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It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears


Well said!


Agreed, Seatower. It’s just a distraction to hide the fact we are bombing yet another (Philippines) country.
Two schoolyard bullies bumping bellies hoping everyone around them stand in awe.
Trump loves adulation and money too much to instigate a civilization stunting nuclear exchange.
That ego is a double bladed sword.


Americans should calm down their fears a bit; and, realize that, should the U.S. decide to attack N. Korea, China will enter the fray. Hopefully, the U.S. war machine understands this fact:

Do Trump & Co. know China and North Korea have a mutual defense treaty? – Apr 27, 2017 – Jeff J. Brown – Greanvillepost

"Thus, on July 11th, 1961, China’s Premier Zhou Enlai and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung signed their “Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance Between the People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. https://www.marxists.org/subject/china/documents/china_dprk.htm

It renews automatically every twenty years, unless cancelled by either party. Thus, it renewed in 1981
and is in full effect until 2021…"


Breaking: 7 hours ago.
China tells N. Korea on its own with attack on Guam.
Washington Post, Irish Times, Aljazeera.


I’ve never gone to Democracy Now.

Do you consider it a good website ?

As for your reply ~

I’ve become aware of something called “moral injury” - not the same as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Your description fits with ‘moral injury’ - i.e., we know what’s right , wrong and what is unfair and unjust - it’s inbuilt - part of our DNA if you like. We are seemingly powerless to change what’s wrong - and necessity and the will to live - “striving to survive” in the words of Kane of Kung Fu fame - is with us all - all the time.

So we do what little we can - but conceptually, we know, or think - it is not enough.

To use an analogy, being once a pilot - we are in either a spin or a spiral dive - something has to be done in either case - or gravity takes all.

I can’t figure out democracy at all.

Half don’t vote.

Thomas Piketty in his book “Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century” makes a solid case that for the bottom half of society - they are virtually without wealth in the conventional money sense.

Is this the same half that does not vote ?

In any case - being embedded since birth, literally, in this money society - being bombarded by spin doctors on every conceivable subject and level - well - this is what you get - dysfunction along a path to death - spiritual, moral, and soon, perhaps physical.

If we all don’t “know” that - we at least sense it - something is drastically wrong.

I sensed it even before I became a man - and it never leaves you.

The best you can do seems too little.

I’d like to hear more of your thinking.

  • in Calgary


I am become death, shatterer of worlds. R. Oppenheimer; 7-16-1945: the official date when the world ended.


Count me as very fearful. They’re going to do it. They don’t about killing people - Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lybia, Yemen and on and on. The people in the US, Europe, Russia, North Korea, etc. are not more special to them. A sociopath is a sociopath is a sociopath. And our world is run by billionaire sociopaths and their minions - the whole MSM for example. Trump is just a minion.


“Trump at a minimum will not order the execution of a critic nor the arrest and imprisonment of that person’s family.”

Really? He has already threatened such with respect to perceived muslim terrorists. Unrestrained by law and the fear of punishment, Trump would do exactly the things that Kim would.

Kim worse that Trump? I’m not so sure. If you look at the histories of NK, Iran and the US which has the worse record of expansion of empire at the expense of those militarily weaker?


Ka chew. Lennon had it right all along. John Lennon that is - for the bought by propaganda anti-Russia crowd… not Vladmir Lenin. Mccarthy be dammed.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not a function of age and any reference to the behavior of a two-year old is irrelevant and misses the point.


Wereflea - the difference between Iran and North Korea is basically do you want your WWIII with Russia or China? Guess what. Russia and China made a pact last summer. If we go to war with one we go to war with both. So North Korea may as well be Iran. Do you feel better?


I’m not saying that they don’t have warheads ready for their short and intermediate range missiles - I suspect they probably do. But those can’t reach the USA except for maybe some remote Aleutian islands.

You are engaging is what I call “tin-foil-hat agency-robbing” - it is a variant of USAn exceptionalism whereby every evil and all evil emanates from a god-like US government and only the US government and all the worlds people are helpless to resist it and every act of resistance is dismissed as “an inside job”.


C’mon! As bad as Trump is did Trump order secret police to go to reporter’s houses and round up their families and put the family members in prison? Why do people who read the same stories here on CD skip over that fact in discussions? Is it really necessary to explain every dot and dash in a comment as if talking to an uninformed group who may not know the background reference? CD readers all caught the same stories as I so what gives?

Is this really the way things will be in America where serious discussion becomes impossible and everything is dealt with on a surface level? It’s like people (maybe even you?) who read that story of Kim’s abuses nevertheless don’t want to admit they read it to the other person! That’s not unity nor community it is simple competition as if I were talking to a conservative who didn’t want to acknowledge a point in a debate.


Age serves to exacerbate NPD along with solidifying behavior like that of a “terrible two-year old” not being curtailed or addressed at the time. DJT’s tantrums are extremely immature at ANY age.


Interesting take on the problem. Iran is not a rogue like NK is. They do have allies don’t they? But just the same those allies would help tamp down the situation through their influence. My feeling is that Trump would not be able to convince anyone that Iran is threatening us since Iran does negotiate etc.

Trump’s bombast scares everybody because it might scare Kim if he believes it! Utter insanity!


Do I feel better? What does that mean? About what?

And what does the statement "North Korea might as well be Iran."mean?


Except that I didn’t say that. I said nit picking and …emotional venting will drive people from the site. Lots of people do the same thing. You took it too personal!


Wereflea, China is backing North Korea and told us last summer that if we mess with NK we are messing with them. So NK is not rogue. “Do you feel better,” is just tongue and cheek. I don’t think any of us feel good about this. In fact I feel sick about whats going down. You said you preferred it be Iran, it doesn’t make any difference whether it is Iran or NK. Both lead to the same results and the MIC know that. I’ll make a bet that we end up in war with both NK and Iran though. And, very possibly the insanely cool headed super powers that are backing those countries. The only thing that will stop WWIII is them to refuse to engage when we attack their protectorates.


Not engaging in anything . Simply saying the Washington Post is not a source to be trusted. Owned by Besos and funded by the CIA, I cannot give any credence to NK being able to mount a nuclear warhead to their current missile technology.
The stench of fear mongering is all over this .
You think they have nuclear capable missiles, I don’t. That is all.


Democracy Now is a very good radio/TV program broadcast in many parts of the US. The host Amy Goodman is a heroic journalist who, with Alan Nairn were brutally beaten by Indonesian soldiers and came close to death covering the Santra Cruz, East Timor massacre back in 1991.

Democracy Now is a one-hour news and analysis program broadcasting as both a TV and radio program from studios in NYC at 8 AM Eastern Time via various small radio and community access cable TV stations. It is the first news program whose coverage is informed by the Chomsky-Herman propaganda model of the media in capitalist societies (See “Manufacturing Consent” - The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988)). Consequently, Democracy Now focuses on all the vitally important news and analysis - much of it of a “elephant in a living room” nature - that is ignored by the corporate media because it contradicts the capitalist or (in the US) US-exceptionalist narrative.

You might be interested in knowing that your government once blocked Amy Goodman from entry into your home country because they were afraid that she would say something unflattering about the Vancouver Winter Olympics (such as the usual displacement of the poor for the Olympic facilities, etc.). In reality - having little interest in sports, she didn’t even know about the Vancouver Games.

Democracy Now is also pretty much the sole broadcast source for the Canadian political-economic-environmental activist, critic, and author Naomi Klein. Few would have heard of her in the USA if it weren’t for Democracy Now.