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James Clapper Admits Phone Dragnet Data Retention Is about Discerning Patterns


James Clapper Admits Phone Dragnet Data Retention Is about Discerning Patterns

Marcy Wheeler

In the Q&A portion of a James Clapper chat at Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, he was asked about the phone dragnet and Section 215 (this starts after 48:00).


I think the critical issue is not what Clapper said, but that he’s still in a position to say a damned thing after lying in such inexcusable and public ways about the spying operations.

When the elites wanted to show Clinton a lesson, they pulled up a perjury charge (over an illicit sexual peccadillo). But Clapper gets to Clap open his claptrap and spout out serious lies about the actual security of the American people, and the bastard is still “catapulting the propaganda.”

This ugly ornery creature hates life and is devoid of Humanity like his clone-cousin, Dick Cheney.

The media heads that lied this nation into war with Iraq now use deception, false official narratives, and lies told often to push the nation into wars with Syria, Iran, and Russia… the neocon-New World Order team’s list of “state terrorists,” its newly minted “axis of evil.”

Monsanto lies about the safety of its products, even using its political/fiscal muscle to insist that citizens NOT KNOW they’re ingesting these “safe” products, and it’s still a major player in diets across the world.

The same political players who took down Glass Steagall argue that they had no idea a collapse would follow; and after LYING their way to the taxpayers’ piggy bank, made their banks even bigger and due to endless streams of fiduciary graft and corruption, render inevitable the fact that they will fail again.

Dark power rewards itself and like the macho cop who shoots the kid before asking questions, arrogant in his Might Makes Right stance, those who HAVE power (in media, the MIC, banks, and the corporate-government world) see NO need to follow laws, respect truth, or honor their covenant with humanity and the sustainability of this planet, home to all.

They ARE criminals, guilty of crimes against humanity and nature, and may think they are immune to prosecution now, but the wheels of time turn and an accounting is imminent.


“But, I have to say that every time we lose another tool in our toolkit, you know? It raises the risk. And so if we have — if that tool is taken away from us, 215, and some untoward incident happens which could have been thwarted had we had it I just hope that everyone involved in that decision assumes responsibility.”

Glaringly and tragically hilarious. As if these dimwits had a clue to the Boston marathon matter. And for all the billions pumped into their little underworld spy operations, how come they never seem to know when a shooter will let loose on school kids, a movie audience, people waiting on line at the post office, or anywhere else.

Anyone paying attention knows that FAR more people die from:

  1. Auto accidents
  2. Homicides
  3. Medical matters gone awry

… than from terrorism.

Yet look at the funds poured in!

As an astute young woman remarked (on Amy Goodman’s broadcast, Democracy Now) in response to anti-terrorist money pouring into Mexico, that it would be used to counter the protests and efforts of those fighting to sustain their Indigenous ways of life.

THAT is what the Drug War is really about in Columbia. The armed muscle is ALWAYS used to characterize those who oppose State-Corporate oligarchic power as Leftist guerillas, outlaws, or terrorists. From there, it takes aim. First the target must be demonized, then the KILL is justified. That order is the logos of the MIC and its killing operations across the globe. The Nazis liked it, too. Gee, I wonder if the tactics could have been borrowed through a little CIA/covert operation known as “Project Paperclip.” The recently published book, “The Nazis Next door,” lays out just how pervasive this program was. THOUSANDS of Nazis brought into our very own fledgling Homeland. What a surprise that today, their modus operandi has become the “law” of the land.

This is how Power maintains its grip. It demonizes any with the wit or courage to oppose it. Masters of projection, those guilty of the worst of crimes use their considerable control of media to project a narrative that turns OTHER into causative agent… “worthy” targets set up to attract the collective wrath.

(That wrath is a natural byproduct of policies that rob citizens in order to fund a corporate-police state in place to protect the captains of industry as THEY make the natural world “safe” for their rabid, unapologetic acts of rape, pillage, and plunder.)