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J'accuse Donald J.Trump

J'accuse Donald J.Trump

Roy Morrison

On this day, April 28 in 1898, Emile Zola's open letter “J'accuse” (I accuse) was published, accusing the French government and military of making a Jewish officer, Captain Alfred Dreyfus a convenient scapegoat to coverup treasonous acts by the military.

One hundred and twenty-one years later, J'accuse President Donald J.Trump of fostering, supporting, encouraging a climate of hate, bigotry, and mass murder to advance his political ends.

“The problem is not that Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican. The problem is that he is a bigot whose political strategy is to appeal to bigotry, to lawlessness in defense of bigotry, telling border patrol officers to ignore court orders.”

Bigotry and lawlessness is what conservatives and Republicans do.

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This is what I don’t understand–that the government allows this crude, dictator wannabe to spew this crap. How legal is it to strongly hint that certain citizens of the United States should be killed? That the President of the United States calls members of Government agencies scum? That the President of the United States instructs government employees to break the law? That he is up to his eyeballs in emoluments clause violations? That he is a known money launderer and tax evader? That he has illegally ignored subpoenas from Congress to produce his tax returns? That he has been quoted as saying, “I’m fucked” when he realized the extent of the investigations as they were being initiated against him? Does anyone believe those are the words of an innocent?

This is why he should be impeached. Not because of some manufactured Democrat MSM nonstop bullshit about Russia. There are plenty of laws the President has broken in reality that can be used to end the nightmare of a reign of this man who would be king.

But that won’t happen because he is the poster boy for the New World Order Government of the United States and he is leading us through their End Game of total oppression so well. Lucky us! There’s going to be the day that the minimum wage in the US will be $1.50 like the rest of the Third World. And, also; first they came for the Muslims, blacks and Jews. Who’s next? He’s not fucked–we are.


In America, we are innocent until proven guilty.

After nearly two years of collecting evidence in the investigation of Trump and his campaign by Robert Mueller into Trump’s campaign conspiring with the Russians to gain an advantage, Mueller has found significant evidence that many in the Trump campaign were in direct contact with many Russians. When questioned, many lied, made up stories about adoption.

For nearly two years we watched Trump fire Justice Department officials that wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the Trump flag of Fascism.

Mueller’s report, even the redacted version that the corrupt Attorney General allowed to be released, states the case for Trump’s Obstruction of Justice.

In my opinion, it’s not enough for us to only Impeach this criminal residing in the White House, he needs to be immediately indicted, and incarcerated, along with those that have aided and abetted him.

Which would be most of the White House staff, his cabinet, and the majority if not all of the Republican Congress.

Without a massive demonstration of the People demanding widespread resignations and assistance from Law Enforcement and the Military to accomplish their removal, this, is just a fucking dream of one man.