good on Barbara Lee! Slash the Pentagon / Heal the World.


It’s a start.


It’s a nice thought, but it won’t happen. They might vote to raise it by another $350 billion, but this isn’t a democracy that we’re talking about.


Way to go Barbara Lee. Too bad nobody will sign it.


Rep. Barbara Lee is correct. The security of the American people is better served by ensuring their health and economic security through government funded services than through endless spending on War and the weapons of War.


My kinda gal.


pretty much this. election year grandstanding. gotta herd them votes.


Notice the wording. All about spending and keeping us safe (safe zone); nothing about the death and destruction that is caused by our illegal actions.

Words matter.


Yes, a nice start. Certainly time for the Overseas Contingency Operations to get zeroed out.


The problem lies in Lee’s own back yard. The aerospace and defense industry have the majority of the California Democratic delegation in their pockets, especially Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. Until those minds are changed, or they are once and for all exercised from party, nothing Barbara does will matter.


Despite all of the cynicism that this has no chance of passing (which I agree is the reality) I am heartened that someone has finally dared to put this on the table. By putting this proposal forward it is a chance for Americans who think likewise to make their voices heard and hopefully change enough minds so that somewhere in the future, if we still exist, military spending will be brought down to a sane amount. I can’t help but notice that the only congressperson who voted against the war in Afghanistan is the one who proposes this. At least one district in California is smart enough to elect and re-elect her, so maybe there is still hope that more people like her can get elected. I can dream, can’t I?


The only thing really preventing the MIC from turning America’s covert military dictatorship into an overt one is their effectively unobstructed access to the “public’s” coffers.
While the language used by Barbara Lee makes it very clear that she is not actually challenging the MIC in any way, it is significant that public opinion has shifted enough to make this a potentially profitable political gamble.
I fear it wont take that many grandstanding politicians before we discover the length to which the MIC will go to protect their racket.


You noticed how the military has subtlety taken a “wait and see” passive approach to dealing with the Trump White House. They pander to him, but know that, if they delay him and his suggestions for more than a day, he’ll forget about them. Thats how they have played this current situation of nationwide Unrest.
However, I believe our military has a far more sinister long game going on. They are waiting to be ordered to the streets by Trump in a situation of national emergency In his last ditch attempt to either limit or stop the November elections under the guise of martial law. The generals could then step forward and say no, and remove trump from office, painting themselves as patriots for doing so. But then they could name an “interim” president of their choosing, in essence establishing a military government, one they may never relinquish.


Unfortunately, that is an entirely possible scenario.
It is also possible is that the majority of Americans would welcome and celebrate their “rescue” by the heroes they have been trained to worship their whole lives.
The oligarchy would also be powerless to stop them, assuming they wanted to.
In the end America’s oligarcy derive their power from the violence they can inflict around the world.
For now atleast, they are wholly dependant on the US army for the bulk of that power.


The for-profit war-machine - the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, MICC President/General Eisenhower warned our nation against - like the police business, has increased their Congressional power, funding, manipulated justifications for being (creating “enemies” and “law breakers”), both expanding, and diverting limited funding from critical civilian needs and priorities to military/police.

The “Congressional” part of the MICC is used to assure funding bills pass and increases in the arms industry are filled with procurement contracts, as well as militarizing police departments all over America. An arms supplier or sub-supplier in every Congressional district assures the votes from both party’s to maintain and increase such diversions from critical civilian needs; Universal single-payer health-care, public education, environmental protections, sustainable/renewable green energy, Mass transit, Guaranteed minimum income (GMI), and much more - the things that truly make a nation strong rather the things that serve private profits and usury!


Forget about passing this resolution - my fondest hope is just to have it come to a vote, and become a decent litmus for real progressives in Congress that could help to flush out some of the posers. Thanks to Rep. Lee for attempting to turn on the light so we can at least get to see the roaches run for cover.


As our military industrial complex spends more and more, they accomplish less and less. Since WWII their only achievements have been spreading death, mutilation, torture and total destruction of national infrastructures in service to greed mongers. War is a racket. The best interests of the American people would be better served first with less spending for the military industrial complex, a group of ineffective, money grubbers with no respect for life on earth. They are the single largest cause of global warming and have caused environmental destruction which will last hundreds of thousands of years.


How about running a "Barbara Lee for President" campaign?
** As far as I know, she has never backed down, double-talked, or quit. I’d sure vote for her!


I feel the same way about “liberal” Seattle, with a six-block CHOP (nee CHAZ) surrounded by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Joint Base Lewis McChord, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, not to mention Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. Plenty of deep pockets in which to keep pet Democrats.