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It's Time to Repeal the President's License for Endless War

kin of legislators hell --make the ones voting for war go and fight that war themselves

Congress and the White House are owned, body and soul, by the banks and industries that profit so hugely from war and the assets stolen in those wars (Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan oil, for example). They are also owned by the Talmudic/Zionist cult that fancies itself to be Satan’s “chosen” master race.

Until that hold is absolutely eradicated, the United States of America will continue to be a vassal state, sending our youth off to become war criminals for the profit and egos of parasitic capitalist, Zionist diseases.

The fun part is that those cultural diseases defraud the American Taxpayer into paying for their limitless greed for power and money.


Vote for Biden, anyway. The popular vote DOES matter and it was stay-at-home-voters who assumed that Clinton would win, who have most of the responsibility for putting that orange, sociopathic stool specimen in the White House.

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Excellent cause and photo. However, We have murdered about four million in the violent “acquisitions” department of the capitalist-Zionist cartel that is both poisoning our world and using the US as its pet “thug”, to expand its power and wealth.

The same “people” who own Bayer (Roundup), also own Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics, the Federal Reserve (a PRIVATE bank), most major commercial banks and the six corporations that control 90+% of America’s mainstream media.

Break their power over America and a huge part of our, and the world’s, problems vanish.