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Japanese Prosecutors Demand 5 Years in Prison for Executives Facing Trial for Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


Japanese Prosecutors Demand 5 Years in Prison for Executives Facing Trial for Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than seven years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, prosecutors in Japan on Wednesday demanded that three former executives from Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) each face five years behind bars for failing to ensure the safety of the power plant.


Yet another catastrophe for which the perpetrators will get away with what amounts to a slap on the wrist, when all the costs are measured…should be 25 years!


Fortunately no one was hurt in the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (including those who were killed) and the released radiation was harmless and has actually improved the ocean and surrounding wildlife habitat. Indeed, you get more radiation from an hour of moonlight than if you were to spend a week in the melted reactor. In fact, Fukushima will soon become a popular tourist destination.

That is, if you can believe the Nuclear Power Trolls who will soon start posting on this thread.


Fukushima is a huge disaster w no end in site.



Why aren’t the architects and engineers also on trial ? None of them had the forethought, to imagine this could happen before it was built ? A friggin 6th grader in Japan could have seen this coming.


Wonder if this will have an impact on the 15 other identical plants that are currently on the drawing board.


We can only hope.


Isn’t this why executives get paid such ridiculously high salaries and bonuses? A more just sentence would be to lock them up until the mess is cleaned up.


The court-appointed lawyers say the defendants were told two to three years before the accident that a massive tsunami could hit the nuclear plant. They also say the defendants did not try to gather information about the potential danger. The court-appointed lawyers indicate that the former executives later claimed that they had not been informed, and that the executives put all the blame on their subordinates.

The court-appointed lawyers also say the defendants should have suspended the plant’s operations when they were told that a massive tsunami could hit the plant.

The above confirms a story I’ve often repeated —
Picked up from a fellow poster some time after the event, wherein he was relating that a relative
in Japan, an aunt living in the town of Fukushima, had written to him some time after the disaster
explaining that Japanese scientists had warned the government in Fukushima that seismic reports
were indicating that earthquakes would be increasing in severity and number of events in the area.
And that the Fukushima government upon that advice had decided that the nuclear reactors there
should be shut down.
Sometime thereafter, she related, “W” Bush sent a team to visit the Fukushima government and
when they left the nuclear reactors were still operating but the government had been changed.

This is the insanity of capitalism.


I for one would like to see the Wall Street bankers who caused the 2008 crash behind bars for 5 years. I would like to see these rich people realise that with their acquisitions and power and opportunities comes some responsibility, and that there are limits to how much those responsibilities can be ignored.


Before the meltdown, if you talked to the engineers (and I did), they said that they had every contingency covered. There are so many safeguards and redundancies that such an accident could never happen. They had blinders on due to their own hubris. They were utterly convinced.

After the fact, “this accident was unpredictable and only happened because so many coincidences occurred at the same time” It could never happen again.

And finally, they say, that it is not as bad as everyone says.

They still have blinders on. It is hard to convince people when their paycheck depend on them looking the other way and making excuses.

There has to be a better way. Industry certainly will not protect us or the planet. And the Corporations own the government, so the government will not protect us or the planet.

Just keep on fighting. Solar power is already more economical than nuclear. (And to be honest, Nuclear was never cost effective without government subsidies.) So maybe there is hope. But we still have all of these existing time bombs surrounding us, just waiting for another earthquake or accident.


In another time in Japan, seppuku would have been the only honorable action for these CEOs to take.


I wonder if these executives are even the most culpable of all those responsible. If Japan operates like the U.S., they are just the least politically protected among the guilty and guilt adjacent. The ones that can be offered to the public for show.


It’s interesting to note that the regular Tokyo prosecutors declined twice to indict these TEPCO execs, but are now going all out to take down Renault execs Ghosn and Kelly. What a joke the regular Tokyo prosecutors are. My bet is that these TEPCO execs will get suspended sentences and never see a day in jail.


There are some good, informative, science-based educational videos on Youtube. There are also a lot of malarkey videos put together by fringe cranks, frauds, moonbats and zealots. If you thought this was one of the good videos, then it would appear you are lacking some of the critical tools needed to be able to tell the difference.


I seriously doubt that anyone is considering resurrecting an obsolete reactor design that was discontinued decades ago for even one plant, much less 15.


Engineers design to optimize the balance between conflicting parameters and priorities. But employee engineers do not set the parameters or priorities. Management does. At least as early as 2008, Tepco’s own engineers realized the design basis of the plant had been developed for tsunami values which were too low for that site. They warned Tepco management and gave a revised risk assessment, but what management did (or did not do) with that information was not the responsibility of the engineers.

And before that, engineers who were tasked with developing the Mark I containment for GE quit when they felt their concerns were not being taken seriously.

And before that, it was Rickover and his minions who decided to adapt the Navy-style reactors (solid fuel, pressurized water coolant and moderator) for civilian power, even though the lead inventor of the Navy reactor objected, and felt that was an inferior choice for civilian power. And he agitated against that use until he wound up losing his position.

If any engineers had deliberately misrepresented or concealed risks, it would have been appropriate to hold them accountable for that, but that does not appear to be what happened in this case.


So here we have Trog the toll. Not only is he a foolish troll but an ignorant one. Take it from me you are not going to sell nuclear power, nuclear medicine (if that was real), or anything nuclear if you call commenters stupid which you did when you wrote that Goodtimes7 was "

And you suggested that you are able to tell the difference. Good job troll. Hope your boss reads your comments. Well at least you have everyone here at CD seriously impressed with Johnny on the spot industry propaganda links. I guess your just a totally awesome with your command of the nuclear language. Spot on trickster.


I didn’t say he was stupid. My implication was that he might be gullible if he thought that was one of the good videos. (There are other possible reasons he might have posted the link in full knowledge that it was malarkey.)

“And you suggested that you are able to tell the difference.”

Most people can–if they make the effort. All it takes is a bit of skepticism, and a bit of follow-up. Here, I’ll illustrate.

For reference, this refers to the Youtube video Goodtimes7 posted, called FUKUSHIMA Update 2018 (IT’S ALL DEAD!) | WatchmanReview

Time mark 0:26 Caldicott has it backwards. Chernobyl was much worse than Fukushima

4:00 Radiactive Calfornia beach sand

5:00 Die-offs – All of the reported kinds of die-offs also occurred prior to 2011. The telling point is that they didn’t have a single marine biologist attributing any adverse environmental or species effects to radionuclide contamination from Fukushima.

Meanwhile, much closer to the site of the disaster, the fish are proliferating in the debris fields off the coast:

And this is not because of any direct benefit from radiation, but because of the indirect benefit of radiation fear leading to reduced fishing in the area. Humans are many times more lethal to sea life than any contaminant radiation (which is low out in the greater Pacific, compared to the amount of radiation that was there before 2011). This is also the reason wildlife is thriving around Chernobyl.

5:36 That’s a tsunami wave height map. It’s use as a contamination map is bogus and was debunked very soon after its first representation as such.

5:40 Notice they don’t say how much Cs-134 radiation was found. Why do you suppose they didn’t include that?

You can see for yourself how much there is.
Click on scarlet tags to see latest results. The detection threshold for Cs-134 is less than 1 bq per cubic meter. The natural radioactivity of seawater is generally around 12,000 to 14,000 bq per cubic meter.

7:24 Fukushima onsite radiation did not “soar” to record levels. They managed to get a reading inside the containment vessels closer to a melted core than ever before, and that’s why the reading was higher than any taken before–simply because they were all taken further away from any core.

9:00 The reason for low numbers of fall chinook salmon in the Klamath:

Radiation and Pacific salmon generally:

10:20 Totally bogus numbers, and the scientific consensus remains that no thyroid cancers due to Fukushima have been detected yet. There is no correlation between thyroid anomalies and contaminated areas, distant prefectures have the same or worse anomaly rates when using the same screening method, and the detection rate in older children is higher than for younger children–the opposite of what we would be seeing if these detections were due to radiation.

“this study found no significant spatial anomalies/clusters or geographic trends of thyroid cancer prevalence among the ultrasound examinees, indicating that the thyroid cancer cases detected are unlikely to be attributable to regional factors, including radiation exposure resulting from the FNPP accident.”

“There is no apparent regional difference in the rate of thyroid cancer cases among the residential areas at the time of the earthquake and, hence, exposure status of the patients. … The pathological findings are similar in children from non-exposed areas.”

11:49 Not even a hint of a connection to radiation, much less to Fukushima radiation.

13:25 Blaming Fukushima for an algal bloom? Seriously?

13:34 From that article:
“Kaler said that neurotoxin poisoning from algal blooms could travel up the food chain, from plankton on up and into the birds’ diets.”
“But it’s also more nuanced than that, because what’s then causing the harmful algal blooms to flourish is another domino in the line leading to dead birds.”
“If you have sea surface temperatures that lend themselves to the algal blooms, if those temperatures are high enough,” Kaler said, “Then you have a warm body of water, and there’s a stagnation in that water column. That’s going to effect everything that’s feeding in the ocean.”

13:48 From that article:
“Wildlife experts said the cause of the die-off is most likely a jump in water temperatures, which are now in the mid-80 degree range.”

13:54 Follow-up article:

14:40 It is very well known that high altitude flights are exposed to greatly elevated levels of cosmic radiation.

15:55 Potassium iodide works by saturating the thyroid to block uptake of Iodine 131. But Iodine 131 is a short term (8-day half life), close proximity food-borne contaminant hazard, particularly in milk from farms close to a source. Taking KI to “rid your body” of radiation received in flight is nonsense–unless they are serving I-131 contaminated food on the flight.

16:04, 17:09 Is this what you’d expect in a science-based video, or a faith-based video?

Nearly everything in that video was wrong, or overblown, or amounted to pure insinuation. It is just as much claptrap as the Youtube Creationist videos, chemtrail videos, and the videos purporting to show that world leaders and celebrities are actually reptiloid alien shape-shifters. I didn’t address a lot of the minor bits because that would have made this even longer, but if you have a part that you thought was particularly compelling, put up the time stamp and I’ll be happy to review it–and present counterevidence if I happen to know of any.