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It's Time to Get Cops Out of Schools


It's Time to Get Cops Out of Schools

Karen Dolan

I’m still shaking from watching the recently released video of a white, uniformed police officer violently body-slamming a 12-year-old Latina girl face-first into a brick walkway. You can hear a “crack” when her face slams into the brick.


Thank you for the excellent article Ms. Dolan. Why do we not employ unarmed social workers in schools rather than armed police guards is curious? Social workers have a masters degree in conflict resolution and police officers are... former military employees and angry young men with guns. Maybe it's cost. The cost though is different than the price.


I think we need to have an INDEPENDENT lab regularly performing blood and urine tests on ALL cops in this country. I highly suspect they are on steroids or worse. It would be interesting to suddenly do this without warning -- and then see the results. This cop in this story --- I would bet he's on steroids.


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In more developed countries, the poorest performing schools get MORE funding so that the school is better equipped to handle under performing students. However corporate America loves the school-to-prison pipeline as they profit enormously from it. Meanwhile the MSM has made school teachers, social workers and other administrative staff look like a bunch of whining, over paid, under qualified, pampered, pseudo-communists attacking their right to organize unions or criticize standardized testing. If we want to create jobs and end the perpetual unemployment that plagues our country, we would immediately hire a million more teachers, social workers and other professionals to help us deal with our youth. Throw in another three million doctors, nurses and personal support workers under a universal healthcare program, and unemployment would disappear over night. Of course we would have to tax the 1% more as well as cut military funding to achieve this lofty goal and that is something our Congressmen are unwilling to do.


Karen Dolan is correct, it is time to get the cops out of public schools. It is also time to get rid of students who are more interested in being disruptive than in learning out of public schools.
Schools are for teaching academic information and should not be intended to replace what is the responsibility of parents and family. The right to attend a publicly funded school ought to be dependent on a student's capacity to properly behave while attending classes.
If the truth be told, too many of the parents and extended families of such students have failed their youth by not training them to be courteous, properly behaved, and to respect themselves as well as their elders.
I am speaking as both a former middle school teacher (what used to be called Jr. High School) and parent and grandparent who has taught in every kind of school from comfortably well off upper middle class neighborhoods to inner-city title 1 schools (those located in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods). The kids are just as bright and many of them are just as misbehaved in both types of settings.


More 'American exceptionalism' at work. It should be stomach-churning to more Americans, but the fact that these crimes are being committed still is all the evidence you need that there isn't enough will or spine in the mass population to stop them.
Ms Dolan's article is spot-on, and I am grateful for and congratulate her work in helping to expose this shit and demand that something be done to get these fascist thugs out of schools.
While some may argue, even compellingly so, against what I'm about to say here, I'll say it anyway: Where in the American pathetic excuse for media is the outrage and absolute refusal to tolerate another second of this fascist, assaultive bullshit expressed? Why are these ignorant, testosterone-poisoned, male-supremacist fascist thugs not referred to as just that; why refer to these goddamn pigs as 'police officers'? The tail-between-the-legs politeness in not calling names and getting loud and VERY PISSED OFF about this is a part of the problem. Have the American people been so cowed and intimidated by so much ultra-aggressive, brutality-based disciplining, the overall historically punitive nature of the entire 'justice system', along with how very brainwashed the country is with militarism and acceptance of the 'virtue' of militarism as a guiding, foundational and indeed religious principle, that they have lost the ability TO RISE THE HELL UP AND STOP THIS SHIT??? Or did they never have that ability?
I want to hear whether or not the parents are having these scum charged with assault and battery, whether the schools and their higher administrative bodies - the counties or states - are being charged with complicity in these obvious crimes. Where the hell is the reporting on what legal actions can be taken or are being taken against these goddamn fascist thugs and their employers and enablers??
But then, one must remember that the American people have also been conned into believing that '9/11' was an outside 'terrorist attack' on the U.S., and conditioned and brainwashed to mock, scorn, demonize and verbally assault anyone who suggests that it was an INSIDE JOB. Where are the hundreds of thousands of people marching on Washington demanding that 9/11 be properly investigated??
So in the near term, we can forget stopping these uniformed pigs in schools attacking assaulting and brutalising children.
A country which has fetishised the military, the concept of militarism, turned its armed forces and their invasions of the world into a religious cult, and allows for-profit prisons doesn't deserve shock and dismay at what is going on in its schools.


I am not totally against having a police officer at the school, but they should be vetted for their ability to restrain themselves. I would very much prefer a female police officer, (even though I have seen one or two nasty female police officers too, but overall I think female would be preferable) - one that in a school situation has the power to arrest, but chooses to use violence as the absolutely last resort, rather than the first.


That would have been me. I hated school. Being forced to do everything went right against my grain. All I wanted to do was rebel. I did vastly better in an environment where my participation was voluntary. What should become of these students?


What you are saying and what I am saying are two different things. If your preferred learning method was withdrawal and non-participation then so be it and that is your right. It is alsao your responsibility to take whatever consequences accre for such a learniung method.
Meanwhile, you do not have the right to disrupt the class for others whose approach to learning is to participate in the lessons presented and follow the rules of conduct, decorum, and etiquette appropriate to a classroom.


I'll have to disagree with you on that braithwa842. I attended high school during some rather tumultuous years,'68-'72. There were riots in many parts of the country and even on school campuses. We had police come on campus exactly TWO times....EVER! Those were disturbances in the aftermath of the murders of Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin L. King. Police came because of outside agitators, school was dismissed for the day (schools were closed for two or three days afterward each time), and police were there to assure that students left in an orderly manner. That's IT! Other than that we never had police on a school campus. School administrators, teachers, and deans handled any disciplinary problems --- without the police being involved--- all through my 12yrs of elementary and high school. I cannot imagine having to deal with the oppression of police on campus...looking for problems that would not normally require police attention; it's a prescription for disaster and disruptive to everyday school activities. It is police departments and police unions that push for the issue of having police on campus, coupled with their influence on school board members; it increases their ranks in the departments allowing them greater funding and increases union membership and dues ---all to increase their budgets and income. Having police on a school campus only increases the likelihood that everyday school problems will be addressed by turning them into criminal matters. That's no way to raise or educate children.


YES, nailed it; imperialist amerika is out of control! The People can and must rise up. The MSM is a lap dog puppet for the fascists in power. Listen to your heart, keep together, and act together; there is the strength!


Armed police do not belong on elementary or other secondary school campuses. Period.


Not "withdrawal and non-participation". Voluntary participation.


So, what should become of these students.


If a policeman attacks anyone without due cause, that is in self defence, does that not constitute the criminal offence of assault? So why aren't these cops in schools being sent for trial ? Oh, I see; it is occurring in the USA, which is an EXCEPTIONAL country.


My post was about those students who are "disruptive" not those who "voluntarily" choose when they will and will not participate in class. As such I see no connection between the comments.


Allow me to connect them. Students are not given a choice. They are forced to attend. What some of them want to do is escape. That is why I was disruptive. Things changed for me later when I was given the choice of attending or not. If I made the time to attend, then I am there to learn.

But what do you propose to do with these students?


Why stop at schools?

Get them out of everything. We arm the dimmest and ethically least among us and give them a green light to incarcerate us and shoot us on the spot if we simply don't comply with their demands.

We accept them only out of habit and not knowing anything different to compare. It doesn't have to be this way, public safety can be maintained through other means than armed bulldog condescension machines we refer to as law enforcement officers.


Cookies, that is true. Japan also gave amphetamines to their suicide/kamikaze pilots. The US government also supplied our soldiers in Vietnam with amphetamines -- especially if they were SF, Rangers, or LRRPs -- according to a friend of mine who was in SF and a Nam vet. Moral of the story: It's legal for the government to push drugs, but not anyone else.