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Jane Has Gotten Justice: My Life, My Decision


Jane Has Gotten Justice: My Life, My Decision

Jane Doe, the 17-year-old pregnant immigrant held hostage, harassed and forced to endure "spiritual" counseling, sonogram viewings and multiple court appearances by rabid anti-choice Trump officials, has had an abortion. She has also spoken out about what she insists "is my life": "People I don’t even know are trying to make me change my mind. I made my decision and that is between me and God."


Perfect response. It should be between a woman and her conscience. If these “pro-lifers” really took a look at themselves they would discover they are only anti-abortion otherwise why the endless wars, the ruination of our eco systems, the mean spirited destruction of our and future generations’ safety net, etc. etc.? If they were pro-life they would eradicate all these harmful policies based on faulty ideologies and actually create a world that would make abortions a moot point, a world that is Life affirming.


I am truly beginning to wonder, I have been at it for years but it’s fore-front now, what is it that makes the right-wing-wacko’s control freaks? Is it bad potty-training? Is it bad parenting? Being abused at an early age? We, as a society, must find out this answer and find ways of combating it. It isn’t just here it is a global thing and it truly is ruining our parade.


Conservative minds like order. A place for everything and everything in its place, do not step out of line, conformity. They have a heightened awareness to danger and are more likely to respond with a fight or flight stance, which in many circumstances can be short-sighted. Liberal minds are better able to cope with disorder and tend to seek understanding and solutions to resolve it. They are more likely to engage with danger, to understand its implications, before fleeing or fighting, which in some circumstances can be short-sighted. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

I know a number of lefties with conservative minds and vice versa, so just because one slaps a political label on themselves doesn’t necessarily mean that their mind follows suit. That said and for the most part, when the Conservative mind meshes with the Republican Party and its media operations, we get a pretty mean-spirited politics. The authority they so admire has scared the living bejeezus out of them; their fight or flight alarms are pinging non-stop. Without a narrative to counter what they hear 24-7, conservative minds will remain on high alert. Trump gets it. He stokes those conservative minds better than anyone.

The problem really isn’t conservatives and liberals. They are as old as time. The problem is end-stage capitalism and the two major parties trying to keep it propped up. The system is caving in on itself and both work-a-day conservatives and liberals, regardless of which kind of mind they possess, are paying the same price.


Back in the 90’s when the Soviet Union fell apart the UN had a conference in New Delia concerning monetary systems. It was a time when communism was found to be dead or dying. At the end of the conference the conclusion was that capitalism had died at the same time but those countries practicing it were afraid to admit it.
I find it very odd that socialism gets such a bad rap but it does show we are not a social animal. Socialism as in democratic socialism which, in my mind, switches one from want to need. I enjoy your writings, they are very insightful, thanks.