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Jayapal Rips Democratic Covid-19 Bill: "Doesn't End Mass Unemployment" or "Ensure Affordable Healthcare for Everyone"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/13/jayapal-rips-democratic-covid-19-bill-doesnt-end-mass-unemployment-or-ensure


Clearly, to my mind at least, a lot of effort is going into propping up the system of capitalism from the GOP version of sacrificing potentially 200,000+ people to the disease and many more to hunger and desperation to Jayapal’s efforts which at least are humane, life-affirming and understandable.

For years we the people have had the option of non cooperation but it looks as though the GOP has seized on it instead as they prefer to set fire to all US American institutions for their “free-market” religion even as SARS-Cov-2 has lead the way. Now we face the quandary together: What next? Do we take-up “arms against a sea of trouble” knowing full-well we are outgunned by the powers in control? Shakespeare’s age old questions are very appropriate: To be or not to be? Is it “nobler in the mind to suffer the slings of outrageous fortune or to take-up arms against them and face a sea of trouble”?


Let them Have Access to Dove Bars. Or an affordable Ice Cream Sandwich.


Pelosi’s bill needs to be tossed out, and a clean bill written. It’s safe to assume that Pelosi’s bill is full of gotchas and special handouts. Write a new bill in straightforward, clear language.


Couldn’t Pelosi compose another 185 more pages of confusing nonsense to make an even 2,000? There’s got to be something in this hodgepodge for everybody with a preference to the needs of corporate sponsors, but who would know for sure. What would be wrong with addressing one problem at a time?


Nice statement Pramila, you made a similar critique of the last bill then voted for it. If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk. Only AOC had the integrity and guts to vote against the highly flawed CARES. Time to remedy your mistakes and fix this one in spite of Pelosi. Every time these flawed measures are voted, leverage is squandered.

The motto of the “Progressive Causcus” should be “stop Pelosi she’s a Republican mole”.

You represent my district, I don’t have to vote for you next time around. I’ll will be sending you an email on this.


Same ole story.

Dear: Miss Nancy

Will you put a few crumbs for the peasants in your fourth or is it fifth bill to bail out the vulgar rich.

With Love, Pram

Dear Pram,

Shut your yap or I’ll have the DCCC financing a republican to run in your district.


I posted this link once before but I think it important enough to do so again. This report measures the percentage of GDP spent by a number of Countries to address COVID.


Just note that Canada spent 6.3 percent and the USA 13.6 percent respectively and this US bill will spend trillions more. It MY opinion that the Canadians affected most by this are getting far more help than is the US worker who might have lost their jobs.

How can that be when they USA spends over twice the amount as a percent of GDP than the Government in Canada?

The answer is the USA is plowing far more money to the rich and the Corporations. Paying COBRA payments on behalf of unemployed workers is an example of this. It just sending money to the insurance industry for nothing.

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There is no solution to the unemployment crisis, Jayapal.

But there is a solution to the loss of income crisis.

The mass unemployment stems from a culture whose economy has been transformed from one of manufacturing essentials for the commonweal, to one with a larger base of non-essential services and luxury and pseudo luxury items.

This started with Reagan and accelerated with Bush Sr and Clinton, allowing companies to off-shore to China (giving them Most Favored Nation status). It’s what allowed the Walmart family to become the wealthiest family in the US, buying cheap goods made overseas and selling them to poorly paid service workers in the US.

When a crisis hits, like Covid-19 or a recession (banking reset), it’s the small service providers who get hammered first, and then the effects roll through the rest of the economy, as money streams which lubricate commerce end up eventually in the banks and finance companies.

The upshot – right now there is nothing which can be done to lower unemployment aside from forcing people back to the workplaces at risk of infection and death.

The ONLY thing which will help at this point economically is a Universal Basic Income. This is because the US economy will NOT snap back to normal and many people who lost jobs and income will not be taken back into the economy when it does start its slow recovery.

A UBI combined with debt interest relief will stave off the Dickensian homelessness and poverty catastrophe heading down the tracks at full speed.


Another initiative that will go a LONG way to ending that inequality is busting up the Corporations as Roosevelt did with his anti-trust laws way about 100 years back. This will help create jobs given the number one reason Corporations merge is so they can increase profits by cutting jobs.

No mainstream Politician is calling for this.


You’re absolutely spot on.

The corporate-speak for firing people during mergers and take-overs is “synergies”, as in, "We expect to obtain synergies of $300 million over the next 5 years.

So to add to your good point, let’s de-synergize these mega “too-big-to-fail” companies. Also I thought Americans were all for competition, not eliminating it through mergers and consolidations.

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Pelosi, Trump, Mitch, Chuck… WRITE?!? That’s like saying senile zoombie Reagan LED the Free World! I’ll be simply amazed if we don’t discover Biden’s mysteriously sentient “debate” performance was really Andy Serkis in a skin bag?

PS (hi, Suspira): yep, COOL to note, folks I’d VOTE for: AOC, Rashida, Jaypal, Ro… are STILL to the right of Teddy fucking Roosevelt, at his most obdurate and implacably avaricious?





with the Republicans being so horrific —it sure is a shame that we have to fight the Democratic establishment when we are trying to get some help to the people suffering from the inaction of the so called “leaders” of our country --and the Dems expect us to vote for this garbage in Nov–pah

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Because the partisans would never accept one like that. Gotta have that sugar for both parties.

And while you may have to drive that car a while longer regardless of the payments you can’t make, and can’t afford those new jeans you wanted, the military has nice new cammo clothes, a shiny new gun, a paid for vehicle to drive, years worth of free food and lodging, job security, and if we complain they are ready to come down on us.
As we know, spending priorities is a farce, Fake news.
The question for the day may be, do we fight an in the streets battle against trumpism, or go underground and fight from there?

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“…a lot of effort is going into propping up the system of capitalism…”

Giovanna, it certainly appears this is true, but it doesn’t make sense, to me at least. I have only a basic understanding of our economic system, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand that if the people (consumers) are broke, no amount of money sent to the top is going to save the system. So what is their end game? By refusing UBI or any other repeated payments to ensure the people have money to spend, are they trying to completely loot and crash the system? I don’t have the answers to these questions, and we’ve always known how greedy the 1% is, but there must be more going on here. Can they be so greedy as to crash their “cash cow” system? Judging by comments on other sites from other parts of the world, they don’t understand what our government is doing either, like me, they are baffled.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Nonfiction Writer Greg Grandin “The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America”

“Today we have two parties that are basically talking about institutionalizing a system that is blatantly, unescapable and unavoidably founded on disposable people, acknowledging their disposability and doing nothing about it.”

Don’t Pretend Joe Biden Is Actually Moving Left
Joe Biden has named several progressives, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sara Nelson, to newly announced policy “task forces.” This beats him just sneering at leftists — but it’s no great progressive victory that a few good people are on a random list of names for toothless task forces.

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Let’s hope that with 40% of all Americans earning less than $ 40K annually having lost their jobs in March according to the Fed yesterday, that the new economic package provides sufficient resources to these individuals and their families. If we have another round of benefits primarily for the corporations with little for the average individual, we will then probably be in some serious caca.