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Jailing the Banksters Cont'd (Iceland Not Us, Duh)


Jailing the Banksters Cont'd (Iceland Not Us, Duh)

While the U.S. boldly jails poor black people over minutiae, Iceland persists in going after the true scofflaws - gluttonous bankers who crashed their economy. In two court rulings, they just sentenced five top bankers - three managers at Landsbankinn, two at Kaupping and a prominent investor - to prison for two to five years. They've now righteously put away 26 lords of capitalism's "holy churches" for a combined 74 years, proving it can be done. Take note, Wells Fargo and Chase.


When a US Political leader or one of those Koch Brothers and the like talk about "freedom" and claim the USA the champion of "Freedom and Liberty" they are in fact referring to the freedom and liberty the wealthy elite have to commit crimes and go unpunished.

To this type Iceland is "socialist and lacks freedom".


You can be sure that the U S and other parasitic banks and uber-wealthy around the world do not choose to place their money in any offshore accounts in Iceland.... I applaud the Icelandic people, their leaders and their courts for holding the crooks' feet to the fire and convicting them of their heinous crimes in addition to finding a way around "austerity" measures to solve their economic problems...and doing so with great success!


Icelanders must not have the great tv entertainment that USAns do. I mean, who would go to a protest and miss the Kardashians?


That is the trouble with us in America. Our brains have been dissolved by the rays emitted by the Tee Vee. Soft brains can't learn anything they just soak in the propaganda. You know, "We are the greatest nation on earth!" "We have freedom and justice for all",

As more of us lose our jobs and our homes we are starting to wake up. Why do the bankers get paid off for their corruption instead of being sent to jail, or made to live on welfare in public housing? Because they purchased the government to do what they tell them to do. You know, tax cuts for the rich and austerity for us.

The big elections are coming!! Oh goodie, goodie! You think voting for the lesser evil will get us something good? Wise up before the end of our nation and stop voting for any of those 'honored members of Congress'. There sure as hell ain't no honor in that District of Criminals. Get rid of the bunch of them. Might be time to get out our pitchforks.


I don't know. We all haven't tried voting.


Yep. When they talk about "freedom" and "rights" they only mean their freedom and their rights. It's the psychopath's credo!


Not about Iceland directly, but a hint about the kind of world the predators want:

Slavery. Actual slavery.


Hard not to like these people!


Since the bankers and corporations own the US Government, you cannot jail yourself.


Outrageous. I hope they find their way in saying "Goddamn fucking fuck." and tell them to shove it and mount a campaign against them.


Also not apropos Iceland or banks particularly, but a hint about how the owner class sees us (and this is from Britain, where the Tories are pretty much comparable to today's Dems!)