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It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears


On the money Annie! More than a few have noticed the “coke-head” speed-freak signs/behaviors. Part of those behaviors are indicated in such reckless actions, un-regulated mouth/blather and aggressive stupidity.


Do you have a reference regarding Obama targeting the daughter? I missed that. – Thanks.


If one reads Harry Truman’s quote just before he ordered atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, they are strikingly similar to Trump’s vitriolic, statements of: " fury and fire and locked and loaded". Trump’s latest frenzy of bellicose, nuclear, rhetoric is only something a madman would utter!


My hatred and loathing for this piece of subhuman filth - and the rest of the subhumans following him - is reaching all-consuming levels right now. Will some brave individual who has access to this vile monster please do something to save humanity?


Unfortunately, NK does not yet have a ICBM capable of reaching any part of the US, much less the eastern part. All the dying will be done by the Korean people.


How stupid can anyone be to believe that North Korea is suicidal. they may be crazy but I don’t think they’re that crazy. The whole reason they developed a nuclear arsenal is to deter attacks and undue pressure from external governments. Launching a strike against the U.S. or any of it’s allies without being first attacked by one of them would seem just a little counterproductive and something only dumb donnie would do.

If the U.S does attack North Korea in a pre-emptory way then there’s no way to guarantee that NK won’t respond in a devastating manner even though they might lose in the end along with the rest of the planet.

Perhaps donnie and kimmie should just get together for a cage match fight to the death that the rest of U.S. can enjoy while drinking beer and hurling insults and taunts at the two of them along with whatever feces we manage to bring in.

The whole thing is absurd anyway since North Korea is held pretty much in check and certainly realizes that any attempts to expand it’s territory would be met with devastating resistance. It seems like donnie’s just looking for a distraction from problems with his own administration. Sad, loser


Nora al Awlaki. She died during the same operation that cost the life of that Navy seal. She was one of the civilians killed.
Sorry, got the name of her father wrong, duh. His name was Anwar Al Awlaki, killed by drone strike.
He was an American and Yemeni imam.
His 16 y.o. son and a nephew died in a targeted drone strike also. His name was Abdul Rahman Al Awlaki.


Did you miss the context involved in the statement? We aren’t talking about drone strikes but soldiers going to the home and arresting the innocent families of critics and dissidents and putting them in prison! That is the context. Where is the precedent for that?

By the way Trump ordered the drone strike that killed the 8 year old. It is becoming impossible to carry on a serious discussion in this comment section. Nit picking and rank anti-intellectualism displayed as emotional venting is going to drive away commenters who seek not to vent their opinion but to engage with others in a broadening exploration of some issue.

While drone strikes are wrong, they are not the subject being discussed. Too many people rudely detour discussion from what is being discussed simply to express some favorite point of their own though unrelated to the issue except tangentially. Maybe that’s what some people prefer to do but as we all have seen elsewhere, very quickly a comment section becomes little more than a group of regulars vying for attention rather than seeking to debate or discuss anything in depth.

I reiterate… no one is excusing drone strikes but they weren’t what was being discussed.


Of course Truman spoke when only the US had nuclear weapons and then only a few. Now there are thousands of these weapons in many countries and Trump’s words could lead to a nuclear winter and total human annihilation. But then Trump is who he is and we knew what we were getting. You have to blame the people who voted for him. He never pretended to be a responsible human being and made statements during the campaign about nuclear weapons that were very alarming. There is simply no excuse for voting to put this guy in the White House.


Pot, meet kettle.


Your points are valid but you are guessing (as we all are) as to Kim’s mental state under pressure. If Kim feels truly threatened by Trump ( who talks like a schoolyard bully ) then things could escalate out of control. Two megalomaniacs hold the world hostage between them and both are reveling in the sense of power that gives them.


What does that even mean? In reference to what?


Your remarks about people like myself driving people away from this site.
Put plainly, you are a bully. It is you who drive people away.
We’ve tangled before and I see you’ve learned nothing. You will never drive me away , ever. I will continue to post here in spite of your bullying.


Amazing how irrational USAns fears are. I am in that small minority that would have answered that poll “not at all fearful” regarding a N. Korea launching a nuclear missile at the US. There is zero evidence that N. Korea has an operational missile and warhead capable of reaching the US.

I’m very fearful of what will happen to Koreans, and possibly Japanese and possibly residents of Guam. But the fear is of the US being the cause of the conflagration, not N Korea - which will only be retaliating like ANY sovereign nation if attacked.


Interesting to note, the news of warhead miniaturization came from the Washington Post.


I could care less about driving you away to be frank about it. I didn’t address a comment to you but you did to me. Yet you say I am all sorts of things as if I initiated the exchange. You are a phony. All I did was offer my criticism because you were hyjacking the discussion and creating a detour. That kind of thing prevents serious in depth dicussion. Obviously drone strikes or Obama are big issues with you but if you don’t mind, other people would like to discuss the issues in the article not some other discussion.

So then you accuse me as if I started talking with you which I did not. So stop looking for excuses and mob support like some group of Trumpeters ganging up on someone. I want in depth discussions sorry if that bugs you and others who want only to vent about their favorite issues.


7th grade level? You are way too generous: he is a petulant two-year old with his outbursts, tantrums, and insatiable need for attention.


Locked and loaded…spoken like a TV addict who has never read a non-fiction book unless it was one created by his ghostwriter for which DJT took total credit. His entire life is a big lie. Time for conscription of all those members of his ignorant, provincial, racist, gun-toting base…line up and bend over, dames and gents. You asked for it.


And I am appalled at how the MSM drones on and on about the defense capabilities of the US to combat any NK “attacks” with any number of retired brass and former Repug defense department wonks spouting their “expert” opinions. Wake up, you asshats…the whole world is watching you thump your chests and grab your crotches.


Guess the mast majority of the ignorant US public has never read about the non-nuclear weapons/guns, etc. that NK has permanently and perennially aimed at SK (Seoul especially) since the “armistice” was signed creating the DMZ. That is far more effectively lethal for the 25 MILLION people living in the Seoul metro area (second most populous in the WORLD).