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Jayapal Confronts Top Pelosi Aide for 'Inappropriate' Effort to Undermine Medicare for All


Jayapal Confronts Top Pelosi Aide for 'Inappropriate' Effort to Undermine Medicare for All

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Tuesday directly confronted an influential health policy aide for attempting to undercut the Democratic caucus's push for Medicare for All.



Medicare for All is an existential threat to the for-profit health “care” industry, which is why they have pulled out all the stops in trying to derail it.

The for-profit health “care” industry is an existential threat to—well, everybody—which is why we can’t allow it to be defeated yet again (see LBJ’s original age-limited Medicare, Hillarycare and Obmacare for previous defeats). Damn these corporate Ds and their enablers.



Only fools would trust Nancy Pelosi. She is one of those with the forked tongue - she says one things to the people and another to her real constituency - the health care insurance industry.



Given that over 80% of Democrats support single payer, given that a large share of the public does, given that it would save lots of money and lives, and would be more efficient, I find the need to do this telling. Says a hell of a lot about the Democratic Party in 2019. It is good that Jayapal is in that party and is pushing for this, but she shouldn’t have to do this. Wished that her party was something other than a more moderate right wing party, infested with massive corruption, dominated by people that are guilty of the most mindless and idiotic group think.



Gave a tribute on the House floor to Pete Peterson (not tons different than paying tribute to a Koch brother), and bought into his lies and disinformation about public debt, deficits and the solvency of programs like Social Security. Took part in lots of his gatherings, brags about how great she is at taking in lots of bribes, claims that no one wants much change in regards to policy, had her DCCC beat the left back. Indefensible.



And now she is trying to defend her fellow traveler (so the speak) - Joe Biden. How pathetic.



With a few exceptions, like Jayapal and OAC that would make the rest of the Democratic Party…FOOLS!



The Biden stuff is, I don’t even know a good word for it, pathetic? There should have been many lessons learned from 2016. Don’t nominate someone with the worldview of someone like Biden or Clinton. That era is coming to an end. Don’t nominate someone with a horrible record. And, just as importantly, don’t nominate someone with tons of baggage. Could you imagine the massive amount of dirt that they could pull up on Biden? What would the left then have to do? Defend Biden against attacks? I think his support melts the second people look into his actual record, mountain of stupid statements, worldview, creepy behavior, but we will see.



The question now is going to be, how much push back like Jayapal’s will there be from other dems, or more importantly the public?



Pelosi is like the exhausted, deadly colonizer Potosi silver mines. Right there in front of you, but everything goes to line the pockets of the greedy. Those days will be done ONLY when we make it absolutely clear that they are over. Figures the undermining would be by someone named “Primus”. Not exactly ‘primus verus systematicus’ (“first true system” - that is designated to the Mbya Guarani in South America for their ancient astronomical and biological sciences - and the plant based medicinal practices are legendary.

Thank you Hon. Jayapal. More and more arms are needed to do the heavy lifting



It’s clear that the Dem ‘Leadership’ cannot be trusted. They’re aren’t going to change any time soon. They are running this bus towards another 4 years of Trump.

As Jimmy Dore likes to say: (paraphrased) The Democratic "Leadership’ would rather see Trump win than a Progressive. If Trump wins they will have their Status Quo.

Chris Hedges - from Why Chris Hedges Thinks The American Empire Has Lost Control…

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In a interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:

“… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.

It’s time the Democratic Party start supporting Democrats rather than Republicans lying about who they are.



Gee, what else is new?



That concept is not understood in many areas. Have a look at the comments section on HuffPo.
A lot of ideological Republicans calling themselves Democrats (in public)

On edit: or Democratic Underground for that matter



Pelosi’s Aide , in other words industry stooge,



Remember - its a revolving door.



Props to Jayapal for confronting that cluck. And shame on any corporate Dem that isn’t backing a comprehensive plan that eliminates the insurance company middlemen. In These Times had a good essay by someone backing a Medicare option (it was called something other than Medicare for all, I forgot what though). So an expansion of Medicare or public option thing seems a good step forward at least, considering we have to go through both houses of Congress and the executive branch.



Candidates like Bernie Sanders have an uphill battle popularizing Medicare For All because the Health Care Industry vehemently opposes it, the Republican Party opposes it and the Leaders of the Democratic Party oppose it.

Pelosi’s aid revealed where her loyalty lies when her assistant said: “stakeholders” are against it."

In other words they do not give a damn what their Constituents want they are only concerned about what their Corporate Masters want.

Fortunately the Majority of the People favor some type of Medicare For All plan.

We just need primary and throw out the Dems that are addicted to legal Bribes and replace them with Representatives that actually Represent the People that Voted for them.



While it is true Medicare for All is not the perfect plan it has been run for years and we know how to do it. Once it is in place adjustments can be made. Meanwhile the US will not be the only developed nation without a universal health care plan. AND millions will not die in horrible conditions for the profit of a few.



The people of San Francisco should be ashamed of Pelosi. If they eventually become ashamed of her, she won’t seek re-election.



Sycophantic corporate stooge “leaders” will pander to their paymasters, obfuscating the plain truth and bamboozling the people, until this country lies in rubble.