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Jayapal Breaks Silence on DCCC Policy Protecting Incumbents From Progressive Challengers

Jayapal Breaks Silence on DCCC Policy Protecting Incumbents From Progressive Challengers

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

One of the top progressive Democrats in Congress fought back publicly for the first time Thursday over efforts by the party's Congressional Campaign Committee to undercut primary challengers to incumbents.

"By the way, what is 'the far left?' Progressives, who make up 40% of the Democratic caucus and the vast majority of the primary electorate?" --Rep. Pramila Jayapal

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These “Centrists”, moderate Republicans, perhaps are in the wrong party? If they oppose the so-called left then they should get the hell out of the way of third, 4th, parties having access to real power.


The “long game,” of course, is the transformation of U.S. government into a one party, fascist oligarchy. Only those who are “successful” should rule, and that means those who have accumulated wealth no matter how ill-gained it may be.

Many Democrats today are indistinguishable from the Republicans they pretend to oppose and some are unabashed in their support of Republican appointees, policies and even candidates in a few cases.


D emocrats
C omitted to
C orporate
C onformance


Do not buy into the polarization of the authoritarian leader and its party. Focus on our own agenda. Forget Trump and just say what we are going to do and why we have to win. Do not take social media too seriously it works to polarizes the opposition. We must build coalitions with as many other sectors of the society as possible


Bustos said the party needed to concentrate on not working against one another.

Listen to your own words, Bustos

These Progressives have been elected to office by the People based upon the Vision of the People.

Why, because Centrist DCCC Politics as usual is Not Working.

So Either Respect the Will of the People or we will Vote You Out in the Primaries.


Why not go all the way and cancel the primaries. Clearly Dims no longer support democracy.


WHY get upset with the making of this policy??
— THAT … is who the Democratic Party IS. Period.
The only surprise here is why it took so long to pronounce !

They will BATTLE to keep the moderate, centrist Oligarchic politics in place !
They will NOT play FAIR. For them, “fair” is them always winning.
• Look around you. Progressives — It is TIME to MOVE ON !


the fools of the damn dems learn nothing. time to leaved them way behind and create a new third party which is already in the works! so disgusting that they really believe the public is behind them. ugh.

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They are already afraid of progressives so I doubt they’d want even more competition from The Left in the forms of other parties so different from their positions of greed and arrogance.

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These centrists have their beach houses and their new cars and limo rides to lobbyists parties and all that health insurance money and oil and gas money. They don’t want to see that go away. Besides, they might have to fight for those damn poor people. Boring! Pelosi, Shumer, and probably this one too, what’s her name? Bustos? Multimillionaires loving the cushy life.


Hmmm, anyone got a list of Busto’s favorite restaurants, shops and entertainment venues? Perhaps she just needs to meet the Progressive grass roots a bit more often to fully realize the consequences of her own vindictiveness regarding tolerant conforming versus picking fights with half of the party’s supporters.

Given that, isn’t it rather ironic that their actions are racking up a lot of losing by attacking the party’s future and its activist life-blood?

The Party has no future. Those progressives are trying to prop up a dead horse.

The solution to DCCC corruption vs progressives is to send donations to candidates directly, rather than the democratic group fund … https://i.postimg.cc/d0SyPdDX/Pramila-Jayapal-on-DCCC-corruption-vs-progressives.png