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Jay Inslee Just Wants to Save the World From Climate Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/01/jay-inslee-just-wants-save-world-climate-change


I thought Inslee came across well in the debate. Good to see him able to engage more than the first one.

I’m glad that he not only talked about how he has led Washington state as governor, but also that he served well as a member of the House of Reps - he has national experience too.

Would like to have seen him not only raise a clarion call of the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, but also how climate change connects to other issues like health and refugee and asylum seekers.


I am liking this Jay Inslee. The state of Washington - Pacific Northwest - beautiful !


Ruling centrist Democrats prefer commercial stations that bribe them and push people to the right than a PBS or CSpan that is more democratic. All about the Benjamins. I would guess most people know DNC, DCCC, Blue Dogs and other conservatives are Republicans posing as Democrats. But I could be wrong.

I’m liking Jay Inslee more.

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Inslee would be the perfect choice for V.P.
Instead of vice presidents twiddling their thumbs all day with nothing to do, Inslee should be told he now has a 24 hour a day job.
“You are in charge of bringing the world together to combat Climate Change with the U.S. as a leader in doing something about the biggest problem facing the world today”.


The CANDIDATES themselves ought to be able to make statements, then pose their OWN questions to other candidates.

This is NOT a CONTEST or TEST. It is a chance to delve into SERIOUS problems and examine proposed SOLUTIONS.


Who gets to be president has been turned into a spinoff of " Survivor."
It is a 24 hour a day entertainment show.

“Tune in tonight to see which of the 20 remaining candidates gets voted out”.


Hi Rudyjo:
LOL, that was perfect! You gave a perfect analogy. : )

good suggestions to get the debate away from CNN, NBC. I’d like to see a debate just on foreign and military policy, the area where the President most truly rules and is also most dangerous with the possibility of fighting against Iran, Venezuela, a new nuclear arms race with Russia, and the vast drain of resources with so much weapons spending.
Also good to highlight Inslee, not sure why he hasn’t gotten more traction with progressives.

Well, I dunno. I see Greenland and the icecap in a neck-and-neck competition for best performance by an overheated drama-queen in 2019. Today is the second day of an historic melt pulse hitting the ice-sheet, likely bringing Greenland’s contribution to global sea-level rise this year alone to > 1 mm.

Over the same two days, the icecap is almost pausing, waiting for Greenland to complete her soliloquy… It’s perfectly understandable that both the media and public opinion are beyond not caring about the problem with Greenland and the icecap, it would be better if you don’t bring it up! Naturally, because it’s the story of the millenium, of how Earth will be for thousands of years. That just makes my brain hurt, so I’d rather not think about it, I guess…

At some point we will have to face the reality that you can’t save the icecap anymore. That would be closing the barn doors after the horses have run off. If we can’t save the icecap, or Greenland’s ice-sheet, then what do we mean when we say “Save the World from Climate Change”?

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My pick for leading candidates included Inslee last on the list because a sensible GND is job #1 the next President must tackle. Unfortunately, no GND so far - including Inslee’s and Andrew Yang’s - makes sense to this transportation system planner. I’m only looking for calm, cool, level-headed responses at this point. Tim Ryan led superbly, followed by Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Buttigieg, then Andrew Yang and Inslee. Other candidates struggled intensely or over-confidently in response to questions on issues. This early assessment could change. The facts suggest any GND will exclude self-driving car tech as nonsense. Andrew Yang’s UBI is ethereal and Inslee’s GND falls short of my expectations. I’ve yet to hear any GND from Ryan, but he’s from the automotive industrial state, Ohio, where he can affect how motor vehicle manufacturing reacts to this rejection of self-driving tech and to all-battery BEVs Tesla, Daimler freight truck, and to photovoltaic solar array systems. Plug-in hybrids have more potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption and emissions than BEVs and hydrogen Fuel Cell FCEVs.
Have a good weekend, everybody.

I have sent Jay Inslee a contribution, not that he has a chance, but because he is sincere about the Green New Deal and addressing the coming climate catastrophes. Jay deserves the support of anyone that is serious about climate change.

Me too!

These were basically the 0.01% multinational conglomerates that installed a reality show gangster; with John, Robby and Debbie silencing any opposition. So, nu? But when there’s no competition (Correct the Record, PropRnot ripped journalists, whistleblowers & truth from our internet). We’ve just begun viewing “Handmaid’s Tale,” which I’d remembered as really astute speculative fiction, not a prescient reality infomercial? Who sponsored this cage match, Freedom Arms, Fiat/ RAM, Perdue Pharma, Velveeta, Viagra, Victoria’s Secret? WWE next?

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Just watched an YouTube video of Jake Tapper interviewing Bernie in Detroit days after the debates. It is possible that Jake was either sorry for, or got a lot of heat from the audience about asking him rigged questions and was allowing Bernie to explain things properly.

Similarly I watched an RT interview with Lee Camp and Jesse Ventura where Jesse said he was told by the MSM network his show was on, not to mention anything about war, or else. He did and lost his show.

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