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Japan Accused of Coercing Fukushima Refugees to Return to Unsafe Homes


Japan Accused of Coercing Fukushima Refugees to Return to Unsafe Homes

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As the Japanese government moves to accelerate the return of Fukushima refugees to their homes, environmental advocacy organization Greenpeace warned Tuesday that radioactive contamination remains "so widespread and at such a high level that" that it will be impossible for people to safely go back.


Sacrifice thousands of people so the profits can roll in again for the Banksters?

  • “Nothing to see here, folks, just keep moving.”


Let’s start the prefecture repopulation alphabetically, Abe.


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Reading this, I think of the Tuskegee incident where Black men were treated to placebos rather than actual cures for Syphilis. The “compassionate” researchers wanted to see what would happen when the disease was not treated.

I often get the same feeling when new weapon systems are sold to all sorts of dictators and sociopaths born into aristocratic families. These individuals have an “itch” for using these deadly toys.

By making it “state policy” for the original residents of the Fukushima environment to move back–with the full knowledge that radiation doesn’t lose its capacity for generating Cancer for hundreds of years–is tantamount to watching another live experiment in how human bodies decompose.

Another factor is likely based on the TRUE state of much of the global economy. The taint of derivatives and swaps (traded on the global market as “securities” and such) into the many trillions with Japan holding a good percentage of U.S. debt (itself, based on this form of collateral) sets the Japanese economy up for a hit.

Just as right wing interests inside our own Homeland are pushing hard to cut “entitlements” and cracking down on things like public assistance programs, Japan’s head honchos are trying to cut back on subsidies to those impacted foremost by Fukushima.

A week ago a typhoon brushed Japan. I didn’t read anything about any impacts to Fukushima. At the same time, although conveniently placed “out of the news,” that broken plant continues to spew radiation. Therefore, this idea on insisting the matter is under control and that the area is safe could not BE a bigger, more dangerous lie.

Since it typically takes 10 years for Cancer to develop, it will be harder to establish the LEGAL chain of causality between citizens’ return to the Fukushima area and their largely inevitable health breakdowns.


Interesting no doubt. But it is par for the course. Govt officials get prime living locations while citizens return to their homes, just like in America. What politician lives by fracking sites? What Japanese politician claims residence by Fukishima? So, yea.


The radiation level quoted by Greenpeace (2 uSv/hr) is in a forested area. The Nahara Town itself is now nearly one order of magnitude lower (0.3 uSV/hr) which is similar to that of many occupied regions of the world (e.g. Denver) due to natural background radiation.
A June article in NHK world reported, " Response task force head Yosuke Takagi made the announcement at the town assembly meeting on Wednesday. He stressed that Tokyo will not force anyone to return to full-time residency, but the town’s environment and infrastructure are ready for repopulation. Takagi said, “Whether to return is up to each person. . . . Even if we lift the order, we want to continue working substantially on measures to rebuild Nahara.” He added that current compensation payments for mental anguish will continue even if people return."



I don’t believe you. You always misquote and distort sources. That is why you didn’t have the courage to post a link for us to verify your absurd claims. Even if true with a falsified “air reading”, ONE forest fire or Typhoon inside that 75 square mile area will re-contaminate the entire “decontaminated” area downwind of it.

ONE. And the odds of that radioactive wood decay getting spread on top of houses and playgrounds by those two forces within the danger timeframe of about 600 years, are near 100 percent.

This is the recurring case at Chernobyl with the one-sided Red Forest, and it is the case in Fukushima Province as well.

Obviously, without residents, the mayor has no revenue, so instead of saying it’s safe, he’s shifting the burden of discovery to the uneducated public, saying they must decide for themselves if it is safe. He probably knows that if a real reading is made where a wipe of black dirt in the gutters is made, the radiation will read in excess of the US level defined as nuclear waste that must be buried in a radioactive waste storage facility in Texas.

So, please provide the “Spunky Monkey” blog where you got the 0.3 uSV/hr number from, and provide the link to the NHK article so we may be sure you aren’t lying again.

Thank you.


finston’s posts often disappear at this point, so I’ll repost it here.
rfinston said topic#10936, time datetime=‘2015-07-21T16:17:10Z’ itemprop='datePublished’
2015-07-21 16:17:10 UTC


This so-called “Decontamination” can never work. It’s too late for that. When the Yakuza mafia was hired by TEPCO as the contractor to hire disposable workers, the government bribed politicians in Osaka, Kagoshima and dozens of other towns throughout Japan to burn the nuclear waste, which just causes another fallout event all over the region. Without rated incinerators with micron level filters, it contaminates everything downwind all over again.

So right after painstaking “decontamination” it’s red hot again when it rains or the wind blows. This burning spread Cs-137, for example in all the mountains. Now every time it rains, here comes the radioactive water throughout the creeks and rivers. And the radioactive dirt removed from children’s playgrounds is just sitting outside by the shore in plastic bags which will soon be coming apart and getting airborne with the common 60mph winds that Northern Japan always has.

Not only that, but there are mountains of bags of radioactive sewer sludge sitting all over the place since the water treatment plants can’t produce safe drinking water anymore. After 3/11, residents of Tokyo reported that a blue glow was coming from their toilets keeping them awake at night. The government then issued an order for pregnant women and small children not to drink the tap water.

But Abe is under the IMF Bank Gun to restart all 58 nuke facilities or no dice on the continuing reconstruction loans for the Tsunami damage. Tepco and the Banksters lose a million dollars a day PER REACTOR when they aren’t producing electricity. 50 times about say, four reactors a plant average = 200 Million USD Dollars a day loss.

Those Banksters aren’t willing to write these quaking deathtraps off, no matter who gets cancer.




diveshopingoa wrote (to rfinston):

‘…I dispute your claim of natural radioactivity in Denver. After atmospheric tests in the southwest and 500 tailing piles of uncovered uranium mine waste actively blowing radioactivity across the area the idea of that area and most of the rest of the world having now a natural background level is absurd. Kennedy created phys-ed for all school children after learning that children across the country had elevated levels of Strontium-90 in their teeth from atmospheric tests. Sort of blows a hole through your claim of anything being at natural levels these days…’

Please understand that the term “background radiation” or “natural background radiation” does NOT include radiation of military, industrial, medical, etc. origin. Only ionizing radiation due to cosmic rays, gases and suspended particles in the atmosphere, and that due to the Earth’s lithosphere and hydrosphere are included in the definition.


diveshopingoa wrote:

‘John as there are no time stamps on radioactive particles only radiation tests that took place before atmospheric tests can be called natural. Even untouched land can get elevated levels of U-238 +U-235 from mine tailings that have blown onto that land. There is no way to tell what was natural background and what is from the deposition from a local mine. The industries claims of natural background levels or radioactive level during an event and for that matter from DOE, NRC on down do not do credible reporting. TMI and Fukushima point this out rather plainly…’

Mining of pitchblende and uraninite, the principal uranium ores, has been going on for thousands of years. Those ores also contain silver and gold. Mining operations release radioactive particles to the atmosphere, as does agriculture and construction. Of course, background radiation readings weren’t compiled until the 20th century, but my guess is that background levels haven’t changed appreciably over the past several millennia.

‘…A Geiger counter detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation. What isotope produces that radiation?’

Hundreds of isotopes produce those radiations. A Geiger counter is useless ffor measuring ionizing radiation, since the device detects but does not measure. Background radiation does not include alpha- and beta-rays, since they travel relatively short distances.