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JACKSON: Trump Tries to Divide Us, But We Are Better Nation Than That


JACKSON: Trump Tries to Divide Us, But We Are Better Nation Than That

Jesse Jackson

When Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the national anthem last year, he acted alone, a silent protest against a society that repeatedly fails to hold police accountable for the killing of unarmed African Americans. Kaepernick was condemned and now essentially has been banned from the NFL, with the owners surely colluding to ensure that a quarterback of immense talent would not find a place among the dozens of teams desperately in need of one.


Some of us are a better nation than that, but somewhere between 30% and 35% of us are not. How do we deal with them?


Slip some “smart” pills in their food.


JACKSON IS A TWO FACED SOB, AND I CARE NOT ABOUT RACE OR CREED WHEN I SAY THAT, It is a man or woman’s real actions not their flapping lips that determine ones character.
Jackson’s mini foundations through the years made him a multi millionaire, some which got tore down for fraud and tax evasions, and everyone of them waz built upoN BLACK VERSUS WHITE .

HE has always been no more than an opportunist who used his very very minor and tenuous connection within Early days of Martin Luther Kings Civil Rights movement to fool blacks and whites out of tbeir cash.
Persoality slander was his modus opponents in beginning and his backing by Jewish and liberal WASP of New England’s Democratic party led he and they into playing Identity politics, the most dangerous inform of division between one group and another.
Any racial disturbance anywhere in US JCksonwas there demanding donations to help him fight the white devils.
The so called Progressives have used Identity Politics to gain votes and they stabbed the little supporters in the back, while like JACKSON enriching themselves.
This guy may be a Black man in white mans Armani and Brooks Brothers suits, but he has never been more than a low down grifter.


Hidebehind…you’re sick, misinformed and pathetic. Jesse Jackson was the Bernie Sanders of the 1980’s - supremely intelligent, well-spoken and authentic! Crawl back under your rock (no offense to slugs).


Sorry, but I find the notion of Jesse Jackson calling anyone out for “dividing us” somewhere between hysterical and hypocritical.

Ol’ Mr. Hymietown has been a divider from day one. He’s just upset that someone else is playing his game.


People like you make me sick! You shout about identity politics destroying this country but it the hatred & intolerance of others that has done the real damage to this country. You are amongst the lowest of mankind. Even dogs & cats show a higher level of decency than you are showing with the words you post. There is nothing about having white skin that makes you better than anyone else in any way beyond better at getting a sun burn. A person’s value doesn’t come from a lack of melatonin, it comes from a healthy mind, compassion heart, and a spiritually elevated soul. Something that your words testify clearly to your complete lack of!


I was a white Bastard child reared in woods of Maine and when in Hot Springs Arkansas got living piss beat out of me for daring to take stepfather black pigmented skin nephew to movies and once for sitting on with 6yr old on back of bus, and this was in 1950’s.
And not one black or white SOB’s tried to stop the three white rednecks while they did so,
Later on that summer the same adult red necks came into his mom’s yard but this time nai had begun packing my trapline skinning knife and I slashed cut one and then ran awaSh listen B, I was in Civil Rights movement before Jesse found out his penis was good for something other than taking a whiz.
The rammed rewriting of US HISTORY concerning esp the Pre and after civil war was no more than a willful attempt to keep our races divided and it was the blacks who continue to vote for so called Progressives and enrichvlow life’s like JACKSON who have and are today being left behind.
This Hindi g behind The Rev cloth andvquoting BIBLE while your actions away from public view are that of dogs and cats in heat and Shuster money scams is exactly what makes anything and anyone of JACKSON supporters in the eyes of white bigots put down all blacks.
Black lives matter?
All lives matter and by blacks excluding whites from their demonstrations, How f"n inclusive is that?
Of course they will vote Democrat which only plays into Plutocrats of America hands.