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Jane Sanders: 'Take Some Time to Be Sad. But the Work is Too Important.'


Jane Sanders: 'Take Some Time to Be Sad. But the Work is Too Important.'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and his closest adviser, spoke to CNN on Thursday to reflect on the 2016 presidential election and reassure disillusioned voters that the revolution will not end with Sanders' campaign.


National Press Conference
Streamed Live Earlier
Actors and Activists Come to the
Defense of Nina Turner, who was denied her speaking spot, just minutes before she was to go on stage to introduce Bernie's nomination - http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=16888

Nina shows at 100 minutes into video feed. Then the feed goes blank a few minutes later. ??

Demexit >>> GO JILL!

Chris Hedges and Jill Stein at the
Socialist Convergence
Steamed by "Truthdig" - Here http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/live_chris_hedges_jill_stein_speak_at_socialist_convergence_at_dnc_20160727


"As Bernie Sanders was completing his surrender to Clinton by having his Vermont delegation offer their votes to Clinton, some 750 of his nearly 1850 delegates were staging a walkout from the convention hall. Several hundred occupied the convention press tent. Others went out on the street, with most heading up to City Hall, where many of them joined Bernie or Bust activists to announce that they were not supporting Clinton."



Both political parties talk about American exceptionalism and it gets tiring hearing it on a consistent basis at the conventions. The only place where the USA is number one is military spending and imperialism. The USA ranks below most developed nations in poverty rates, medical care, firearm deaths, honesty in elections, and many other areas.


A rigged and stolen Democratic primary is a threat to our democracy. The people wanted Bernie with his agenda for re-strengthening the middle class----which democracy needs to keep it from morphing into oligarchy with corporations, the military and the super wealthy holding all the power.

The new forefront for progressive news: must listen to the Sane Progressive reporter talk to us quietly but urgently.

Sane Progressive Thoughts On Nomination & Bernie Standing With Hillary. -
DNC Philly Coverage Streamed live on Jul 27, 2016
Thoughts on manipulations of delegates and shocked at Sanders endorsing Hillary despite theft and mass collusion to rig primary vote.

Bernie shocked that his supporters booed him. Sane Progressive disturbed that he did not give them import; did not protest the rigging; then his endorsing Hillary before she was even named and as if she hadn’t rigged the process.

Sane Progressive Reports of the many methods they used to thwart the Bernie delegates. Giving them wrong times for meetings. Taking signs away. De-credentialing them.


Excellent link. Over 1,700 comments. Huge for truthdig.

"Happiness comes when you reach out in solidarity to your neighbor, when
you lend your hand to the stranger or the outcast, when you are willing
to lose your life to save it. Happiness comes when you have the capacity
to love. " Chris Hedges.


Sad? Sad?

No, it's time for anger, good old righteous indignation. THAT is what will drive change.

Sad? Hand me a tissue, and then lets all forget principle and support a corporate servicing schmuck once again?

And yes Trump terrifies me. What a screwed up situation.


Yes, Hillary is terrible in so many ways. But let's consider, as we process the grief and rage at the betrayals of the DNC, and our respective disgust with her, that Trump really IS worse.
He's an existential threat to the planet. He's a science denier, and will undo anything in the way of Big Fossil Fuels and hastening global warming catastrophe.
Our kids will suffer more from the climate change horrors coming than we will, which is why he's gotta be stopped.

I wish some of you really talented users of social media (I'm not) would start a campaign around the idea of Only Once for Hillary--ie, Only One Term (and that just to stop the #&*! nutcase and the insanely destructive GOP platform).

We start organizing now to make Bernie's revolution happen. We run another REAL progressive like Bernie in the next primaries for 2020. You can bet the DNC will be greatly cleaned up by then, given the exposure of its recent vile behavior.

And we damn well better be working like crazy for the down-ticket races!

Sitting it out is the worst thing we can do. I'm as pissed off as anyone else, but I will hold my nose and vote for her--yeah, 4 years is lousy to contemplate, but worse is Trump with the power to send off nuclear bombs...
Some will vote for Jill, of course, which is way better than sitting out.

So, how do we start the "Only Once" campaign? And continue the revolution?


"close to the presidency" - I don't think people really realize that Bernie actually (99% likely) did win the Primary but it was stolen from him/us. I hate to read comments like in this piece that "we almost made it" when we DID MAKE IT -- but the danged thing is corrupt to the core so it was stolen. I have no doubt Bernie won the Primary by a landslide. We didn't fall short.


Well-said, Holygeezer! I love the way you put that because I'm going to use that the next time a Hillarybot tries to panic-talk me about Trump. You are spot on -- HER ACTIONS / HIS WORDS It's the same thing. Thank you!


Yes I was on Truthdig, shortly after that article by Hedges was posted, and the majority of comments were slamming him.

Truthdig has been infested, big time, by right wing supporters of Trump. I'm sure a lot of the comments are accusing Hedges for being an "islamofacist" and worse, by that enlightened bunch.


Hello Holygeezer!!

It's been a long time since I've exchanged commentary with you. Thank you for posting the link to Chris Hedge's superb piece on TruthDig. I was hoping we'd see it here on Commondreams; frankly, though, I'm not surprised it didn't make it in here.

Hope you're well.
My best,
Elizabeth Tjader


This says it better than any of the thousands of posts I've read here over the past few months! Succinct and to the point! Well Done!! (if I could give you a hundred likes I would!)


Jane, nothing will change until the Democrats face a serious and viable threat from the left. Internal reversal is impossible, both you and Bernie know that is true. Support, vote and donate to the Green Party.


We are sad, and we are angry. And we are no longer listening to the Sanders' plea for 'unity'. It doesn't exist. The work is important - HRC will work hard to quell this revolution, and she could. HRC is NOT the lesser evil.


I have a great deal of respect for Jane and Bernie Sanders. I know Bernie's heart is in changing the Democratic party and that's fine for him, he will be a great help in the fight. I just cannot, after a stolen election, Hillary's war hawk, neocon policies and all the dirty dealing with the FBI, vote for that nightmare of a president again.
Obama burned us once. Once burned, twice learned. Not again, ever.
I'm sorry Jane but we aren't sad, we're mad and that's only going to grow with time.
I will work with Bernie's efforts and any other group efforts to change this country but I don't believe putting my name on four more years of drones, triangulating and corruption is the right way to change the country for the better.
Jill Stein is a good alternative so that after four years we will have a third party no matter who wins this sham of an election.


As Bernie's sheep-dogging at the convention winds down, CommonDreams takes over Judas Goat duties now with not a single story on Jill Stein after a truly incredible, historic night of revolutionary energy outside the Wells Fargo walls of the dismal dollar Democrats.

So many cowards without the courage of their convictions. So many gutless people. This country is being lost to endless moral cowardice. If you are one of the wakeful and brave who will not give in to all this propaganda and fear-mongering and lesser-evilism, and will instead will vote your convictions in November, thank you friend and comrade.

They pretend we don't exist, because they are terrified of people seeing poll results like this:


Wow.... I voted on this poll and then clicked on the results. Would like to see this poll shown on all the MSM outlets.


Yes. Agreed. Truthdig's founder and editor, Bob Sheer, is the Best of the Best and vehemently hated by the bankster neocon corporatists of both parties who push war for profits. Bob began in the 60's in Cali bay area and got his start with "Ramparts", I believe. The T neofascists hide from Bob's truth telling like vampires of the movies hide from sunlight!


The only polls they report on, are polls no ordinary people can verify.