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It's Very Clear: Bernie Sanders Can Beat Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/its-very-clear-bernie-sanders-can-beat-donald-trump

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“America very badly needs a president who is not just another establishment stooge in thrall to plutocrats to undo the damage of Trump and 30 years of neoliberal corrosion”

Further, another “establishment stooge in thrall to plutocrats” won’t get the popular support needed to move policy and a greater electorate in a progressive direction: a Sanders presidency can both mobilize progressive forces and win economically progressive but culturally conservative electorates; a right liberal presidency cannot.



Yes, Bernie can beat Trump. But will he be allowed to do so by the DNC?

Also, how can the US allow one person (McConnell) who represents a small percentage of the US population so much power to effectively shut down the legislative branch?

Something is terribly broken and gone awry in the US governmental system and needs to be fixed for good!


I had no doubt in my mind back in 2016. ( Bernie should have switched to independent ). He still would have won. I have no doubt now inspire of the media and dnc. Bernie 2020. !!! The gentleman from Vermont will prevail !


And in further support of my claim that progressive candidates can gain the support of economically progressive/culturally conservative swing voters:


Both halves of the duopoly will do everything in their power to scuttle a Sanders nomination.

There’s just too much corporate money lined up to let a “socialist” gain that position.
And ironically, the right wing noise machine will label any d-party stooge who runs as a socialist anyway.


I have a hard time believing the polls chosen by the media. Bernie was the most popular political figure in the country and now he is playing second fiddle to lame duck Biden. Not buying it.

Also this kind of crap makes me lose respect for authors and speakers:
“might draw some loopy crank from the Libertarians. Indeed, that’s precisely what happened to Clinton, with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson respectively.”

The people who voted for Jill Stein were never going to vote for Clinton. They voted for the policies of the Green party. Policies that are popular. In a democracy we do not have to vote who you or anyone else tells us to. Start voting for policy instead of cult of personality.

The corrupt and broken DNC has little to offer voters in the way of change.


SANDERS/GABBARD 2020 is surely the left’s best hope of reclaiming the White House from Trump and the far-right (neoconservative, neo-McCarthyite, TPP-promoting) Democratic Party. But anyone who believes that the DNC, MSM, and the oligarchy they serve will let either Bernie or Tulsi within a mile of the “nomination” (rigged selection) should have their head examined.

Bernie’s refusal to call out and challenge the rigged process does not bode well.

With Biden, Warren, Harris, or Buttigieg as the likeliest “Democratic” standard-bearers, 2020 is looking more than favorable for Donald Trump.

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The RNC cheated Ted Cruz.
Rand Paul can’t beat Bernie!

Common Cause posted the following today:

" The Senate is considering whether to fund sorely needed upgrades to our election infrastructure – like paper ballots, new voting machines, and risk-limiting audits. If they don’t, it’d be an open invitation to foreign election hackers to meddle in our democracy.

We need to make sure the Senate does what’s right. Call 1-833-413-5906 to be automatically connected to your senator.

Here’s an idea of what to say: Hi, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [TOWN]. We deserve to have total confidence that our votes count and our elections are secure. Please help make sure the Senate fully funds election security.

We’re a little over a year away from the 2020 presidential election – and just months away from the first primary votes being cast. But our government hasn’t done nearly enough to secure our elections from foreign attack.

It’s not for lack of warning – Russia’s far-reaching influence and hacking campaign in 2016 is common knowledge by now. Even Trump’s FBI director, Christopher Wray, says we are still being attacked. But Mitch McConnell’s Senate is showing no interest whatsoever in securing our elections against interference.

We can break through McConnell’s blockade by putting pressure on EVERY Senator to defend our elections. Call 1-833-413-5906 to get in touch with your U.S. Senators today.

No American should lose their right to vote because a machine broke or their registration got misfiled. And, we deserve to be 100% confident that it’s voters like you and me – not hackers, foreign or domestic – who decide our elections.

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Why even put Biden in the equation. He is even worst than Hillary. From so many perspectives. If DNC pulls a repeat, and ends up with Biden, it will mean that they are doing it on purpose. They don’t want to win.

As for Bernie. He is obviously above the rest and it does not take much to understand that he is the one. That is, if DNC wants to win. As far as the financial and other barons, they are fine with either Trump or Biden.


Bernie might have gotten blamed for Dumpster’s win if he did appear on the ballot as Independent, but he was likely more popular than either D or R candidate, and he could have been elected if we had that choice to mark his name. I didn’t want the choices offered, neither was ideal, though Hillary was the lesser evil, but now we all have to suffer with the bad results of the agenda and policies of this orange tinged turd.

He got the blame anyway so he might just as well have run as an independent.

Lesser evil voting does nothing but enable the greater evil. After years of people buying the lesser evil argument we see in Trump the outcome of such enabling.


The Ds and Rs have most everyone convinced the president shall be selected from only someone from either party which helps to perpetuate the myth only one or the other can prevail as the elected, as anyone else wouldn’t stand a chance of election, therefore a vote would be a wasted vote.

Wow, Ryan, what a rousing endorsement of Bernie and acknowledging the massive, diverse, base loyally supporting him - regardless current BS polls! - could you have you been any more tepid?

I do wholeheartedly agree that " America very badly needs a president who is not just another establishment stooge in thrall to plutocrats to undo the damage of Trump and 30 years of neoliberal corrosion. "

Current polls are not “the only data we have how candidates would stack up against Trump in a head-to-head race.” There is the polls from 2016, the approx 47% of eligible voters 100 Million did not vote in 2016, largely due to both establishment candidates being loathed and despised!.“Did Not Vote” would have won handily!

" no simple, guaranteed way for Democrats to win in 2020 " - try ending the power of a corrupt entrenched minority, being truthful, serving the 99% and environment, and ending primary, “super-delegate” and convention fraud!

Ypu might also explain to the entrenched DINO corporate/banker DNC tools that "the Democratic nominee does not need any Trump voters to win" - a fact they ignore in their political arrogance, idiot “strategists”, and lap-dog stupidity working to woo trump voters rather than the 100 M “didn’t vote” progressive/independent base!!

And, by the way Ryan, a dowsing rod is a very accurate tool for locating and plotting underground water sources/streams, I have used them often - not in the same category as “Ouija boards, tea leaves, or deck of tarot cards”

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NO! The DNC should be LABELED what it really is: The DNCC. The DEMOCRATIC, NATIONAL,CORRUPT,COMMITTEE! Their mantra for 2020: ANYBODY BUT BERNIE!

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My pomeranian, El Chapo, can beat Donald Trump. Anything with a heartbeat can beat Donald Trump. A rock could beat Donald Trump.

Of course Sanders can beat Trump, Ronald Mc Donald probably could at this point, but that would only matter if America had legitimate elections.
If the powers that be wanted Trump gone, he would be gone.
While he is obviously unstable and stupid past the point of unpredictability, he is also easy to manipulate and predictably corrupt. For a few favors he can be made to pass or destroy any law or regulation while accepting full blame for it. He has also managed the almost impossible task of keeping America’s collective attention squarely on himself for his entire presidency.
In the mind of your average American oligarch the possibility of thermonuclear annihilation is apparently well worth the benefits.
While they would probably prefer a more stable sociopath like Biden or Hillary, i douby many of them really have a problem with Trump.
Bernie on the other hand is opposed by most of the establishment, including the DNC, who will never allow him to gain the presidency.