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It's Working. Trump's 'Locked and Loaded' Bluster Stirring Widespread Nuclear Fears


Experiential evidence says your remedy is likely to be ineffective, even if it were reasonable to imagine that “everyone” could just ignore the imminent threat of nuclear war…

Hardened social predators (call them psychopaths, sociopaths, or narcissists if you prefer, but the first term is a description of behaviors that anyone from any culture can relate to, and not indebted to any particular medical/mental diagnostic scheme) are NOT the same as two-year old children.

Something more lively and vigorous than ignoring the issue is likely to be required for humanity to understand and deal with the prevalence of habituated social predators now in our midst.


Thanks for being honest about the emotions that naturally arise in response to our now-undeniable collective situation. And for recalling us all to a basic truth: “all politics is personal.”

May many hearts awaken in this critical moment…for all our relations.

May awakened hearts become immune protection for our species, against developing, enabling and rewarding violence in everyday life.

May no child ever again be compelled to grow up with one or more heartless social predators as their only source of care and protection. May our hearts become unable to ignore the danger these readily-transmissible behaviors pose to our species and to all life.

May strong emotions like those you are sharing here be recognized as signs that something is terribly wrong in a family, a community, an organization, a government. May people be honored for speaking out and acting decisively to counter socially predatory behaviors EVERY SINGLE TIME they show up, regardless of who is manifesting them.

Only then will humanity and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants be freed from the global pandemic of Narcissistic Zombie Flu that has brought us to the present impasse…

Thanks for helping out!


In my view Obama was worse because he nudged true change agent Kucinich out of the Nomination, much as Hillary took Bernie’s place, only to give us 8 more years of Bush Policy.


Good for you earthling, for recognizing, as others on this site have, that you are dealing with a Disingenuous, Omnipresent, temporarily efficient, but now Outed, Troll.


Trump is indeed a Minion, a Major Fact that needs to be widely understood.


Uh oh, Wereflea’s trying to marginalize you, guess you’ve hit on the Truth.


I think your hope is possible ONLY after the threat of a psychopath is removed from influence over our lives. Because I cannot influence HIM or his minions, I am trapped in the large entity that he might be able to wipe out. In the healthiest human beings, anger is justified, along with the desire to rid oneself of the problem that Trump represents. I believe that one’s anger and its spur to action in healthy people is one of the few factors that lead us to protect ourselves. Of course, in the unhealthy, it can be terrible: example DJT.

I read on another site that many Republicans are abandoning Trump or thinking about it. The author did not believe Republicans will impeach him or otherwise try to force him out of the presidency. The writer said that the party mavens will probably just ignore him and govern without him, let him do his thing however he wants. It offered a glimmer of hope to me for the most egregious of Trump’s offenses, but unless the rest of the government (the departments and divisions) agree with this action and participate in ignoring him as well, Trump will just ignore Congress back, scold, brag about himself, and issue more executive orders – many already issued will have devastating effects on American life. Here is an earlier list:

So I’ll maintain my healthy anger and the fantasies it creates until Trump is either out or de-fanged!


I call alt-right what they are, white supremacists. So what are the “alt-left”?

I pay attention to rhetorical, political, cultural/religious and journalistic terminology, and how it has morphed over time.

It was the white supremacists that renamed themselves the alt-right, and MSM took the bait and ran with it.

Alt-right, is a moniker that sounds as harmless as an alternative/traditional leaning rock genre. It was a successful attempt at normalizing overt racism, and it worked as a wonderfully successful diabolical move.

Now maybe murderers can rename themselves “lifetime consultants”.

Associating the left/Green/Bernie/revolution with white supremacy is not something that will increase the following, but probably the opposite.


Here is a more up to date list of Trump’s
1 Executive orders
2 Presidential memoranda
3 Presidential determinations
4 Presidential proclamations
5 Presidential notices
6 Presidential Sequestration Orders.

You may be shocked at what is going on behind Trump’s upsetting tweets and televised bluster. And you may be angered at many of them. He is RUINING America.

Addition: Discrepancies between White House versions and Federal Register versions[edit]
In February 2017, a review of presidential documents by USA Today showed that the White House posted inaccurate texts of Trump’s executive orders on its website, conflicting with the official versions published in the Federal Register. Most of the differences were minor grammatical or typographic changes, but there were “two cases where the original text referred to inaccurate or non-existent provisions of law.”[525] This raised concerns among advocates for government transparency; the executive director of the Sunlight Foundation said that the “last-minute edits” to the orders indicated problems with the Trump administration’s “vetting, sign-off, and publication processes for executive orders.”[525] The inaccuracies also prompted concern because the Federal Register versions of presidential documents are often published several days after they are signed, “meaning that the public must often rely on what the White House puts out.”[525] In the order on ethics guidelines for federal appointees, the WhiteHouse.gov section cites “section 207 of title 28, United States Code,” which Pro Publica found does not exist. The correct citation, made in the Federal Register version, is section 207 of title 18.[526]


It is vital that Congress immediately pass veto-proof legislation limiting any President’s ability to call for a nuclear strike. It must not be limited to only a first strike, since our Liar-in-Chief would probably say that any incoming missile we shot down was nuclear. A small, bi-partisan group of members of Congress could be designated to approve any nuclear launch in an emergency.


America has been in the process of being ruined far before Trump; and, it’s questionable whether that ongoing ruination can be abated, let alone reversed by the Executive and the Congressional pigs-at-the-trough.

China now is offering Russia a military-political alliance that should make the U.S. and the E.U. sit up and take notice; but, I doubt this is being reported by the MSM. What follows are excerpts from an article recently translated from Russian to English. The entire article is worth reading and contemplating.

China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO – Aug 6, 2017 - Alexander Rostovzef – FortRuss (Translated from Antifascist online by Tom Winter)

July 1, China marked an important date on July 1. It was the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Chairman Xi Jinping addressed the solemn meeting devoted to this event. …Chairman Xi’s speech which was short, but very important.

"The world is on the verge of radical change. We see how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as is the US economy – it is all over for the new world order. So, it will never again be as it was before, in 10 years we will have a new world order in which the key will be the union of China and Russia. "

"We are now seeing the aggressive actions on the part of the United States, regarding both Russia and China. I believe that Russia and China could create an alliance toward which NATO will be powerless and which will put an end to the imperialist desires of the West."

"Creation of an army, that corresponds to the international status of our country is a strategic task. We must combine economic development with defense development, modernize the army, so that it is current and standardized … We need to comprehensively promote reform in the military sphere to create an army that would be disciplined and would win. "

(Bolding added for emphasis)


With regard to our allies turning their backs on us and reducing our power, that may well be happening in response to the latest Congressional sanctions.

With regard to N. Korea striving for nuclear weapons, the following three articles should provide sufficient justification:

Why Does North Korea Want Nukes? – Apr 21, 2017 – Paul Atwood – Greanvillepost



Fortunately, China is taking the lead in attempting to resolve this confrontation:

Xi Jinping in phone call to Trump: calm down on North Korea; follow China’s lead – Aug 11, 2017 – Alexander Mercouris – TheDuran

In typical Chinese fashion, after the mailed fist comes the velvet glove.

Having warned the US via an editorial in Global Times yesterday that it will defend North Korea if the US invades North Korea and seeks to overthrow Kim Jong-un’s government, the Chinese government followed this up today with a telephone call to US President Trump by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Both of the main official media outlets of the Chinese government – the People’s Daily and the Xinhua news agency – give accounts of the call and of what Xi Jinping said. The more detailed account of the call is however the one provided by Xinhua. It reads as follows


Been watching Democracy Now since 911. They’ve been an invaluable source for a long time.

BTW. Congrats to DJ Trump, the “sketchiest” DJ of all. You finally managed to unite MOST of the country. In abject terror.


N.Korea gets the Big One first, the Venezuela, then Iran. After that, it’s off to demolish poor little neutral Beserkistan. The getter done Trump always has a super-duper, secret, huge winning plan. He’ll blow up Biloxi and Jackson too; hand them both over to his buddies on the Alt-Right ( aka ), The New Klu Klux Klan. After that little trick, more nuclear bombs will burst in the air. He’ll find an old helmet in the White House, to cover his pretty orange hair. Then he’ll tweet out, " Little Marco boy, see I really do have a really large pair, swinging around and hanging down there ".
At the end of the week, he’ll golf and rest up. Then soil the new White House carpeting like some untrained, mongrel pup. And, at the end of the year we’ll see little hope, since the Republicans have just given the world, The Great Big & Nutty White Dope.


I swear, I was not suggesting you give up your anger!

(If you knew me, you would know why I’m laughing! People have been telling me not to be mad all my life…)

I was trying to say: you go! May your wakeful heart, willing to feel alla that, inspire others. :blush:


The corrupt Other Wing of the Duopoly Bird did more than a little to put him there, as well.


Oh, okay. Sorry, I mis-read you.


The Sane Progressive brought up a good point at the end of her video on You-tube yesterday - we out source most of our manufacturing to china. The world economy is going to tank if we go to war with them. Think how many businesses will fail. Even Trumps daughter’s business manufactures her goods in China. No more iphones, computers, bikes, cars and many other things. No toys for Christmas. I haven’t seen any financial experts talk about the implications. I don’t think the MIC has thought this through past their personal profit.