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Jared Kushner Eviscerated as 'Face of White Privilege and Nepotism' After Mocking Racial Justice Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/jared-kushner-eviscerated-face-white-privilege-and-nepotism-after-mocking-racial

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These two clowns represent the worst of the Trump gang. Jared’s dad is a convicted gangster.
Ivanka is seen in photos from her teen years dressed as Blonde Lolita in the shortest hot pants, grinding her butt on her father’s lap, looking at him exactly like a call girl looks at her sugar daddy.
The Lincoln Project has hilariously called them out with brutal Times Square billboards, and the rich little whiners have threatened to sue–the Lincoln Project says “bring it on, kids.”
The best thing about this raunchy pair of spoiled brats are the secret videos from inside their marriage, that you can see here…


You wonder how he would respond if someone used two identities he relates to, i.e. white and jew, and substituted those for black in the phrases he used… i.e. where jews cry on instagram about antisemitism or whatever to polarize or for attention… would that maybe make him rethink his racism, bigotry if it touched him personally? probably not. There are some very sick people at the top of govt., and he wasn’t even voted in.


Let’s see how much he struts when his wife goes to jail for tax evasion along with her father. I can hardly wait. I might get a hernia laughing.


I hope you are not looking for fairness. Bill Clinton breaks one law (tells ONE lie), and gets impeached. So what should happen if a president tells 20 or 30 thousand lies to the people?
Breaks financial laws, etc.


While the DNC justifiably condemns Kushner they conveniently ignore the fact that Democrats like Biden and Harris have done everything they could to make sure that countless numbers of black people are put in prison. Both Biden and Harris have made sure to tell people that they, like Trump, are law and order candidates which does not bode well for Black Americans who are disproportionately placed in prisons in the less than egalitarian United States.


Jamaal Bowman tells it correctly.
NY 16 can send a very good person to congress.

Kushner borrowed 500 to 700 million dollars about 15 months ago from some
un-named middle east lender. Does he have to pay any back??

I do not think so.
Makes Hillary’s regular Chicago pay to play foundation an amateur hour effort.

Got Clout?


I should add that people who exploit others nearly universally demean them in order to justify there actions. As if it is OK to treat “inferior” people poorly. By blaming the victim the exploiter absolves themselves of any guilt-“they asked for it”, “they deserved it for being lazy or stupid”. This is an age old response. This is the mind of the human predator in action.

The Donald once said, “There are victims and their are predators-you can be one or the other” This is right out of Joseph Goebbels playbook. Jared and daddy in-law are two peas in a rotten pod. The two families are perfect for each other.


The more one knows about the actions at the top of the Democrat and Republican parties, the more clear the dangers of democracy in a country with a captured press is.

Six degrees of Trump is just as corrupt as six degrees of Biden, and the overwhelming majority of voters are clueless about it, because they listen to Rachel, Wolf, or Sean, or the like.


Truly they are a pestilential family from top to bottom.


let me not waste too much effort. MAGA when the trump mobsters are behind bars


He even looks like him.

But in the real picture here, what is that hideous frock she’s wearing!!!


These past four years have seemed like a graphic novel full of super-villains. These grifting sociopaths will never know what absolute failures they are as human beings.


No one asks the question

"Succeed at What " Âż


This might be a really good time to watch and llisten to the debate between James Baldwin and William Buckley who clearly ignores the fact that there are some folks who do not want to buy into anything US America offers.



I hear you! That’s one reason I don’t feel bad mentioning her Lolita phase and sharing those insider Ivanka-Jared videos.
Her frock is clearly meant to display her breasts.
Her daddy values them. Mary Trump, the tell-all niece of Fuhrer, said that Trump once greeted her in public by commenting on how large her breasts had gotten since she was a little girl.
The Trump family are a sick, perverse, incestuous mess, and Jared is one of the richest cucks in the world.


I’m wading in here to try and say this carefully—

Why does anybody truly believe that “mocking” and “ripping to shreds” and “eviscerating” on TWITTER actually hurts Kushie’s feelings and might “shame” him into behaving better?

This is what irks moderates and the average working class schmuck (like me) the most about reading articles like this. Either the Left doesn’t understand or refuses to understand—that sociopaths behave the way that they do, because it’s in their nature to do so. It doesn’t make it right. It makes it reality.

“Explaining” to bad people that their actions are bad and hurt others, really isn’t helpful and changes nothing. It makes YOUR blood pressure go up, makes YOU resentful, and does NOTHING to the person who skips along their merry way, hitting “block user” on their twitter feed.

Want to do something that holds this type of person accountable? Get out and become active in civic politics—and STAY THERE. Actually get INVOLVED instead of complaining and angsting about it.

The Thugs are successful because they are disciplined, laser focused on an objective and do not relent. AOC is absolutely correct—Dems simply do not have the focus or the discipline—because we win…then we want to go hiking and biking and vacationing and going to hot yoga…while Thug operatives are literally cutting Dems’ legs right out from under them…and then the Dems are all hand wringing, wondering how that could possibly have happened.

Because Thugs have an agenda, and they execute it. They can loathe each other…and they still execute the party plan. Dems…live in “Whatifistan” and “Maybeburg”—fearful of this and that and something else----while Thugs seriously believe that no matter what they do, no matter how bad—they will somehow find a way to make it work for them—and they do.

“Eviscerating” Jared Kushner? Please. The next time CD uses this term in a headline—it sure as s#it needs to be followed by----“and his guts were spilled out on the the Towne Square after the drawing and quartering ceremony.”

Until then? Kushie is sitting back laughing at all the Liberal heads exploding and all the wheels spinning, going nowhere.


Thankyou Giovanna for that link. You might like to contemplate this too:



It certainly didn’t display any good taste in clothing. :))
(Btw, was it a bloke portraying ivanka? Not sure i understood if that was the case.)


I noticed they have kind of kept him out of the limelight in the campaign. They know that he is the poster child for all that is wrong with this country. We were supposed to be better than to have a family like the Marcos in the Phillipines or Soehartos in Indonesia but this appears to be what Trump likes - A dynasty with him at the head. If the people of the United States do not remove this man…it is a nation destined for destruction.