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It's Tme to Unpack the Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/its-tme-unpack-court


Confirming fascist judges has been Moscow Mitch’s highest priority for six years and will continue to be until the very last hour he is Senate Majority Leader, whenever that might be.

If Barrett is not confirmed the only certainty is that Trump, Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP will confirm somebody who is even more fascist than Barrett.

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Whatever you do,

do not allow yourself to see

the fact that

the democrats in the senate have also endorsed Trump’s nominees.


This piece briefly touches on what could be done to avoid 100% fascist authoritarian takeover of the u.s. leaving zero checks and balances for democracy. (the big reveal of the rot has taken place with trump et al)

The u.s. oligarchic, patriarchal, racist, capitalist system is rotten to the roots as we have spelled out for years on Common Dreams.

Now right wing domination of SCOTUS will leave us (and nonhuman life) at the mercy of right wing religious zealots.

Hartmann writes:

There are a variety of ways to restore that balance, and all need to be examined, including blocking the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett and increasing the size of the Supreme Court.

I’m surprised he wrote “blocking the appointment of ACB” as an option to “restore balance”. ACB confirmation is a done deal.

How on earth could this be blocked? Such a statement can’t just be randomly tossed out there without specifics as to how this could happen.

What needs to be the focus now is getting trump out, shifting the balance of power in the Senate and getting all progressive groups mobilizing to expand the size of the Supreme Court.

That seems to be the only path to take at this point in time.

If others disagree, would welcome any other options or courses of action to avoid total fascism and/or violent collapse.

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Thanks for pointing this out.
To examine and bring to light the record breaking # of judicial appointments (that dems stood by and let happen) is something that could make one immobilized with depression----but the truth is necessary.

Systemic change on many levels mandatory or we face brutal collapse----though it may be too late.

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