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James Comey Has Been Abusing His Power for Years


James Comey Has Been Abusing His Power for Years

Trevor Timm

BI director James Comey set off a torrent of criticism late last week when he directly inserted himself into the presidential campaign with a vague letter to Congress about the reopening of Clinton email case. His conduct has shocked many observers across the political spectrum, but the only thing truly surprising about this episode is that people are only now realizing how power-hungry and dangerous Comey actually is.


He is abusing power, because he is doing his job and prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Oh she gets a pass because she is a Democrat, just like Obama. He bombs people just like Bush did and bailed banks out like Bush wanted to, but Obama is great because he is a Democrat. The law is not partisan. Hillary should not have cheated Bernie. She should not have taken bribes from Russia and then sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. She should not have pay to play or be able to purchase an ambassadorship. It's straight up corruption, and it needs to go.


The story is wayyyyy more complicated than that. Comey, Clinton, Lockhead Martin, and the Clinton foundation all had a mutually corrupt and profitable dealings together. Wow we should just burn DC to the ground


Comey, an Establishment hack and authoritarian by nature, is just another Establishment symptom. The FBI is a right wing, white power organized, LE Federal Agency. That was made clear with the union and civil rights movement's illegal and deadly harassment, et al. I'm not concerned about the present situation, though it's very fishy, as much as the 100 years of illegal and unconstitutional behavior of the Federal Police in our country. Crypto-Fascists and Orwellian legal bullies, indeed.


Of course, no one cares until . . .