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'Jaw-Droppingly Exciting': Scientists Discover Seven Earth-Like Planets


'Jaw-Droppingly Exciting': Scientists Discover Seven Earth-Like Planets

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

While the Trump administration continues to wage a war on science, NASA on Wednesday shared "remarkable" findings: seven Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of a single star "relatively close" to the planet we call home.

"This is an amazing discovery," said Yale University astronomy professor Deborah Fischer to MSNBC. "On a scale of one-to-ten, this is off the scale. This is jaw-droppingly exciting," she added.


Actually Trump just said they should pay more attention to space and forget about climate change.

Furthermore, these planets are so far away humans will never go there, especially since this planet is in habitat overshoot due to overpopulation.


The race is on to see if Bezos or Musk gets there first.


There is actually a way to get there, but it's a one-way trip. NASA is actually, according to their own site, re-positioning huge asteroids to Earth orbit, supposedly for the purposes of studying them with human astronauts.

Me thinks it's a 13ft thick spaceship, which keeps out as much radiation as our atmosphere. That's the only way to land a man on Mars, by the way, since one solar flare will cook you. On the rear of the thing sits the Orion Project, which, originally was nuke bombs going off against a propulsion plate capable of incredible speeds (now they say it's non-nuke, but I'm not buying it.)

I suggest we load the One Percent aboard and launch them immediately!


This is where the 1% are aiming for after they destroy the earth. This just makes them more certain they can take it with them. They've always got somewhere to live protected from the likes of the rest of us.


Heck why not send all the 1% off into space, at the very least they won't be interfering with the people who actually want to save the environment and Earth for human habitation. Although I would recommend changing the course of their rocket to a place more suitable for them, the Sun.


I'm both a climate change inventor and an interstellar migration inventor. These days, all the work is in climate of course.

We can seed planets, first with algae, second with people.

The migration of adult humans at half the speed of light would take 80 years.


It is nice to understand that only the well off will be able to make the trip. This is something I really support and endorse. After all its a one way party to the future.

Ah yes radiation in space is deadly and all the armor against it to heavy to lift in quantity. The worst I think is over looking the effects of gravity. Everything we do every day is fighting against gravity. When we lose we are 6 feet under. There is no gravity in space and I think in terms long travel as that being deadly over time for humans.

All this stuff we boost into space from humans to ISS gear to satellites has a huge CO2 foot print. Any mass migration to off world locations will be tiny. As that group leaves its plume of exhaust could be the final nail in earth as a coffin for humanity.


Gee the majority of them would be dead upon arrival. If they were members of congress, the 1% or part of a pedophile class I say get them on board with the program.

Really we need to study Hollywood because they know how to do interstellar space travel.


"Located in the constellation Aquarius and about 40 light-years away from Earth"

So that's where the Age of Aquarius went! Now, let's get to serious work in reclaiming, restoring, protecting our Mother Earth. And first order of business is to eradicate capitalism that is devouring her.


Nah, they will only destroy these planets. Send them out in space with other cosmic debris.


Here is what they may be up to, imho:

NASA learned not to divulge atomic drives to the public after the protests of the Cassini Probe to Saturn which used an RTG power supply since solar at that great distance is iffy. The Cassini used a planet assist trajectory buzzing Earth several times over many years to get the speed needed to make the Saturn system. Concern existed that a navigational or control problem during Earth flybys could cause fallout all over the globe if the ship accidentally hit Earth.


Science is sexy.


I argue that the vast majority will not survive the trip. They have no real life skills or empathy and compassion for other life.


Now we just have to figure out how to travel at half the speed of light.


The humans on-board the interstellar vessel would experience 80 years, but in the "same time" in this relativistic universe, people remaining on Earth would experience vastly more years than 80.


Once we can build elevators into space (using molecular monofiliments yet to be developed, hanging off geostationary orbiting satellites), we will be able to move mass off Earth without burning carbon into the atmosphere.

Also we can mimic gravity by spinning the space ship.


It's just a matter of maintaining steady acceleration for long enough.


I discovered a nearby planet some 40-some years ago. I even went there. It's called Planet USA.. Strangely enough, I found it to be inhabited by people who spoke a form English close to my own, which suggests that it may have emerged from a parallel universe where the norms of a modern social-democratic society don't apply. What I found was that the people there didn't give a rats backside about anyone suffering from ill-health unless they had lots of money. It was also a planet populated by a sub-species of being called guns which people wanted to keep as pets. And for some obtuse reason they were bombing a piddling little irrelevant country called Vietnam.

As for repositioning asteroids; apparently the dinosaurs tried to do that, but one asteroid broke loose.


Battlestar Galactica here we come. Complete with robots, lack of empathy and plenty of hierarchy and corruption.

I'm happy with this home planet, minus the 1% thank you very much.