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Jane Goodall Warns Humanity Will Be 'Finished' After Covid-19 Without Reforming 'Absolute Disrespect for Animals and the Environment'

Jane is right of course, but the majority of people aren’t listening to her. They listen only to celebrity, to sensationalism, to sports and to their right wing preachers. They don’t believe in climate, or environmentalism, they are science deniers, the modern day equivalent of flat Earthers.


The earth doesn’t care, it will continue to spin and revolve around its star The science fiction says that ants will dominate, a facistt system, so maybe righties win in the end (of course the end of humanity is hardly an end in the realm of anything - possibly a mere divergence)
Sorry … one toke over the line here. … sign off.

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This is the illusion ,nature is real.
Our Economic systems are not in balance with nature therefore must be abandoned it’s that simple.
We have used survival of the fittest as a guiding principle this is a myth a fallacy having nothing to do with reality a primitive mindset mentality.

“The fit are not fit until the all are fit .”

So a New Cultural Story and concious participants would use a more evolved approach that guides the process of evolution putting on place principles that work to do this .
We Are All One is that guiding principle …we have come to the point of concious evolution.
This is the first guiding principle the second would be theres enough of the planets abundance and resources for everyone.
So if we Are All One and we are, how would you begin to treat the planet and each other ?
With respect,reverence and gratitude.
Fossil fuels would be left in the ground,pollution would end, poverty would cease to exist.Health care and education,housing and the basics in life would be provided for everyone.
This us just the start…but start we must or life could become hell on this planet.

I don’t eat meat ,millions don’t meat …nobody has to eat meat.
Why ?
I choose not to eat meat ,I cant kill anything consciously. I’m aware of my choices .Meat also kills your body and the processes in rearing animals for food are killing us all…Why would you want to kill yourself ?
The difference is understanding who you are divine beings creating heaven on Earth that’s where the work must be done .

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For some of my fb friends I have to emphasize what Jane and yall are emphasizing. It is soooooo weird, though, that here until now yall were needing someone to bring up gain-of-function research. ~https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(18)30006-9/fulltext

In the interest of what folks expect these days in terms of “objectivity,” here’s the justification; but to me the danger makes prevention (yall’s argument) and readiness a thousand times better a bet. ~https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985

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I agree that moving to a plant diet is the right answer for many problems and I understand the mechanism for why using factory farm animals or using animals in wet markets (not necessarily factory farmed) increases risk of disease. And I understand that without factory meat farming and attempting to grow meat in a sensible fashion that meat eaters world wide are going to have to cut way back as the production capacity is going to be less.

But there is one part of the argument that is often made that is escaping me. I am for preserving wildlife and wildlife habitat for a multitude of reasons, but I don’t see why it is brought up in this context often. This idea that wildlife pushed into smaller corners of the world makes it more likely to vector disease from wildlife to farm animals doesn’t make sense to me. If I had to guess, I’d say it is the opposite - if we killed all the wildlife and decimated their habitat even further, there is less vectoring. (Obviously I don’t want this - I’m just trying to understand the math).

Can someone explain the basics of the argument to me? @dpearl or @SkepticTank?

Goodall is on totally solid ground, with published virologists, that environmental degradation at the edge of expansion, where the last remnants of biological diversity are getting shredded, is responsible for the explosion of novel zoonotic viruses the world has seen. You can go back to Marburg, even earlier – there has never been an emerging virus without an accompanying (completely unfounded) rumor of germ-warfare lab origins, not one. What matters in the non-Twitter, physical universe is the indisputable fact that environmental degradation inevitably leads to novel pathogens. All the molecular evidence, as parsed by those who know how to read it, leaves no doubt this is exactly how SARS2 emerged.

There’s a subtle problem we encounter with this observation: a reaction that our caution has now turned to future pandemics – when this novel coronavirus is just getting started. We can’t know how long this will hang on, how many it will kill, how many it will maim. Many projections assume tractable behavior from the bug, of which we see a wealth of counter-indications. It’s possible there won’t be any need to worry about further pandemics, as this one could be enough to finish us.


Couldn’t have said it better Adam.

And there are stll some of those around. Just spoke to one a few months ago. OMGodzilla.

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This might help some:


And this:



The Chinese addressed it with their one child only policy. Don’t know if that is still in force today.

The definition of “ Nature “ needs to be expanded to include the planet itself with all of its natural systems that allow life as we know it to exist .
First we need a ball of stone with a molten interior floating around in space before we can have all of the other ingredients to sustain life as we know it . An atmosphere of oxygen , large bodies of water, soil for plants etc. Then with these basic features organisms can start to appear .
As time goes on these organisms become more and more
sophisticated until we arrive at a species that can think independently of its source.
This is where the trouble starts .
When any species begins to believe that they are not 100% dependent on the planet and its “ natural “ systems , they start to abuse the very thing/s that keep them alive .
We must realize that we are not separate from nature and in fact ARE nature . to deny this realization is to assure our own destruction .


Dear Blair, you are so right, but also, people need to be given a clear understanding that they must never borrow money, because by doing so they give up their freedom and are forced to do the bidding of others.

The things that are needed for true happiness are not advertised on television. Just ask my dog.

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There are glimpses of a far different world where humans live in harmony with the natural world for us all to see on Youtube. If you want to see that world emerge, like I do, I urge people to start collecting these animal videos where people and animals are interacting joyfully as equals, and there are a lot of them.

Especially animals we think of as food. And share them. The first step to a different world is recognising the inherent intelligence, and dignity of animals.

That will lead to different behavior in all of us.

There is an open-source tool “youtube-dl” that you can use to download videos too. Then you can use the footage in your own creations (although don’t copy others work and claim it as your own, observe fair use, keep it very short)


I have never been to the Bronx Zoo, (San Francisco Zoo though). How interesting. I found this article about the most dangerous species.

In terms of animal species I guess we have to allow for a few aberrant mutations.


Here are several factors that are increasing the risk of animal-to-human viral vectoring:

Large animal “factories” where viruses have a perfect environment to exploit.
The overuse of antibiotics at these factories to fight microbes, thereby making them resistant.
Wildlife crowded into smaller parcels that begin to mirror the conditions at factory farm feed lots.
More human contact with and exploitation of these crowded “wild” parcels.

As for this…

…we would be committing suicide. That habitat you reference supports us, too – all this talk about a web of life is reality. Your digestive tract depends on microbes in your gut biome, the very atmosphere itself depends on nitrogen fixing, which is dependent on microbes feeding on decaying plants, which is dependent on animals pollinating and spreading seeds…You see my point. And killing all the wildlife won’t eliminate the microbial world anyway, those creatures are amazingly adaptable – they’ve carved out niches in virtually every conceivable environment. So we can – and are – decimating their environments, but they’ll survive where we won’t.

Personally, that’s a day I look forward to: The human outbreak is a pandemic in itself.


So, once again, we come to the conclusion that somebody better do something soon.

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I’m check’n out of the doctrinaire world, cause it’s exactly why we get nowhere. Instead of money I have a pile of observations/claims over here, and I have a pile of observations/claims over there. Scattered around. Where would I be if I just abandoned these piles, and suddenly embraced some doctrinaire position out in the cybersphere?

I agree with everything you, Aleph, say except “leaves no doubt”.

5/1/20 Natural spillover or research lab leak? Why a credible investigation is needed to determine the origin of the coronavirus pandemic (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) ~https://thebulletin.org/2020/05/natural-spillover-or-research-lab-leak-why-a-credible-investigation-in-needed-to-determine-the-origin-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic/


We’re in don’t know territory, and don’t know territory is uncomfortable.

To molecular virologists, the microbe tells its own story. For you to be spreading lies – which is non-truths completely unsupported by any published literature, where truths are available – enrolls you firmly in the absolute epitome of the “doctrinaire world” you so lamely disclaim. Nothing is more doctrinaire than anti-science denialism in service to warmongering corporate confusion. I’m pretty sure you know what you’re up to. It’s a pathetic fraud.

Sorry, IMO there is doubt. Though also IMO something just as strange as SARS-CoV-2 could have emerged out of our food system without gain-of-function research. Been reading Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists too long to worry about your accusations.

Oooh! An expert! Reads the Bulletin! (While deliberately ignoring virology – much too doctrinaire.)

What in the hell are you doing, beating the sinophobic war-drum in the middle of a global pandemic? Of all the strains of denialism you could choose, this one is most immediately dangerous to my Asian neighbors. Please go to hell.