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Ivanka's Ethical Conflicts Under Scrutiny Again Amid New Trademarks in China

Ivanka's Ethical Conflicts Under Scrutiny Again Amid New Trademarks in China

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump administration's ethical conflicts are in the spotlight again following reports of Ivanka Trump's business receiving approval from China for a slew of trademarks.

The timing of the approvals is especially noteworthy in light of President Donald Trump's vow this month to save failing Chinese telecom giant ZTE—timing of which itself raised ethical questions.

Hey all you Trumpbots:

Get your Make China Great Again red ball caps.


Ivanka is given more credit than she deserves, this is much larger than just an ethical violation.


She’s daddy’s girl and always will be…

How do you spell money whore? or cash slut? or whatever?

I am trying very hard not to puke on my shoes, how about you?


There is something so seriously wrong with this nation leaders i.e. politicans that this behavior is condoned by Congress and White House. What happened to check and balances?

This is fascism and they are carrying a bible along with the flag.

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Right you are but the problem is insidious and is a world wide disease.

Which is worse government run by mobsters or money.

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If this were ANY other administration, including GOP, this horrid shit of Ivanka and Kushner would NEVER get to first base. It’s a blatant mob operation. No one should be excused from prosecution and prison, including Ivanka. All of them are felons.


“The Trump administration’s ethical conflicts are in the spotlight again”
Are they really ? Is anyone with the power to do something about it scrutinizing them ? The last time they were in the “spotlight” not a dam thing happened to them, this is why it continues.


In part because nobody did anything about “it” for three decades. He’s a serial sociopath-ripping off contractors, assaulting women, lying about anything and everything.

On the flip side of this looking glass gilded age culture we had Oprah years ago squealing “the Donald!” on her show years ago (slightly after 2000) wide eyed in her little blab box that pulled in millions. Any way you look at it, you lose.

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The USA itself is one ethical violation. Genocide and slavery, whose repercussions continue to this day all while claiming a “christian” ethos and ethic, continue to reck havoc on the nation and the world–and it will continue to do so if and until the US confronts its lies and atones for them.

Yep, people learn in different ways. For some reason it sounds worse when Trump says it. :slight_smile:

On Friday May 25th. Trump signed three executive orders targeting federal public employees’ unions. Some reports noted he did this in private without the cameras or reporters present.
One of the orders strips unionmembers of their "last hired, first fired " seniority protection, which is probably the most important concession unions ever won.
Now federal employees, like your mailman, can be terminated for age, gender or race discrimination or because the postmaster wants to get rid of politicalopponents or simply to cut cost by firing older, more expensive workers, and all they have to use as an excuse is that the employee was underperformng.
Meanwhile Trump and his family are taking bribes from the Chinese in violation of the emoluments clause.

Hey…I know it hurts right there in your own home. I tried to read the link. I couldn’t get to the half-way mark. I’ll bookmark it and add it to my site later when it isn’t so fresh and I’ve had time to process just was said. Thank you though for strengthening my resolve.

After all “hE” did say he could shoot and kill someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and still be elected president.

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Agree, everyone who has lived in the northeast knows all about “the Donald”.

I’m not a big history buff, but of all the scandalous people in politics I’ve read about, none holds a candle to Trump. It appears he has raised some charming children also.

Trademarks have tremendous value and should be taxed heavily.

Yes, charming family without any sense of respect for life. I could list most of the deplorable characteristics to describe them but in fact they are devoid of character except greed