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It's Time to Liberate Afghanistan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/01/its-time-liberate-afghanistan

While I generally agree with the Maragolis argument re:American defeat… probably after the election… I feel Maragolis should have devoted some space to NATO’s important role (ISAF) and The Northern Alliance’s role in the 2001 battle and later, to abet historical accuracy and deepen historical memory.

The War Mentality of Washington DC will prevail until the last 18 year old in America is gone.

Or until the Silent Majority get on their feet and liberate our government from the warmongering Duopoly.


The Terrorists are not in Afghanistan, they are right here in America Terrorizing every Man, Woman and Child, every other day.

We should not fear Terrorists outside of America we should fear the Crazy people at a Trump Rally.

The fanatical MAGA supporters are the Terrorists Killing Americans at Malls and at Schools.

White Nationalists and Bigots who attend a Trump Rally and Believe the Racist Fear Mongering coming out of the Feeble Minded idiot living in the WHITE House are far more dangerous than the Taliban coming from Afghanistan.

Nevertheless we should withdraw from these foreign Wars if the Warmongering Generals and the Insane Members of Congress will allow this sensible course of action.


cobbled together a force of ethnic Pashtun (Pathan) fighters and students to attack the bandits, rapists, and opium-producing Communist forces causing mayhem.

Well this could have been lifted straight out of a Charlie Wilson press release, or perhaps even an Osama Bin Laden press release. Are the spooks now preparing to rehabilitate his reputation too? Does Margolis still think OBL “was quite charming and very articulate,” which he apparently concluded “on one of his CIA-arranged stops”?


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The author in the link you provided got fooled (as many did). The information he reports on was pre 9/11 cover information coming out of Langley and Washington to start the cover-up process and turn the worlds focus of 9/11 perpetrators towards Middle East Countries of Muslim faith. This type of information was leaked to intelligence agencies all around the world, who then turned towards the US to inform our intel agencies of the upcoming possible attacks, and there were many of these reports. This was but a small part of the massive cover work our agencies did to distract authorities and the public away from the true origins of the perpetrators. I liken it to a gigantic spiderweb of false information to keep investigators, government and public, going in circles. They knew there would be people trying to find out what happened, they couldn’t stop that with such a large event, so they put out massive amounts of false information to ensure people would be chasing their tails so to speak.
The CIA knew where OBL was, they met with him in a Dubai hospital in June or July of 2001, there’s a record of this meeting. Since OBL was dying of kidney failure (he died later that year, his obituary was in the NYT), and had been on the CIA payroll for years, I wonder if OBL had agreed to take the fall for the 9/11 attack during that meeting, but we’ll never know.


"U.S. and Taliban negotiations said to be close to an agreement “.


Sure, there used to be more links, but apparently some have been taken down.


Here’s one in French, about the CIA meeting in July of 2001 with OBL.


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Just a day or two ago trumpenstein said that all we were in Afghanistan were police.
We are obviously operating under the guise of something other than terrorists. We took care of the first six months.
We should remember what shrub told us: “Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.” We can’t be fooled. That little ditty is now ours to own.

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Where is the link to the NYT obituary, or did you just make that up?

Do you think if we had never gotten involved at all in the 70s (i.e. if Carter thought differently and had a different National Security Advisory) that the Taliban would have still arisen and had as much success? I understand they eradicated opium production but it’s been my impression (of course affected by the media environment I’m in since I’ve never been there - only Iran in 75 was the last time I’ve been anywhere near, and I don’t read books on the subject) that overall Afghanistan might have been better off with USSR staying there (and after Berlin Wall fell, they would have likely got more autonomy just as other former USSR republics did). Of course they would have been better off had 9/11 not happened (regardless of how anyone think it happened - I don’t think it was a US govt. conspiracy - just incompetence), but would they have been better off in summer 2001?

At a fundamental level, the idea that we would ever coddle religious fundamentalist for any reason whatsoever has to be one of the stupider things we’ve done in foreign policy in my lifetime (since 1962). Who gives a crap whether Bin Laden was articulate or not. We should never have had anything to do with him.

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Margolis’s papering over of the violent and reactionary nature of the Taliban’s brand of Islamic fundamentalism is a glaring blind spot in this piece.


The U.S. has been doing that in Syria for years, whatever one thinks of Assad.

I may not always be right, but I don’t make things up. And when I find out I’m wrong, I admit it and correct it. In the first link at about 6:00. It’s not in the obituary, it’s a story about his death, buried in the back of the paper. There used to be a link from the Pakistan Observer in Islamabad at the same time, claiming the same thing, that he died in Dec., 2001 of lung complications from renal failure also, don’t know if you could look at their archives or not.

You said it was in a NYT obit. You made that up. There is a NYT archive going back to 1850. “In the back of the paper” sounds like what a 5th grader says when asked for a source in his book report. The first video is by a crackpot tinfoil hatter. So I don’t believe your statement that there “used to be a link from the Pakistan Observer” either. Prove it. I generally approve of your comments here on CD, reconfire, but in this case you’ve falling into tinfoilhattery.

It’s not a blind spot, it’s where Margolis is coming from. He’s a right wing zealot who, among other things smeared the African National Congress and Mandela for years as thugs and murderers. Whatever one thinks of the Afghanistan war, and I think the U.S. must pull out now by cutting some kind of a deal with the Taliban, the left mustn’t fall into the trap of painting murderous jihadists as peaceful reformers.

US relations with Syria overall and the Assad regimes in particular have been much more nuanced and tentative than “coddling” accounts for. For example, we’ve had no official diplomatic ties with Assad since 2012, we supported Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in the civil war against him, and occupy Syrian territory. That’s not coddling.

And while I don’t consider Bashar Al-Assad to be anything other than a violent dictator, I’d hate to see a Taliban-style Islamic fundamentalist party takeover in Syria – they would be worse and far less tolerant of the Syria’s many religious minorities. Thus, in relative terms, Assad sadly has an upside.

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I’m not sure what you’re problem is, and I don’t really give a shit. I gave you two links, you didn’t even look at one of them. If the NYT has an archive, then go look at it, if it’s not there, not my problem, I don’t control the NYT. Don’t really care what you do or don’t believe. So you think the guy in the video went to the trouble to print up a fake page in the NYT, who’s the tinfoil hatter now? Did you go to the PO and look, of course not, you want someone else to do you’re investigative work for you. Here’s a newsflash, I wasn’t put on this earth to feed you information, you don’t believe it, who cares.

Agreed. And I’m totally on Tulsi’s page on this. We need to cut that out.