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Ivanka Defends Trump Administration's "All-Out Attack on Equal Pay"


Ivanka Defends Trump Administration's "All-Out Attack on Equal Pay"

Julia Conley, staff writer

Civil rights groups spoke out on Wednesday about the Trump administration's decision to scrap a rule aimed at preventing pay discrimination.


It is beyond an attack on Equal Pay, of course …

According to a report in The Hill, Trump also oversaw an internal review of the White House Council on Women and Girls that resulted in the office’s closure in June.

As we’ve also seen from the attack by this president on reproductive freedom
and Planned Parenthood.

Elites understand – certainly from the Youth Revolution and the anti-Vietnam
protests that they are in trouble when any oppressed people have time, money
and opportunity to respond to illegal wars and aggression and injustice in the
US and around the world.

Add Global Warming to that and they see a Wild Card which is pushing them
to further oppression of the masses and WOMEN are more than half the population.

Some really don’t want to admit that 1984 came … long, long ago.


It’s not like Bob Cratchit has to slave over his scrivener’s table to crank out a report.

Companies with 100+ employees have databases that can be queried.


The tentacles of power are choking the lifeblood out of the struggling masses.


She IS her father. Disgusting.


Ahhh yes, wisdom from the mouth of a feather head.


Exactly, compared to the far more elaborate data analysis and accounting any employer has to do, this would have been nothing. Most employers use payroll service companies would not even do it themselves payroll management companies like ADP would do it.

Besides this bill, I’d like to see a law, banishing this bullshit where the capitalist bosses enforce an “ethic” which prohibits discussing pay between employees. All employees would be required to be informed of the pay of their co-workers if they request it. Hey, its so-called “free markets”!


And coming up next…elimination of overtime pay for millions of workers.


This fruit didn’t fall too far from it’s tree.


Something tells me that Invanka doesn’t make less than men in similar positions in other companies compared to hers. Just another rich a$$hole that has more than she could ever use and doesn’t want others to even have enough to survive. Lop her head off with a guillotine. Now I need to go eat some cake.


Sadly, what you state is oh-so-very true! Ivanka, apple of the demented dimwit’s eye, is no advocate for women’s rights and equal pay. A privileged white girl raised in wealth, married to wealth and wallowing in same has absolutely NO credibility nor authority to spout her rancid, retched rhetoric (she knows “what side her bread is buttered on”…as my grandmother used to say)


You forgot to add “spoiled rotten.”


I’m not surprised at all that she backs this. And I’m tired of hearing Ivanka is a moderating influence. She’s a rich un-intellectual just like her father. In what ways has she ever tempered her father’s behavior?


“Strike at the root” by non-violent/non-cooperation with Elites and Capitalism.

Capitalism is suicidal and is a primary tool of Elites.

Organized patriarchal religion underpins Elite patriarchy as do the licenses for
exploitation of the planet/Nature – Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over Nature.


Equal pay? If the evil Ivanka had her way we would go back to the days of slavery to have her products produced. Her whole family would like nothing more than to look out over their plantation from the big estate on the hill while their servants catered to their every whim. She probably thinks that her Asian factory workers are overpaid and aren’t productive enough. The Trumps make Leona Helmsly look like Mother Teresa.


Her greed is only surpassed by her ugliness.


If I were a blond now would be a good time to dye my hair another color.


HAHA - what about freedom of speech?


Standing on the veranda of the antebellum manse while slapping the cat o’ nine tails armed with specially made razor-sharp barbs affixed to the ends against the railing. Or, snapping the bull whip over the railing for practice and/or a little intimidation of the “help.”


Inside AND out…I might add.