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It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears


It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears

Jon Queally, staff writer

In new poll, provided exclusively to Axios, shows that more than 8 in 10 Americans are fearful of nuclear war breaking out between the United States and North Korea.

And why shouldn't they be? Early Friday morning, the president said the U.S. military is "locked and loaded" regarding North Korea.


My, my, oh my, how convenient to have North Korea come to distract attention from dysfunctional Donald’s debacle of an administration. How did the stars align just so? I wonder when the Iranians will retake the stage? Bogeymen wanted, apply at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…


Nailed it, WiseOwl.


Big Daddy’s thinkin’, “I wanna be a war preznit too! Goo, goo!”


You do have to wonder at the abruptness of having arrived on the edge of the cliff as if out of nowhere.

But I truly wish that it were Iran and not North Korea that was involved. Kim is an absolute despot and unstable or at least unpredictable. He is also being pressured by Trump’s reckless and rash bluster! Trump is perhaps equally unstable and unpredictable but the assumption is that other saner and less cynical minds are putting a brake on Trump’s autocratic sociopathology. Kim may not have a similar group of advisors in his inner circle.

Trump at a minimum will not order the execution of a critic nor the arrest and imprisonment of that person’s family. NK’s Kim may literally not have any reliable critics to provide other views or anyone brave enough to even offer them. So even if Trump is making the most of this distraction (if a nuclear holocaust could be called a distraction) because his counterpart is Kim, the danger is very real that it could become much more than bluster and posturing!

If this were Iran, the world would not be holding its breath in suspense. Diplomacy or even non nuclear war would be the order of the day. This ‘distraction’ with NK is an total unknown! Trump is the last person to trust in such a situation and Kim is of course, even worse!

Can you believe it? Two megalomaniac princes of privilege huffing and puffing all ready to execute tens of millions on a dare or if Trump doesn’t shut up …on a scare!


Donald Trump and his administration is the biggest practical joke on the American political scene that ever was. Common Dreams has morphed into a satirical tabloid that surpasses The Onion or Harvard Lampoon is it’s alarmist and florid verbiage. If everyone would laugh at the high jinx of the Donald, then just like a tantrum throwing 2 year old he might just might tone down his schtick.


Sadly I have to agree with your assessment. This would not have had the same effect if Iran was the boogieman. What is the Trumpster deflecting us from anyway?


Time to jump in I guess.

We have all lived with nuclear brinksmanship most of our lives, for many - for all of their lives - it just fades into the background once its been going on for three generations.

The US as we speak is preparing to spend a trillion on a nuclear upgrade - nuclear treaties and professions of peace be damned.

So wake up and smell the coffee - this current crisis was guaranteed to happen in some form from day one - Alamagordo desert WW II.

I think “Ghost Riders in the Sky” is appropriate - ‘cowboys - change your ways’.

That means at the individual level - it is way too late in the day for change from the top in the short or medium term.

There is some advantage in individual responsibility and change - if it occurs.

It is more difficult to assassinate all of us - unless that is, we are so foolish as to launch the ICBM’s.


Personally I am far more fearful of the ginger pig’s insane stupidity and malignant narcissism ego trip than the NK regime bringing nuclear or “ordinary” war down on our Mother Earth and Her peoples! This is theatre of the insane - for loves sake, can no person of high moral clarity rein-in this dolt, this idiot? This fool can barely put two words together (other than “very, very”) that make any sense. Apparently our “leaders” are too far gone…


NK has not made any military moves against SK or the US, only rhetoric and only when provoked and threatened by the US. North Korea is and has been fearful of a US preemptive war for a long time and has every right to defend itself and kick US forces out of all of Korea.
Trump is obviously distracting because the noose is tightening around his neck by the US special counsel. Trump should be immediately stripped of of war making call without congressional approval.


…if toads had wings then… but they don’t, they can’t laugh, they’re stuck in the the muck of Drumph’s Narcissism. This is totally about two men who are competing for largest “Dick”. Too many Dicks, not enough Richards.

…and if you think CD has turned into the Onion, your comprehension is lacking.


Everybody knows there is no military solution. Kim Jong-un is getting a lot of attention for himself and his small country by all this threatening rhetoric. With a tiny economy he has become a world player. Trump is being his usual irresponsible self. He seems to be emotionally at around a 7th grade level. He would fit in well in middle school except that physically he is in his 70s. So basically we have a kid for a president. And a very nasty kid at that.


Good! It is about time to awaken to the danger that we face. Not only N Korea as they are just the catalyst, but a wake up call showing that it is insanity to build thousands of nuclear devices that could well be the end of civilization and probably most living species on this planet if ever used. Yet we continue upgrading these systems spending untold trillions while basic human needs are ignored for all except the top tiers of society. This can not continue and it may well be too late already.


Could you imagine a world, only six months ago, when you hope, that Kim Jong-un would be the saner one?


“Cock-Blocked and Bloated!”

From the looks on Melania’s face, little Donnie Trump isn’t getting any, and he seems to grow in size every day.


God in Heaven, how I HATE Trump. I cannot STAND to see him on TV or hear his voice anymore. (All Politics is personal.) I cannot post here what I’d do to him if I could get away with it, but probably many other people have similar fantasies.

I said when he was first elected that I very much feared he would lead us into war, though now I can visualize it clearer. When the hell are the Republicans going to impeach or shoot him? This sits squarely on their shoulders if he pushes forward with his plans, which I expect. Sorry, but this new announcement crossed some kind of line in me. He’s got all the slavering warhawks cheering him on, too. If NK hits Washington with a nuclear weapon, maybe the rest of the government can keep him and his minions out of the bunker.


Hopefully the absurdity of this administration and the inherent shame it produced will lead to a wake-up call for the country and constitute a turning point from the direction it has been heading.

But I won’t be holding my breath. I had similar hopes during the Cheney administration, and now THIS!


I’d add that totally erased from the conversation is the very fundamental dependence on dehumanization and disenfranchisement demanded by the foreign base model of the military industrial complex. DN this morning interviews a Guam human rights activist.

This renders claims of “democracy” a demand that the entire population of the US live in denial, live a spiritual lie that impacts all aspects of decision making in life.

In other words, it is absolutely right to state that democratic and human rights belong ONLY to certain persons and that gets changed at the whim of the military industrial complex.

Call it racist, classist - whatever. As a result, for a spectrum of reasons it is unsustainable without devolving into broader delusional praxis with the accompanying consequences. This why throughout the world people who speak truth to power and attempt to live lives of integrity IN COMMUNITY with policy making standing are targeted for take down.


Two things I thought of as I heard Trump’s last bluster – first, that he seems to be on uppers or cocaine. He went on and on and on, speaking clearly, and switching topics without a pause.

Second, Trump mentioned that Kim Jong-un had been blustering for years, and he, Trump, wasn’t going to permit it anymore. My thought was that if Jong-un had just been bragging all that time, he hadn’t made threats to take out the US as far as I know. But Trump amped up the stakes, forcing Jong-un to one-up him, and the threats now went both ways. I blame Trump for creating a huge crisis when it was small before. Another president would have held his tongue and tried to “guide” Jong-un through diplomacy with people who were familiar with the North Korean players.


“Trump…will not order the execution of a critic nor the arrest and imprisionment of that person’s family”

There is precedent.
Obama ordered the death of cleric Abdul Rathman, his 16 year old son, and then his 8 year old daughter . All American citizens I might add. And without due process.