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It's Time to Liberate Afghanistan

What eventually needs to happen is free and fair elections.

I looked at both. Neither of them supported your claim that OBL died in 2001 and the second one didn’t even mention it. Show me the article in the NYT if you can. If not, you’re just compounding your error by doubling down on BS.

I’ll simply note that Assad had considerable support from Syrian citizens during this civil war.

Not an election. Not free and fair. But a clear indication of public sentiment nonetheless. Are the Syrian people being hoodwinked when Assad portrays himself as a defender of religious minorities and when he portrays his enemies as Islamic fundamentalists? To some extent, yes, but then again, there was ISIS beheading infidels for YouTube viewers…

The only BS going on here is being produced by you, I even told you where in the first video, the NYT part started about his death, the second was produced by French Media, talking about his kidney disease, but you wouldn’t know that because your lying about looking at it. Then you have the nerve to call me derogatory names, play your games with someone else, I’m done with you.

This article has links to many news articles questioning OSL death in 2001-2006


More rubbish. People “believe he is dead,” “concludes he is dead,” etc etc. You’ve got nothing.

OK so now you’ve shifted your ground from “NYT obit” to “he had kidney disease,” which I never disputed and was reported in a million media outlets. You’ve got nothing but tinfoilhattery. Last I’ll say on this. I don’t waste my time on such nonsense.