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It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears


Not to mention his increasingly florid complexion, puffy eyes, and fluid-filled hands. He probably self-injects (or has a 17-year old “nurse” inject him) with speed or any other number of “uppers.” All the while bragging about how does not drink. His habit goes way back, to be sure!


OMG. Have you watched Democracy now and Amy Goodman shilling the Russia hacked the election narrative over and over the last several months? I used to donate to that site - until last the colors were impossible to ignore late last year. Now I run from it. Sane Progressive and Redacted tonight are the only ones left. Jimmy Dore, Tim Black TV and the very despicable HA Goodman (gotta be a fake name) who is a Hillary camp double speaker and hypnotist, are all shills for the DNC. The draft Bernie movement is the DNC. Donna Brazil etc. Run from these people. I think Cornel West is still on our side. “Our” meaning, if you’re a classical liberal and not a pro war corporate neocon.


Well, if I were Kim Jong-Il or his generals, and I didn’t yet have nuclear delivery capability (and the powerful deterrence it provides), I would be working like hell day and night to get it!

That is what I mean by “agency-robbing”, if you didn’t figure it out.


I do not really prefer either but of the two, dealing with Iran has been far more rational. The problem is that Kim is an absolute ruler but for the first time, such a ‘divine’ has control over nuclear weapons. It really is troublesome for everyone. I personally have never felt Russia nor China a nuclear threat no matter what. Both (especially Russia) are quite familiar with the ‘grande game’ where diplomacy and international finance mix and remix. They make a move and we make a move and when the dust settles everything kind of looks like nothing has really changed!

North Korea is totally different. It is rogue because of its isolation (from the west) both diplomatically and financially. In a sense NK has got along without us! Thus we don’t really have economic leverage.

An autocrat glowers at an absolute monarch and nobody knows what either is thinking.


In case you missed it: China released statement 8 hours ago that it will NOT back NK in the event of a Guam attack.
That said, an annihilation of NK would bring Us forces to Chinas border, a result China would not welcome.
Not sure if their statement was meant as warning to NK to stand down, or an invitation to the US to move forward.


I can’t say anything one way or another about Kim Jong Il because everything I’ve seen on both sides of that argument are likely extreme propaganda.
The last things I saw on NK was the Sane Progressive covering a yearly anti war event where one of the speakers showed everything we know about Il to be western propaganda and that Il and NK have been trying to de-escalate war all this time.
Who knows, it may be propaganda. There’s no question the Western media would make Il propaganda too though.


Amy Goodman is the Walter Cronkite of the progressive left! She is a news junkie’s treasure!


I think it is unclear what North Korea’s ability is to hit the US. Certainly it could hit US allies like South Korea and Japan. It has successfully launched a missile in the category of missiles that could reach the US east coast. It appears to have nuclear weapons that could be used with a missile. This long-range missiles was shot to a very high altitude. The US does not know if they have the capability to launch such a missile on a trajectory that would allow the missile to reach the US and hit a target. If they can hit key US major cities with a few missiles it would not come close to wiping out the US population but the country would be in quite a mess. Of course right now even if they could launch an attack it would make no sense because the US would almost certainly completely destroy North Korea and turn it into a nuclear wasteland. I think is safe to assume that the Kim Jong-un in not suicidal with regard to his country.


Trumps connections with corrupt capitalist gangster Russian thugs and the gangster’s billionaire leader sounds pretty newsworthy to me. Yes, in this case covering the investigation does converge with the corporate media which has covered this issue excessively to the (deliberate) exclusion of more important things Trump is doing. I never said that Democracy Now ignores newsworthy issues because they are on the corporate media - that would be idiotic! They cover newsworthy issues that the corporate media does not - while also covering all newsworthy issues - albeit with alternative analyses of the situation. and of course, Amy Goodman avoids superstitious conspiracy theory nonsense. See the difference?

Amy Goodman is not a member of the nutty, tin-foil-hat-new-alt-left-which-isn’t-really-left.

And no, she does not "believe-believe-believe that “911 was an inside job” either. You should go to Alan Jones for that kind of nonsense.


Did you read Bill Moyer’s timeline of the Russian/Trump scenario? You need to look at the list of incidents for yourself. It is unlikely that Mueller is wasting time and effort on nothing like did Ken Starr with Bill.


Yes, kooks ranting on youtube are always good sources of news and analysis…


I just vetted Moyers and saw his soft support the Russian Narrative and further it methods. It took less than 3 mins to vet Moyer. Do you believe Russia hacked our election and the true danger to us is a bromance between Puttin and Trump? http://billmoyers.com/story/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-trump-russia-connection/.


Reading numerous articles on Trump’s declaration of seeming threat to North Korea, and watching much television coverage of Trump’s declaration on this matter, strangely found is a compete absence but once of mention of China. And, that once was the word “China” in passing in a single sentence. Finding this, and being too young at the time to note, did a similar ignoring occur prior to the entrance of China into the Korean War? Given all the bluff of Donald Trump, fatality of ignoring China in Trump’s converting bluff into reality seems as imminent today as was the entrance of China into the Korean War. Considerate of this, Donald Trump has no conception of the “fire and fury” which would rain down.


Hard to tell anymore who has been bought and who not. I so think it’s time to to re-label the former Sanders supporters and the Greens as the Alt left.
We are not DNC/Third Way Wall St Democrats. These people are the Establisment Dems, Globalists, New World Order. They are the people the Alt right hate the most. The Alt right hate the Establishment Republicans nearly as much. They too are Globalists, NWO.
Those of us who identify as Alt left have more in common with the Alt right than we do with the current Dem party and vice versa with the Alt right to the Republican party.
We need to distance ourselves from from both Establishments before we can clearly see our common interests and come together.
I’ve spent much time “trolling” ( for lack of a better term) Alt right sites and peering thru their venom a hate to glean much we have in common.


Ah, but Donald Trump might be “suicidal with regard to [a not insignificant part of] his country”?


Weren’t you the one who just promoted Democracy Now… at this date? And where are you getting your information - the MSM - Fox? CNN? Please tell us!
Hey I used to promote DemocracyNow.org non stop… until they started trying to get us into a war with Russia and went against Brexit(Nafta Europe). But hey, they’re still against fracking… I think.


I have serious doubts about this administration’s relationship(s) with Russia and its oligarchs. It isn’t so much that they conspired with the Repubs (Trumpenstein monster politicking) to interfere with the election (an impeachable offense) it is all the other things which apparently you chose to skip over in the 3 min. that you spent seeing if you were right or wrong.

3 minutes? Not enough time to have anything to talk about!



I saw all that trump children went to Moscow ect. So what? You just spewed it. “Russia interfered with our election.” Do you believe they did or that they changed any outcomes? Did your girl Hillary not get elected because of Russia leaking one of her internal emails that her camp didn’t deny? What’s your logic defending that if you think it cost her the election? Why are you okay with her methods when they stay secret and get mad when they get leaked? What next - is Seth Rich a traitor? Say it? Why would he be a traitor if he didn’t leak the email and Russia did it though? Please tell me about Seth Rich now? I want to hear the whole narrative from you. singing “drowing in koolaide, drowing a fool, what will they say - DNC tool!”


As a long time follower of that site they have never done this.


Excuse ME, Amy Goodman is still doing this NON Stop. I was a long follower and donor. How are you missing this? Amy promoting the Russia hacked the election narrative non stop is trying to get us into a war with Russia. It’s promoting the we need to attack Russia because they stole our election and hence stole our democracy stance. Watch Amy goodman explain this. IS there any Democracy Now shows now a days where she doesn’t go all Russia Narrative? Everytime I check back she’s still doing it. The endless interviewing anti-brexit people she did is currently tapered off because it’s not big news anymore and the anti-brexit people lost.