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Javier Valdez and the Drug War that Killed Him


Javier Valdez and the Drug War that Killed Him

Andrew Kennis

One month ago today a burly, middle-aged reporter set out from the offices of the news weekly Riodoce that he co-founded some fourteen years ago, walking toward his car at high noon. In the preceding days, the internationally renowned journalist had admitted to people close to him that he felt anxious about his safety.


The war on drugs must be ended, and society freed from the ongoing militarization of both the “security” state, and the drug cartels.

Drugs are a public health matter, and must be dealt with via public health measures and harm reduction measures, not via criminalization, imprisonment, and military assault.

But there’s far too much money being made, on all sides of this unnecessary war, for reason and the common good to prevail.


Mexico is a Narco State, as is Afghanistan. The Afghan Poppy Crop has increased by Tonnage with CIA/ USAID active Help. Mexicos Political and Law Enforcement Structure is entirely Corrupted; from Nieto down. The CIA has been deeply involved in Cocaine shipments to LA for decades. Now, Mexicos national Oil Company, Petromex is being Privatised for the American Oil Cartel.