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Japan Offers Reparation to Korean 'Comfort Women'


Japan Offers Reparation to Korean 'Comfort Women'

César Chelala

The Japanese government recently agreed to pay $8.7 million to dozens of Korean women who were forced to become prostitutes serving Japanese soldiers. The payment is meant as compensation for their suffering. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his “deepest regrets” and “contrition” from deep in his heart to the victims.


Here is to a hope to end the war between the sexes. Like all wars, it is evil.


At least Japan has the decency to apologize and offer reparations to these Korean women. In a time when military and economic warfare has become the accepted norm around the World so has sexual violence become completely normalized. From rape in the US military to rape in US prisons and border detention centers to violent pornography viewed daily by "normal" young men to US children being prosecuted as adults for prostitution by the US legal system, can we expect the USA to apologize any time soon to any of these victims? With hundreds of US/NATO military bases around the World, scores of proxy forces in conflict areas and sexual tourism by Western men in Third World countries, it would be naive to think this abuse of women and children is not still occurring.


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I wouldn't exactly call denying it for 50 years then only making amends 70 years later, when 95% of the women had died, "decent".


"Japan offers Reparations to Korean Women for Raping Them". That's the headline!!!!!!!!!


First of all they weren't "serving as prostitutes". They were sex slaves. Prostitutes get paid for their work. Secondly, $8.7 Million Dollars is a huge insult.


Ridiculous comment that sets up a false equivalence.

Can you think of ANY instance where women arrange camps that sexually abuse men against their wills?

Can you imagine what the FACT of rape and domestic abuse mean to millions of women?

This is a war based on MALE abuse of women. It is not a two-way street, idiot!


where is the compensation for American POW skept in slave labor camps in Japan. Many were starved and beaten to death. Read Laura Hillenbrand's book," Unbroken"to know the treatment of these prisoners. Disgraceful that our govt did not demand compensation from Japan.