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Jane Goodall Warns Humanity Will Be 'Finished' After Covid-19 Without Reforming 'Absolute Disrespect for Animals and the Environment'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/jane-goodall-warns-humanity-will-be-finished-after-covid-19-without-reforming


Jane Goodall is right, and many thanks to her for what she does and how she shares it.

I think the scientific community that is studying the Covid is coming to the same conclusion.

There is no time to waste, there will be more pandemics because there is a needed balance and always has been. It is embarrassing that some only pay attention after their house is on fire.


Thank you, Jane. The First Nations people have been trying to teach us to respect as in revere Life as we are a part of it. But we in the West have been playing Magician apprentice and have brought us all to the brink.


Ms. Goodall…With great respect I will share my thoughts on what I think the answer to your statement," Humanity will Be Finished…if we don’t start reforming absolute respect for animals and the environment".
The Economic Architect of today’s “model” of Capitalism …Milton Friedman believed that today’s society and economy is “survival of the fittest and it’s a dog eat dog world”. He also believes that there is no ethics or morality in today’s Capitalism and the very rich own the vast majority of the mass media.
You have spent your lifetime watching animals in the wild and that is a wonderful and necessary vocation BUT Ms. Goodall , most of the world is living in the " different jungle". The Rothchilde Family has owned and run Associated Press and Reuters for 60 years. " He who pays the piper calls the tune". Have you ever read Professors Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s book," Manufacturing Consent"? The book clearly describes how propaganda has worked in North America since the middle to late 60’s. Everyday working people just don’t know of an alternative to today’s Monetarism because…those that own the vast majority of the press…aren’t going to tell them.
There is a direct line between the newspaper box…and the ballot box…and the bread box…and the pine box.
Mr. Blair M. Phillips


“House on fire,” or planet on fire. Or oceans polluted.
It is a scary thought that our planet may be showing us that we can’t do what we do, and have a planet too.


I agree with your post fern.

Jane Goodall hung in there a long time and maintained a fairly optimistic outlook as she advocated tirelessly for living things that were not homo (non)sapiens, those objectified/dismissed, abused, murdered senselessly . . . those that do not have a voice or power to protect themselves.

She seemed to always have hope that humans would come around to the side of compassion/empathy. In fact I have a signed copy of her book “Reason for Hope”.
I used to wish I had some of her optimism. She is not optimistic anymore.
This is as doomy as I’ve ever heard her . . . .


I agree, I’m sure she knows things that few people learn by any other way and once known can’t be unknown. Even if most people changed and intensively set about changing those things around them, it is becoming more difficult when you are a slave to things/people that don’t care. (an extention from the not homo sapiens to the homo sapiens) It is that resilience of nature that doesn’t need our permission and we still have to learn from our mistakes, only the hard way.


You might be right about that, I think people have met their limits.

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Posts like yours above remind me why I come to Common Dream’s comment section on a regular basis. Thank you.
In solidarity and reverence for the nonhuman world,


Thanks to you as well. :slight_smile:

When we have economists like Milton Friedman and James M. Buchanan winning the Nobel Prize for economics, the caca has hit the fan. Along with the Kochs and a bunch of other really scary people, pouring money into political systems globally, they believe that only a very small number of homo sapiens are deserving of life. The rest, including not only humans but everything else, belongs to them. They call it political economy, meaning private property is the most holy thing in their world. And they wrecked the economy and culture of Chile. It’s worse than dog-eat-dog. It’s a return to the Old Dominion, where Massa and Missus Plantation owner have millions of slaves and millions of acres of land. Everyone works, including kids and old people. If you can’t…well, ten lashes from the overseer and then a bullet to the head leads to writing off a liability on the old balance sheet.
Details? Democracy in Chains by Nancy Maclean is graphic on how the Kochs and the economists want the world to work.
I agree that, unless we return to respecting All Our Relations as well as respecting Gaia, and soon, we will be part of the Sixth Great Extinction, the fossil fuels for whatever evolves in the next few million years. Let’s hope they keep us in the ground.


Delusional people can’t see themselves as part of the animal kingdom.

And, in the hands of the oligarchy propaganda machine, they are vegetable.


That is so very interesting and so true. We are all related by a very long standing process. So when we lose species through extinction, we lose part of our information as part of that process.

Genetics, DNA, plants and humans

How much DNA do plants share with humans? Over 99%?

This is a number which we need to be careful with.

"First, there is only one type of DNA! ALL animals and plants share the same DNA which is basically a code of only 4 ‘letters’ which code for the same amino acids from which all proteins are made. There is a complication that some amino acids have more than one code which specifies it - there are plenty of examples where a change of codes (eg a mutation) can result in NO CHANGE in the amino acid which is specified.

It is not surprising that all animals and plants have the majority of their GENES in common. The mechanism by which sugars are oxidised to release their energy (respiration) is almost universal. There are dozens of enzymes involved with this process alone. Each enzyme is a protein and each one needs to be coded for in DNA. There are many enzymes involved in the replication of DNA itself. Other processes are almost universal too.

On the other hand, some genes are very significant. There is, I believe, only one gene responsible for setting a human embryo on the road to maleness rather than femaleness. However, this gene acts as a switch and directs other genes to produce the huge range of differences between men and women.

Some genes are present, but never used (never switched on). There seems to be a huge amount of DNA which we have inherited from our past and this may no longer be useful, but has not been “weeded out”. Some genes are interrupted by long stretches of “silent” DNA for which we do not know a function. We may have mapped the whole genome of a few organisms (humans, Aarabidopsis etc), but this is little more than a “road map” and we have yet to identify the “houses” and, more significantly, the “inhabitants” of those houses.

You will be aware that DNA fingerprinting can identify one individual from another. There are clearly stretches of DNA which we don’t even share with our relatives (except identical twins) - the closer the relationship, the more ‘bands’ on our fingerprint we share. My children only share half my DNA fingerprint.

It is said that we share about 60% of our genes with a banana. But you can see that such a statement can be very misleading.

There have been some interesting studies of proteins which ALL organisms share. One of these is Cytochrome C which is involved with part of respiration. The number of different amino acids/mutations between man and other organisms has been extensively studied. Information like this can give a numerical difference between man and other species (including plants). However, these differences are not in the part of the molecule that matters - the part of the molecule which enables Cytochrome C to carry out its function. Such data is useful for studies to tell how closely organisms are related (and indeed tell us about the relationships within that tree), but they do not tell us how “different” we are, because the Cytochrome C works the SAME in ALL organisms!"

John Hewitson

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Jane Goodall represents the good part of humanity, the part that has respect and consideration for the environment we all share including our non-human, people-friends, and other lower life forms like trees, and jungles, and coral reefs. If solidarity isn’t found in all our biospheric ecosystems, and interactions, we are indeed finished as a species.


Absolutely amazing isn’t it? We can be genetically traced back to the very beginnings of life, about 3.5 billion years ago. The links are continuous throughout Earth’s and life’s history.


I doubt there will be anyone here to “mine” us in that distant future.

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Democracy in Chains…very good & frightening book on the mentality-ideology of the monstrous, deadly disease of capitalism…yet how many politicians of both parties knowing this, continue to hobnob & kowtow to the Koch Brothers’ powerful web…which includes many of the wealthy elites destroying all life on this planet…and they don’t care…


Visiting the Bronx Zoo, I remember a display sign of an ancient animal that was named the ancestor of all mammals, ( as I recall) on Earth…indicating that we are all relatives of all other animal species, not just primates.

I am sure other animal species will feel extremely insulted that they are relatives of Donald Trump.


Jane Goodall is a national treasure but the “absolute disrespect for animals and the environment” crosses borders, beliefs, etc. and will be insurmountable to change. Yes, wet markets in China and elsewhere in Asia need to be shut down and banned, but then these governments, usually too poor to do so, will need to provide sustenance for their people. They eat dogs, we eat cows. Early man crawled out of the cave eating meat, as long as it is available we will continue to do so.

Humans need to eat, more humans need more to eat. The solution is in plain sight: the planet is overpopulated by humans. Fewer humans means fewer wild and/or farmed animals are slaughtered and less wilderness encroached by humans and corporations (mining, logging, grazing, etc).

Why is overpopulation never brought up as a solution? Reining in human population is a threat to capitalism and religion (aka superstition). Capitalism needs an ever-increasing number of humans to sell their crap to. Religions preach “go forth and multiply.” We need zero population growth now. The planet will thank us for it.


Optimism is believing things will change and get better, hope is wishing for the unlikely, I am hopeful and even that is probably self-delusion. Warnings are many, even as we do the polar opposite.