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It's Time to Strike for the Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/20/its-time-strike-climate

Wake up it about a half a century to late and I believe we now rather doomed to be lied a third bloodiest world war so elites exterminate most planet earths inhabitants so sad no media entire US and no planes existed to been either hijacked or crashed on 9/11.Brainwashing CIA MK ULTRA all of you and sadly to easy no critical thinking vast majority you now incapable apathy you all just pathetic.

What is this, texting on a written forum.
A little editing please. We don’t all recognize your shorthand.

While the cost to the human race (and other living things) may be astronomical, the profit for the privileged few will also be astronomical.

The fact that this author believes that Sander’s green new deal plan is a serious plan to solve this problem demonstrates a complete lack of understanding our problems in the first place.

Why are our societies following the plans of politicians instead of scientists and engineers? In all of the climate strikes I have seen - not one speech featured a peer-reviewed scientific study on an energy transition.

That’s a problem.

The Green New Deal is not a solution. Its timeframe for completion does not agree with any scientific study published to date. It does not address major industries in fossil fuels or how we may transition them such as industrial thermal production, or petrochemical production.

Bernie’s estimated price tag for the energy transition is nearly 7 times lower than Jacobson & Delucchi’s WWS plan for the electricity sector alone ($2.2 trillion versus $13.54 trillion).

If we are actually going to be serious about solving this problem we need to look at serious plans and not one’s promoted by politicians that are just looking to get elected…