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Jayapal Condemns 'Autocratic Frenzy' of Police After Video Shows Cops Shoving Elderly Man to the Ground, Knocking Him Unconscious

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/jayapal-condemns-autocratic-frenzy-police-after-video-shows-cops-shoving-elderly-man


Let’s get this right folks, it was OMG he was tall or or old or other or simply NOT IN UNIFORM so throw him to the ground as we were TRAINED. Not much more to it. In the city where I live which has a horrible past of racial violence the protesters coordinate with the (progressive) mayor and the police and things proceed peacefully.


So much for living in the USA, now a partially CRIMINALLY, FASCIST land. Thanks to all the enablers, donors, supporters, and absolutely stupid people who voted for this motherfucking monster that is infesting “The peoples House”, yeah, thanks assholes!


The police culture known only one reaction - force and violence - total submission. As the people demand justice and total reform and end to such institutionalized violence and depraved indifference for the lives of others, police become more repressive and violent. Even during the protests against police murder of George Floyd, violent pathological cops continue to kill with impunity!

"California: Vallejo police kill unarmed 22-year-old, who was on his knees with his hands up!"

The (Unjustifiable)killing of Sean Monterrosa, has sparked intense outrage in the Bay Area, particularly in the city of Vallejo, a city with a long history of police violence and high-profile killings like 20 yr old Willie McCoy who had been [sleeping in his car, fired 55 bullets at him in 3.5 seconds – which was “reasonable”, according to the city of Vallejo’s hired consultant. and excessive force complaints".REALLY?!
The BS cop claims of self-defense or I was afraid" are lies!




This in today’s Guardian:



Thanks - Yet more insane violence and murders, cloaked in “procedure” and claims of “fear” or “I thought he/she was going for a gun” - lies and false claims by sadist incompetent cops, trained to violence as their only response - to brutalize and kill - must be smashed!


Cops want vengeance - the killing keeps going on - politicians are getting outrage overload, too hard to keep up with all the police brutality.


Couldn’t agree more. Never thought I would witness the events of late within my lifetime.


Part of the problem is the police hiring practices. They want people good with guns and warfare like ex-military personnel, not people skilled at negotiation or those who have an ounce of compassion.


Notice that yet once again the Police department lied to as what occurred with this elderly man. There can be no law and order and no justice system if the law enforcement arm of the Justice system LIES about events that occur. How can there ever be a fair trial of a suspect, if the Police are willing to lie in their arrest reports and lie when they take the witness stand. ? These lies are not just from individual officers, entire Police departments are participating in such.

It is not enough to “suspend” these officers for pushing this man to the ground for no reason other then them wanting to use violence, they and those that aided in the lies about what occurred have to be booted from the force.

There can never be justice if every time these guys open their mouth to describe what occurred they lie. A lying Police officers is not suited to the job and should be fired immediately.


Just cops being cops… nothing to see here.


Sean Monterrosa’s name gets added to the end of a long tally: martyrs of police terror in Vallejo – which is definitely in the running for worst Bay Area PD. This is the department which executed Willie McCoy for falling asleep in a Taco Bell drive-in lane.

(please avoid the terrible footage if you’ve seen too much already)



“a spokesperson for the Buffalo Police Dept claimed in a statement the man tripped and fell.” The violence is bad enough, but blatant deceit by ‘public servants’ is outright evil. I’m glad they didn’t get away with it (this time).


What choices were there besides voting Green, With Hillary we would be fighting Russia in Syria. And bringing them " Blacks" to Heel at home. Fuck the DNC this is on them.


Not only did they knock him down, they just kept walking past him as he lay bleeding. Where is the humanity? Cop training is horrendous. The military type training makes them consider us citizens the enemy.


At the GOP convention in New York 2004 peaceful protesters to the ‘village idiot’s’ renomination were rounded up and incarcerated until the convention ended. Message : keep silent about wars of aggression disguised as “keeping America safe”.


WAITING for police video from Vallejo, California. … I hope phone video at scene. Those who support Trump. probably see nothing wrong, even praise the brutality, depressing!


Very poor training indeed. What a horrible thing to see. At least they didn’t attack the man with their knees.


This vid is disturbing no question, but mild violence compared to many other incidents I’ve seen since this started. If you or anyone you know has incriminating video evidence, I would hang on to it until all of this shakes out. And make back-up copies, just incase your vid “accidently disappears” after being turned over to authorities.


These cops are not “public servants” LowCard.

They are Nazi servants of the "Government Sanctioned Military Industrial Complex."

Make no mistake.