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Jane Sanders Slams Sheriff Joe for Racial Profiling and 'Inhumane' Tent Prison


Jane Sanders Slams Sheriff Joe for Racial Profiling and 'Inhumane' Tent Prison

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Jane O'Meara Sanders, social worker and wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, on Sunday side-stepped the campaign circus to witness first-hand the "horrific" tent prison erected by notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and meet with families who fell victim to Arpaio's discriminatory and illegal law enforcement practices.


Jane, you will make a fine First Lady as much as Eleanor Roosevelt did.


Arpaio takes orders from no one thanks to former governor Jan Brewer and the current governor Ducey (endorsed by Cruz and other conservabots). Sheriff Joe has been given free rein and consistently oversteps the bounds of his authority with impunity. His racism and white ethnocentric bias along with his abuses are legion yet no one stops him. Mrs. Sanders rightfully called him on the carpet and it made the news in which Arpaio basks regardless of whether or not it is complimentary.


Thank you, Jane. We in Arizona are truly disgusted with this sheriff, but few have the courage to face him down. Thanks, again!


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Sheriff Joe sez: “The men and women out fighting for our country—they’re living in tents."

Uh, you’re probably thinking of Occupy, which — thanks to pepper spray, tear gas, sound- and water cannons, etc. — is currently dormant.

If you’re talking about that mercenary gang in the Middle East, they’re fighting for “our country” only inasmuch as you’ve ceded U.S. identity (as well as policy) to Wall Street and its multinational menagerie.


Ten thumbs up. I really grow tired of politicians in any given country hiding behind that flag waving vomit inducing “what our troops are doing defending our country” swill.