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Ivanka Is Overjoyed By These Beautiful Letters Her Heinous Dad and His Low-Lifes Wrote Pretending To Be Kids Thanking Her For...Umm


Ivanka Is Overjoyed By These Beautiful Letters Her Heinous Dad and His Low-Lifes Wrote Pretending To Be Kids Thanking Her For...Umm

These people are grotesque. The same day her cretin father signed a memo banning trans people from joining the military - a move widely deemed "cruelty for cruelty's sake" - an oblivious Ivanka "I Don't Actually Do Anything" Trump posted a smugly smiling photo of herself with the "beautiful" letters allegedly sent her by America's grateful children. R-i-g-h-t. Skeptics swiftly, savagely noted most had the same writing, markers and message - though they conceded the face with dollar signs for eyes was right on.


The entire Trump/Kushner menagerie are narcissistic, brainless cretins. I’ve said b4 that the tiny-minded prictator thinks he’s quite a brainiac but there’s not. much. there. – I now realize they are all brainless egotists!

Please Mr. Mueller, send them all to Gitmo!


According to Paul Begala, the Arpaio pardon is meant to send a signal (got your back) to those of Don’s associates who are under investigation by Mueller.


Abby - The hatred in your heart is on full display in this article. Believe it or not, there are tens of millions of working class people in this country that love the Trump family, including Ivanka. Is it so unimaginable to you that children would want to send one of thier heroes thank you notes? Or, are you pandering to the socialist left for clicks? I would guess all these are true: you are filled with hate, can’t imagine why anyone would love the Trumps and are pandering for clicks and donations.

Common dreams has aligned itself with the establishment, mainstream media and the deep state. It’s a pathetic excuse for a counter culture organization.


And meant to send another signal to “…All my racist friends out there. You are good people. Sincerely, DJT.”


I needed a good laugh.
Now, whether to laugh, throw up or pee.
I think I’ll smoke a bowl and imagine what America could be.:maple_leaf:


Don’t like it here? Stop wasting your time and mine. After all Brietbart and Alex Jones have been looking for you. Good riddance.


Those are obvious fakes. They are all by the same box of markers. So one person, probably an adult (male?) mailed in all those phony drawings.


You will go down along with everyone else when capitalism fails.


I live in Nebrasky where the governor (Pete Ricketts – yes,TD Ameritrade Ricketts) says pot will NEVER be legalized on his watch … so … Bite me! :rofl::yum::thinking::sunglasses:


Toytroll, are you implying copyright violations? The ‘hate in your heart’ act belongs to Donnie the Trump. And if he thought (?) someone was pilfering his routine, he would sue, wouldn’t he? By the way, since right-wingers and neoliberal types are so fond of privatizing everything do have any ideas on why Trump doesn’t hire some actual adults to run his inner circle instead of those Ivanka and Jared figurines? Ivanka’s low grade cover ups and pr for papa are transparent enough but Jared scarcely seems real. I mean, if you put a blood pressure cuff on him, would it register anything? Also you have admit that the words ‘Trump’ and ‘Family’ are not a good fit. Now, ‘Trump & Family, Inc’, that rings truer.


Great reason to make his “watch” short.
Another reason to realign the fifty states. Nature seems to be helping with Texas at this moment in time. After all she bats last.:v:


The “letters” are pathetic.


They’re grifters, and somewhere down deep inside they KNOW they’re grifters.




Yep --the same uninformed who must have voted for “oh he loves us so” djt.


Oh really, millions huh? You mean the one’s that might still lose their health care because Trump thinks its better if billionaires get hefty tax breaks? Or maybe you mean the one’s that love his proposed 4.3 Trillion dollar budget cuts to social security, medicaid, and education? And I’m sure those working class folks were cheering when he said “Americas wages too high”.


All I would add is basically a change of tense. I would have said “as capitalism fails the vast majority of the worlds population and continues to wreck havoc on the natural world” instead of “when”.


Grow up Fred. I’ve contributed to this site and donated for years. Only
since Hillary stole the Dem nomination have I been outcast for my dissent
from the “progressive” party line.


Uh … takes one to know one …


OMGoddess, are you seriously THAT clueless to understand that those ‘fake news’/notes were NOT WRITTEN BY A-N-N-N-N-Y child??? They are the PENULTIMATE FAKE NEWS written by the ‘ultimate’ penultitard!