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Ivanka Trump is Booed, Hissed in Germany for Defending Donald Trump


Ivanka Trump is Booed, Hissed in Germany for Defending Donald Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

Ivanka Trump received a chilly reception in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday after she claimed President Donald Trump was an advocate for women and families during a roundtable discussion on women's rights, held as part of the G20 summit.

Ivanka Trump described Donald Trump as "a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive."

The crowd of mostly women hissed and booed in response to Ivanka Trump's defense of her father.


I very much hope that Common Dreams does not plan to continue the practice of blasting readers with audio as soon as they click on a page, with no warning and no opportunity to turn it off before it hits.

I like CD, and would very much miss it if I have to add it to my list of rudely unpleasant and therefor unacceptable sites.


What can she expect if she intentionally lies through her pretty, perfect, pearly white teeth?

This, is just the beginning. She may as well get used to it.


"That is pure nepotism." Excellent point.


A number of sites are now doing this. I keep my speaker off, until I want to listen to something. I don't know about the Mac; but, there's usually a function key for it on Windows keyboards; or, an icon on the task bar. I agree with you; though, it's unbelievably aggravating.


Ivanka may surely have deserved to be booed, but not if they didn't also boo the criminal Christine Lagarde, convicted money launderer (launderess?) and general bag-runner for the 1%.


Poor Ivanka. She seems to think that the fact that daddy has pampered HER, that every woman in the world should feel equally pampered. Talk about having your head firmly stuck where the sun don't shine. I feel sorry for her, she will continue to be the butt of snarky laughter (no pun intended).


After the pouting, immature and pugnacious reception of Angela Merkel by the demented despot (DJT) during her visit to the WH (the spoiled child did not make eye contact nor did he shake hands with her...what a slap in the face), what can the apple of her genetic donor's eye expect when visiting Germany? It is not as if everyone in the German government and the German people did not get to view the pogue potus' behavior during his immature snit.

Get used to it, Ms. I...soon you will not have to galavant around the world defending him as he will be summarily deposed and hopefully incarcerated.

And as for the chosen representatives of women's rights at the G20 summit, it is readily apparent that the requirements were to be filthy rich, devoid of integrity, and a member of the privileged elite (based solely on financial worth)...and money/corporate interests are served by G20, which go hand in hand.


So disheartening to read the mainstream media commentary on this event. So don't bother and save yourself some grief.


How much does this scenario tell about the structures of power in our world. Merkel and Lagarde (whatever you think of their characters), are two highly accomplished women. And look who they are giving a platform to.


Did Princess Meaningless say that there was no barriers to what she could accomplish??
A) she is a Princess, so of course not...
B) and, exactly WHAT has she accomplished? not for nothing, but selling stuff
she wouldn't be caught wearing... (no offense to anyone)..


We might add incest.


Some are considering much worse. Sad.


Pogue is pejorative military slang for non-combat, staff, and other rear-echelon or support units. "Pogue" frequently applies to those who do not have to undergo the risk and stresses of combat as the infantry does.


I got news for you Ivanka. Get use to the boos, and hisses when you get out of the safety of Mar-A-Lago, and your Business Office in the West Wing.


I see the liberals are no more intelligent and analytical in Europe than America. Ivanka should not have been jeered at for anything her father is perceived to have done. The Germans read too much American mainstream press and phony stories concluding that Pres Trump is not supportive of womens rights. He is very supportive of womens rights as he stated in his acceptance speech. I dont know why they would believe he is against women when most of his executives in Trump Organization are women and he hired the only female campaign advisor in history. I think the Germans should start jeering the Saudis, not Mrs. Kushner. She has exceptional skills in diplomacy and is very astute in business. The Europeans obviously dont know their arses from their heads.


And that is precisely why I used the term in reference to DJT as he never would deem to "undergo the risk and stresses of combat as the infantry does." And he definitely belongs in the rear no matter where he happens to be.


Glad someone sees her little worth


Ivanka Trump -- Stepford daughter.


And he stated over 500 promises before the election. How many of those will he stick to?