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Jake Tapper's Flawed 'Happy Fact Check Friday' on Medicare for All Widely Condemned

Jake Tapper's Flawed 'Happy Fact Check Friday' on Medicare for All Widely Condemned

Julia Conley, staff writer

CNN anchor Jake Tapper added his name to a growing list of journalists in the corporate media who set out to debunk progressives' calls for Medicare for All on Friday with a "Friday Fact Check" segment, promptly misrepresenting statements by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as the conclusions of a Koch Brothers-funded study.

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The PBS Newshour can be added to the list of major news outlets supporting an anti medicare for all proposal. Not surprising since PBS has major corporate sponsors which makes a mockery out of their use of the word ‘public’.


What a piece of garbage he is. First off, every single payer system costs less than our own, has less overhead/waste. Every one. Secondly, that study was noteworthy ONLY because of the source. It was from an opponent of single payer and still showed savings. Thirdly, most every other study shows far more savings from adopting single payer than that study, so it isn’t as if we should use THAT particular study as a basis for discussion.

Either Tapper was speaking out of ignorance and framed it that way because he doesn’t understand that the savings would be society wide, or he is doing propaganda. Neither is acceptable.

He has Sanders on all the time. Sanders should demand to go on the show and should challenge him on this bullshit, but I doubt he will.


I assume there are a few Canucks working in the stateside corpress.

Tapper and ilk might ask them how well their homeland’s healthcare system worked for them, and it.

Might … but won’t.


This is the contact for Factcheck.org

E mail them (focus on the facts and the framing): Editor@FactCheck.org

I realize that they probably don’t care, but let them know that people are on to their bullshit.


Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Corporate State Democrats and the rest of their cohorts (far to the right of FDR’s compromises made in crafting the New Deal) will make damn fucking sure that Medicare for All, or other variant close to a true Universal Single Payer system will not happen in this country.

They, along with Bill, Hillary, super-schmuck Lieberman and the rest of the Third Way money worshipers will make damn sure of it.

Those pesky leftists calling for such will be vilified once again by these Democrats who are very content in the direction that Trump/Ryan is taking this country. I mean it takes years off of their campaign of incremental cuts to social security and will lay to waste any hope whatsoever of having an actual safety net ever in this country.

For these posers, actually protecting and expanding on the work of FDR is just so much annoyance.

“Okay now where were we Bill…oh yes that’s right Joe, where to eat out tonight? What Hillary? Oh you’ve already made our reservations and it’s on you!!! Did you dig in to those speech tour funds again? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…burp.”


Bernie Sanders lost his credibility with me the minute he bowed to the Clinton machine. I supported him with my monetary donations to his campaign, then voted for Jill Stein. I am no longer a registered Democrat. Rather I am now registered as Unaffiliated. Screw the corrupt Democratic Party.


…and people wonder why I haven’t watched the glow box in over a dozen years…

Jake, your furrowed brow and your strained voice betray your intended air of impartiality in this segment. Jake, are you on the take? If not directly then through the ones who sign your paycheck? “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon him not understanding it.”–Upton Sinclair

Jake, you are in the Matrix. Well, actually, you are a tool of the Matrix and I choose not to be a fool for it. Worry not, however, “there’s one born every minute”.


Whether or not Medicare for All is too expensive or not depends of whether anyone cares about the national debt. That used to be the Republicans number one issue and now they don’t care at all. The Democrats have never cared that much for the national debt and have often advocated deficit spending to boost the economy. The national debt is now about 20 trillion and the Republican tax scam will boost it another one or two trillion or so and the recent budgets before the tax scam have had a deficit of about half a trillion. If nobody cares about the national debt we can certainly afford Medicare for All. If the view that the national debt must be reduced then no we cannot afford Medicare for All or the military budget or a lot of other things. This is a good time to go ahead with Medicare for All because Trump and the Republican do not care at all about the size of the national debt. The Democrats are free to offer programs that are very expensive without being attacked for increasing the debt.

LOL! People have explained this to you. It is a non issue. What a worm you are. For one, there is no reason to think that deficit spending would be needed, but if it was, it is a non issue. The national debt is not debt like you or I take out, it will never be paid back, nor is it supposed to be. Let’s just say anyway, that the government lost its damn mind and decided to pay off its debt, which would make no logical sense and would be unnecessary. You know what that would entail? The government taking out 20 trillion dollars from the private economy. The national public debt (whihc is smaller than private debt) is essentially the surplus the government has left in the economy. The Federal Reserve Act requires the US government to issue bonds when there is a deficit, and those bonds are not only the safest investments in the world, but they are risk free, are 100% to be paid back (well, they could be paid back but are just rolled over) and earn those that buy them earn a tiny bit of interest, even though people buy them when real bond yields are negative. Our national debt is simply how we have chosen to create money, period. It is a non-issue, a fake issue. If the US Treasury were to issue bonds and by some miracle no one bought them, the Fed would, since it has to work with the Treasury by law and is the buyer of last resort. The government could simply create money entirely through the Treasury, as it does when it makes coins and has in the past issued paper money. Or, we could change the Federal Reserve Act to allow the Central Bank to buy Treasury bonds directly form the Treasury, which would be nothing more than a book keeping entry.

Just a few years ago, you said single payer was pie in the sky. Then you said it would never happen. And you are sadly on to pretending that we can’t do this because of the national debt.
Pathetic. I will point this out every time you say this bullshit. You being ignorant about how money is created isn’t a critique of single payer, it is just a reflection of your lack of knowledge about how things work.


He is a hack propagandist. His “critiques” change as his silly arguments get shot down.


My particular Chicken taste would be quite fowl to them I’m certain.


I haven’t been around these parts lately and you remind me of at least one advantage of such absense. Not being exposed to your No Labels-esque Third Way Neoliberal “Centrist” tripe.

Are you getting all hyped for the midterm DNC propaganda war that in reality embraces the same cruel economic and political trajectory of Ryan? Well of course you are. Corporate State Democrats are all about continuing the march of Austerity for the masses and the furtherance of historic inequity because of what most matters to them ultimately…more power, more money for them and their club. That club’s membership has one tier of privilege whether Corporate Democrat or Republican.


This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy between the health care profiteers and the media.

All the universal not for profit systems around the world come in far cheaper than the USA profit centered system. Yet somehow the entire US media says the USA cannot accomplish similar results. The only way the US would fail in this is if we allow the profiteers to interfere…

The US media is pathetic. And they are certainly working against our best interests.


I am also boycotting the entire media including NPR which is completely untrustworthy.


A favorite trick of the MSM is to “fact check” what people say about a program. policu, or issue and not the program, policy, or issue itself. In this case, Tapper can’t even get what people say about M4A correct. In order the fact check you have to start with the facts.


I began my boycott of NPR in earnest when I heard “sponsored by BAE Systems” and the like. Citations of studies by the stink tanks such as The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, only served as accelerants to my decision. National Public Radio was defunded and then bought and paid for by the right, just as planned. Makes me sick when I remember how hard my mother worked to establish the public TV station in St. Louis (Channel 9) back in the sixties. It does, however, serve to remind me to fight for net neutrality!


just another gatekeeper keeping the big lie alive and well…embarrassment to liberty city much like the departed senator who lied and covered up one murder and arranged to spring another murderer…one can only hope there is a karmic scorecard!

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The pretentious solemnity of PureB.S makes their propaganda especially vile and that is saying something in this era of pseudo journalism.


Calling it “fact check” is giving them too much credit. It should be “fact bending” or “sub-factual analysis” or “fact-synthesis”.