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Japan's Continued Lurch Toward Militarism Prompts Public Outcry


Japan's Continued Lurch Toward Militarism Prompts Public Outcry

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Inciting public protests and a walkout by opposition lawmakers, Japan's lower house of parliament passed a set of controversial security bills on Thursday, paving the way for the country's military to potentially fight abroad for the first time since World War II.


It’s sort of brilliant, except it’s so transparently idiotic:

Sure we renounced war! But we didn’t renounce Proactive Pacifism!

Very happy to see polls report 80% popular opposition, and happy to see public actions and political walk-outs.

But such slimy opportunists, delusional nationalists and greed-heads frankly don’t give a shit about such temporary problems as mass public and political opposition. They will only stop if they are stopped, and that will require focused organizing and interference.


Japan fears China or does the specter of a resource scarce world scare her more? Wouldn’t be the first time nations used warships to battle over fishing.


Japan should become a superpower and shut down all the US bases there. Since the end of WWII, Japan has been a puppet of the US & Israel. It should become a superpower so it can defend itself and not have to support the USA’s wars.


Since demilitarization Japan has benefitted immensely from not having to divert the huge sums of money necessary to create and maintain a super power military of its own. That money went into maintaining ‘Japan’ instead giving it a expansive economy.

To advance its home guard forces to super power status would imo be impossible without bankrupting the entire economy were it to even be attempted. If you’ll notice, superpower status is actually a matter of size and resources. The USA, Russia and China are all huge countries and while resources may be ‘tight’ in China, rationing and prioritization allows for the massive military industrialization necessary to fight as a super power if ever needed.

If Europe were one single industrialized country it could be a fourth, if Brazil were more industrialized (and in a temperate clime perhaps) a fifth. Australia if it had a greater population and industrial capacity (also if it were in a temperate clime) a sixth. Conversely India has too large a population etc but time will tell.

Japan like Britain is big on technology and industrial capacity but short on resources. Japan could acquire nuclear weaponry like Britain but would you say Britain or France or Israel or India are superpowers just because they have the bomb? I’d refer to them as ‘Nuclear Powers’ not superpowers.

The USA, Russia and China.

Or as some would have it… Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. :innocent:


MIC wants a larger cut of Japan’s GDP. Film at 11…


There are many nuclear powers : India, Pakistan, Britain, France & Israel. The superpowers are the USA, Russia and China. Japan should become a superpower. If it becomes one, it will be a long time from now. Right now, they’re moving from a pacifist military to a conventional military. US bases in Japan are located in Okinawa. The people there object to having them there. If Japan does not shut down US bases, it could at least move them somewhere else. If small nations can’t become superpowers on their own, they can merge their militaries with other nations.


Did you read what I wrote? It doesn’t seem like it. Maybe you are being too emotional in your choice of wording? What do you call a superpower? Superpower is not nuclear power alone. Britain is a nuclear power and has a strong military but it isn’t a superpower. Japan if it remilitarizes will become a nuclear state (steps or rather resolutions confirming that fact have already been promulgated. It would be like Britain is but still not a superpower.

True superpower status is a matter of industrial capacity/native resources and large populations… plus nuclear.

What purpose would remilitarization serve Japan do you think?

A jingoistic "it deserves to be powerful’ baloney is silly. Why remilitarize? I think it is because Japan feels the resource pinch like never before and wants to be able to secure its resource ‘rights’ in the Yellow Sea/China Sea waters. No.Korea and China and to some extent Russia are resource rivals.

You said that Japan should become a superpower but I don’t think it is about that at all, as I’ve stated above.


I did not say all nuclear powers are superpowers. India, Pakistan, Britain, France and Israel are nuclear but not superpowers. The USA, Russia and China are superpowers. Japan should become more than a nuclear power. It is no even a nuclear power. Japan has been a US and Israeli puppet since the end of WWII. They’re supporting the West’s war with ISIS and sent troops to Iraq when “W” declared war. The Japanese government is inconsiderate of the people in Okinawa. They don’t like having US bases there. US troops there are excused for breaking the laws there. Japan has more reason to mistrust the USA than Russia or China. If they became a superpower, they would be as capable of defending their borders as the US is.


A nation I forgot to mention is North Korea. It’s a nuclear but not superpower.