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It's Zero Hour: Activists Chain Themselves to Pier To Block Shipment For TMX Pipeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/05/its-zero-hour-activists-chain-themselves-pier-block-shipment-tmx-pipeline


I want to thank these courageous HEROES for doing what I am unable to do.


A Big Up for these folks putting their lives on the line because they correctly know that the system is captured and unjust, yet continually operates, like a stupid machine creating more stupidity. Each of their lives may be greatly impacted by standing up for what is true and what is right, despite the hardships they will now face.
Good luck and good health to you all. Thanks for your service and social responsibility.


It is zero hour. Thank you fossil fuel warriors!

Maybe all of the CEOs and politicians who approved this disaster in the making—maybe they should turn themselves in as hostages until the first disaster. Then the public can vote on what to do with the money loving Earth destroyers after that first nightmare has happened. But there would be no corporate polluting actions after that, as 1 small piece of earth is decidedly more important than any CEO.