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Jacob Blake's Father Says His Son Is Paralyzed Below Waist After Being Shot From Behind by Kenosha Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/jacob-blakes-father-says-his-son-paralyzed-below-waist-after-being-shot-behind


I don’t intend to engage in stereotypes, but it is not an exaggeration
to assert presuppositions that the vast majority of people attracted
to the profession of police officer have (for the most part) a very serious OCD condition,
authoritarian twitches that are bedrock in their personality, and eating disorders. Most ought to
be weeded out in the selection process. But those advancing these
people see themselves in the process.


The man who said he made the cellphone video, 22-year-old Raysean White, said he saw Blake scuffling with three officers and heard them yell, “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” before the gunfire erupted. He said he didn’t see a knife in Blake’s hands.

We know the police lie all the time, but even if true… couldn’t they have used a tazer?


The po-po usually offer their side of the story by now.
Something tells me these guys don’t have a good side of the story to tell.

Stay in the streets – politicians won’t save us.
Blossom this era of racial reckoning into an even larger movement for justice – only we can save us.


"Disarm The Police." It’s the only solution.

Say it till you’re blue in the face, "Disarm The Police."


It is not a stereotype. But it is a large failure on the part of our culture not to administer the psychological tests available to weed out the authoritarians, the sociopaths, the totalitarians, and the psychotic from any job involving firearms and authority. Then they need to be trained as thoroughly as a psychologist in how to defuse any tense situation non-violently, to stand down. The weapons? That’s our legacy of slavery and invasion/theft of Indigenous lands. Everyone is a potential enemy.


Most police sign up in the first place so they can use their service revolver. When its a minority who they know wont have any legal representation, who they know no judge will rule in favor of - its like a golden opportunity that cannot be passed on. When the class nerd in high school graduates, they do not sign up to be police, they go to college and become engineers. When the artists graduate they either study art in college or begin to practice their art taking what jobs they can get, often becoming teachers counselors etc. The bully who cannot get better than a D average in school, who has spent his years beating up the skinny kids and taking their lunch money, they join the police department. Immune to accountability and prosecution, its only a matter of time before they are murdering for the fun of it.


"Disarm The Police."

Keep on saying it, repeat it, write it on signs.

Until the police understand that using a gun must always be the last option, guns must be replaced with nightsticks.


All they need to do is put them for prison for life - every single time they murder someone, and the message will stick. The real problem is the Judges and legislators who give them free reign to murder innocents at will, with absolutely no repercussions, save rewarding them with additional paid vacation time. If we could get the organized criminals out of the halls of government, and the courts, and the DA’s offices, then they would not protect state sanctioned murder the way they do now.


Standard police routine is to make a case by falsely claiming their victim had a weapon or was attacking the officer or brandishing a weapon or something that looked like a weapon all fabricated lies to get the assassin scumbag cop off the hook. This happened to me personally once when i was pulled over for having installed my car plate onto my truck since the truck didn’t have current tags. I was ordered to step out of the vehicle with my hands on my head which i did, then i was to to walk slowly toward the cop which i did, then i was yelled at for walking towards the officer and told “why are you walking toward me”, then i was told to walk backwards, then i was yelled at again saying “why are you walking toward me” all the while pointing his gun straight at my chest. By then a bunch of sheriffs deputies had arrived at the scene. This was right around 911 at which point the officer’s face was bloodless, i could tell he was pale faced, shaking, preparing himself to shoot me but then for some reason decided not to shoot. He told me to turn around then put handcuffs on me, a few minutes later took the handcuffs off and disappeared from the scene. The other officers impounded my truck, one of them placed me in his car to give me a ride to a nearby hotel. I still have nightmares about that incident getting nanoseconds close to being shot for a minor traffic violation.


I’ve had and have police officers as neighbors. One is the best neighbor one could ask and hope for. The other was at the very least a sociopath, imo, with a short explosive temper. What you couldn’t help but notice is these two police officers on the same force and neighbors were not neighborly toward each other. There’s good cops and bad cops.

I’ve often wondered how many of these incidences involve former military personnel trained, brain washed, to shoot first, ask questions later. May even be suffering from other mental disorders like PTSD.

To anyone with extensive martial arts training it is obvious that cops are not prepared to handle conflict. Are not able to remain calm in a tense situation, instead they escalate.

The video of this incident clearly demonstrates total incompetence. Incompetence with a badge and gun will get somebody shot.


I have to confess, I don’t get it. Where have the police been sticking their heads while the rest of us are protesting. What the f–ck have these departments been doing to change this environment of keeping cowardly police?
No, mean, ignorant, poorly trained, racist cowards.
No gun should be issued to police until they prove themselves worthy.
I wonder if these jerk-offs would shoot a well dressed white man in the back, multiple times.


I don’t think anyone who could pass the psychological tests would want to be a police officer: low pay, dangerous work, lack of appreciation. We get what we pay for. Same for teachers. I’m not justifying any of these outrageous police actions. I’m just saying, we need to put our money where our hearts are if we want to improve the situation. What normally adjusted person would want to be a police officer?

The same sort of tests should apply to the general public too before they can buy a gun. Some countries make it mandatory along with shooting practice.

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They are trained to yell out “stop resisting” or “drop the knife/gun” before they murder someone so that if it is in fact caught on video they can claim they thought their own lives in danger. Even if there was NO weapon or the person was NOT resisting , when a grand jury struck to review the evidence and hear the police shout these words they always conclude the police officer sincerely believed the victim was armed.

I have seen videos of them yelling “stop resisting” when they are punching a prone and cuffed person in the face. I have seen videos of the cop yelling out “he has a gun” and then when the suspect points out that HE is recording his encounter on his own camera and has both hand on the wheel of the car and there is no gun, the officer backs down.

Easiest thing in the world for these brutes . yell out he has a gun, murder the guy and then claim a sincere belief they were in danger or outright dropping a gun at the scene.


Yes you can see these types of encounters all over the internet with the person the Cop stopped recording the encounter, very often with the Police officer now knowing about that recording.

People have to look out for each other here. You see a Police encounter on the street, record it.


First let me preface this by stating that I am under no illusions about the RCMP here in Canada. They have a long racist history in our Country but there very big differences between policing here and in the USA.

In the USA local towns elect their Sheriffs. That a bad idea in my opinion as people can be totally unqualified to be a Police officer yet be voted in to run a local Police detachment. If he got in because he said he was “gonna be tough on N*****” well there a whole lot of people that will vote for that and he will go out and set that tone for that department.

Secondly there very few towns in Canada that have their own Police Departments. Generally this limited to the much larger cities. Smaller towns are usually policed by the RCMP. Given my reservations above this still means that these officers go through much more extensive training and it also means if they are removed from the RCMP for inappropriate behaviour , they can not just go down to the next detachment over and get a job.

There are officers in the USA that served in one town detachment, get fired for brutality and are hired a few days later by another department. That just makes for lousy policing.


From Kenosha and Pine Ridge to Gaza one fascist-racist face.


I watched the video and do believe police officers must be charged.

But I was surprised by the victim’s behavior- did he never get the ‘talk’? You don’t ever walk away from police officers yelling at you and attempt to get into your car. Not everyone realizes that if they are pulled over while driving, they should put their hands on the steering wheel and roll down window before a cop even gets out of their car but I would have thought everyone would realize not to do what the victim did here. And he stopped to de-escalate a fight? And doesn’t know how to de-escalate trigger happy police officers? I don’t get it.

What white people don’t seem to get is that the police will kill black & brown people if they follow orders or not.

Just ask George Floyd!

So you can all shove the “well, he should’ve done this or that” up your racist ( yes your are and you don’t know) white privileged backside.