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It's World Press Freedom Day. What's Wrong With This Picture?


It's World Press Freedom Day. What's Wrong With This Picture?

Annie Game

With over 100 freedom of expression and press freedom organisations in 71 different countries, the IFEX network has its ear firmly to the ground when it comes to tracking shifts in the global climate for media.


I think pictures of journalists slain by hit squads over the past year would have been more appropriate


One response to your observation - with which I agree:
Reporters Without Borders
Deadliest attacks on the media in the past 10 years (RSF)


The message seems clear to people who read CD. Do not confine yourself to the left wing echo chamber. As the author of this article says “it’s simply not healthy.” Good for CD publishing an article which advises to seek a range of views.


World Press Freedom Day is not being honored by this version of our Government Ruling Class. Instead, at the Trump Adm.s’ behest I’m sure, we have The National Prayer Day celebration (bs). Complete with the announcement of some half-baked Office of Religious & Government Cooperation agreement.
Amidst the Stormy seas of conflict, scandal and " faked sexual relativism "; VP Pence becomes The Rock of Ages, so to speak. The rock Trump is clinging to for dear life. And, no prison pajamas!
That’s The Rock and not A Rock ( which are in Mike’s Head ) and on Melania’s fingers.
I was raised to honor and revere reporters, journalists and commentators coming from every direction except straight down. They are the street corners talking, when they’re good.
And, when they’re exceptional, give us more honest answers to our pleading, than prayers ever have. Miracles notwithstanding, of course.


How about the individuals who have been carrying the mantles of truth in so called democracies around the planet without a trophy to their name that have killed by unnamed assailants, not yet caught?

Yes, the much publicized and revolting mass murders have been in our view. But the insidious elimination of lone dissent by the OTHER anonymous, unnamed state thugs, is far more effective in keeping democracy and revolt under the floor boards.


Almost seems like fluff