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"It's Time to Fight Back": Hundreds of #CloseTheCamps Rallies Planned Across the Country Amid Reports of Abuse in Detention Centers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/its-time-fight-back-hundreds-closethecamps-rallies-planned-across-country-amid

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These immigrants are not criminals, they are seeking asylum from criminals! Then why are they and their children being treated as criminals? It is way past time to fight back; otherwise, let me ask…who’s next?


As I alluded to in another post, Canada also went through that process of interning Japanese Canadians. That said throughout that process Citizens formed groups to lobby the Government not to do this. In the aftermath of the war this public pressure by citizens forced the Government to abandon part 2 of that plan which was to deport all Japanese Canadians back to Japan at wars end. In 1947 due to this pressure the Government signed legislation to end the practice.

Well meaning Citizens can make a difference. Indifference is the enemy of liberty.


Who’s next? It was reported this morning that tRump intends to clean up America’s homeless situation. In Nazi Germany they had squeaky-clean streets, no homeless person in sight. Where they all went? Forced labor camps. That’s what’s next…


The term “migrant” is absolutely appropriate given who they are: For thousands of years prior to European invasion of the Americas–people who brought their for-profit religion and the absurd notion of “private property”-- the people of the southern portion of the Americas moved across what became the arbitrary border in the 19th C. Indigenous peoples spanned this entire hemisphere. The Cherokees and the Creek peoples, for example, originally were in Mesoamerica or Mexico and relocated to the south eastern US. So–what these peoples are actually doing is what they have been doing for millennia. Time to hang that US Flag upside down. No illegals are possible on stolen land.


Cherokee is an Iroquoian language, and the only Southern Iroquoian language spoken today. Linguists believe that the Cherokee people migrated to the southeast from the Great Lakes region[ citation needed ] about three thousand years ago, bringing with them their language. Despite the three-thousand-year geographic separation, the Cherokee language today still shows some similarities to the languages spoken around the Great Lakes, such as Mohawk, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora.

Some researchers (such as Thomas Whyte) have suggested the homeland of the proto-Iroquoian language resides in Appalachia. Whyte contends, based on linguistic and molecular studies, that proto-Iroquoian speakers participated in cultural and economic exchanges along the north-south axis of the Appalachian Mountains.[ citation needed ] The divergence of Southern Iroquoian (which Cherokee is the only known branch of) from the Northern Iroquoian languages occurred approximately 4,000-3,000 years ago as Late Archaic proto-Iroquoian speaking peoples became more sedentary with the advent of horticulture, advancement of lithic technologies and the emergence of social complexity in the Eastern Woodlands. In the subsequent millennia, the Northern Iroquoian and Southern Iroquoian would be separated by various Algonquin and Siouan speaking peoples as linguistic, religious, social and technological practices from the Algonquin to the north and east and the Siouans to the west from the Ohio Valley would come to be practiced by peoples in the Chesapeake region, as well as parts of the Carolinas.

I am troubled by trump’s disdain for immigrants. No, Donny, the Arian’s from Europe are not going to replace all others.
I don’t see any suggestions about what to do with these refugees instead. Let them languish at the Mexican border?

This issue has a long history, it didn’t start here, and it is going to take time and cooperation on both sides.

Set up application agencies in affected countries for one. Do actual physical assessments and create a placement policy.

Seems like an easy fix to me. Look abroad and copy what they did. Get a million people to tear down every stinking Cage and let these people out! Sure there will be some casualties… In War, there always are… We need to stop debating and start taking serious Action. We have the numbers and should use them!!! Again Bernie is right when he says, “ Strength in Number!”

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From Cherokee Indians and Their legends and Folk Lore, by Emmet Starr:

The Cherokees most probably preceded by several hundred years the Muskogees [Creek] in their exodus from Mexico…

From An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz:

Another Cherokee writer, Robert Conley, tells about the oral tradition that claims Cherokee origins in South America and subsequent migration through Mexico…

As far as the Hudenosaunee [Iroqouis] their land mass was quite large, from the Great Lakes and the St.Lawrence River to the Atlantic and way south to the Carolinas but inland to Pennsylvania.

Thanks. According to their linguistic orientation they never spoken the same language, A very very long time ago.

It might be this: Migrant vs nomadic As nouns the difference between nomad and migrant

is that nomad is a member of a group of people who, having no fixed home, move around seasonally in search of food, water and grazing etc. while migrant has other implications.

Sorry for all the edits.

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Thanks for your reply. That’s exactly what I also thought, lets hope we are both wrong!

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We have homeless people all over, thousands of them. They do come here from other places because we provide food. The state sued Nevada for sending all their homeless people here.

True, and from my perspective, the homeless could be next on Trump’s and his administration’s agenda. Could internment of the homeless be far off…for the lie that it is for their own good!

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The federal agency tasked with housing assistance has 4 million people on their waiting list. At least here and I think other places have come up with some temporary solutions, like little houses made from just about everything and they are portable. (and people like them, not everyone, but works for some.)

I have heard rumors that is already happening, not exactly internment but something like it.

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It important to remember as theoldgoat often mentions , all private property laws in North America and the “Settler nations” are based on an edict issued by the Roman Catholic Church called “The Doctrine of Discovery”. This doctrine claimed that all lands “discovered and claimed” by European explorers became the property of the Crown of those nations to allocate as they saw fit.

Under the Doctrine it was claimed that the lands were un-inhabitated as the estimated 100 million that lived there were not deemed civilized and thus were not deemed as persons. All of property law in these nations is built on this theft.

Right, all other land was held as federal reserves and land grants. Maybe more. It is important to remember there was some cooperative lands, Settler is where you make your own rules in the absence of law, colonial is where you organize your rules to law.

What I have learned is that the English elites precipitated the dispossession of the peasantry by seizing the lands, the commons, on which they depended for their meagre existence. Then they are offered them passage to the English colony the original 13 states with the promise of “free” land stolen from the indigenes. This original wrong morphed into some pretty awful settlers greedy for lands lost and the notion of what once were the commons. The Catholic Church also led the Spanish in Iberia to not only the notion, mad notion, of “discovery” but also the concept of limpieza de sangre where the class differences between wealthy elites and the poor were obscured and something similar happened here in US America where poor whites were encouraged and enticed with “privileges” to see them selves as belonging to the same “racial” group so as to prevent any solidarity based on class. For the Spanish elites this claim to “pure blood” served to prevent the poor from uprising.


Caligula also said that he thought the homeless problem only started 2 years ago (according to one report).

He’s insane.

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