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Jane Doe Releases a Statement Post-Abortion: 'People I Don't Even Know Are Trying to Make Me Change My Mind'

Jane Doe Releases a Statement Post-Abortion: 'People I Don't Even Know Are Trying to Make Me Change My Mind'

Prachi Gupta

"This is my life, my decision. I want a better future. I want justice."

“No one should be shamed for making the right decision for themselves. I would not tell any other girl in my situation what they should do,” she wrote.

as Jane Doe says “this is between me and God”. abortion is a womans business and hopefully will become less stigmitized. good luck to you Jane Doe.


I too send Jane Doe all my good wishes. She clearly represents the choices available to women and she is quite brave. I hope things change in her lifetime. And, many thanks to all the women that brought to bare justice and support.


Jane Doe will get justice all right, if she scorns mercy, but she won’t like it, when it comes. We don’t live for ever on this earth.

It’s not your life they’re talking about. It’s your baby’s!

some women give birth then strangled the baby to death but at least they didn’t get abortion. :thinking:

That is what she said, “it is between me and god”. That is also true all human beings don’t live forever on this earth.


Bless you Jane Doe, may you have a rich, healthy and lovely life in the future.

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Oh, please, spare us your sanctimonious claptrap. God is more merciful than you are. He (if he existed) would not force a young girl to bear a child that she knows she cannot support. Nor would He condemn the developing child to an almost certain lifetime of poverty and deprivation. (How does a 17 year-old with a baby earn enough to support them both?)

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It is nothing new. Leaving unwanted newborn babies out in the open to die of “exposure” was common practice during the Greco-Roman era and no thundering voice from the sky above said “Thou hast committed a most heinous act, a terrible violation of my commandment not to kill and has done so to one of the most innocent and vulnerable of you, the least deserving. Thou shall suffer through all eternity for perpetrating this most grievous sin.”

To speak as if appointed by God to be in charge of punishing those who “sin” is quite something. But God if there be such a being has taken less interest in preventing pregnancy termination than many who believe do believe.

Hey, I just ran across this post accidentally. Had I seen the article way back when, I would’ve added to your post that many abortions are also due to the reality of highly defective fetuses that couldn’t survive outside of the womb, to mothers’ lives being highly endangered, to pregnancy resulting from rapes or incest (or both), etc.

i had a tubal pregnancy back in 85 and actually had a lady tell me i was going to hell because i chose my life even though my baby had no chance. i politely told her i would see her there. imagine saying that to someone who had heard the heartbeat and was going to have to end the pregnancy. shame on some people

I would argue that the reasons for seeking an abortion are legion. And every one is valid.

Nobody (which means no woman, as men are unable to bear children) should be obliged/forced/coerced into giving birth to a child she dies not want.

It is so much more than having control over your own body; it is about having control over your own life. Birth is not the end of conception, not by about 18 years. If you are lucky. Actually, giving birth to a child is a life-time commitment. Nobody should be pushed into that sort of commitment until she is ready.

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Well spake, EAW! I agree, of course, with your points. Personal story: a long time ago, I counseled a young woman who beyond the first trimester found out that her fetus was severely defective and there was no way the baby, if delivered, could survive, especially without horrifying suffering. She was given full information by her doctor as to what would happen either way she chose, deliver or abort. She agonized over the decision. Her agony was our agony, and it was deepened by “supporters” who were anti-abortion for varied reasons.

I’ve always been pro-choice, mostly because no one, especially a male politician, should be able to interfere with a woman’s reproductive decisions and her relationship with her doctor(s). I also did not want one single more woman to lose her life to a botched or back-alley attempt at abortion.

After witnessing what this young woman went through, I refined my position to say that no one is pro or for abortions, no one loves abortions. We are pro-CHOICE, something that is each woman’s personal province.

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