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Jayapal, Sanders Make Progressive Push for #CollegeForAll


Jayapal, Sanders Make Progressive Push for #CollegeForAll

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a progressive push-back to the administration's right-wing agenda—and amid rising inequality—Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday unveiled their legislative plan for tuition-free public colleges to lift the burden of "crushing debt."


Almost daily I look at what Trump is doing with the Repubs backing and contrast that with the image (in my mind) of what things would have been like for this country had Bernie Sanders been elected and he came in with a groundswell of support and the backing of a resurgent Democratic Party behind him?

Everyday I wonder at what Bernie could have done had Dems not tried to manipulate the vote against the most popular candidate in the race but instead had embraced that choice ...the people's choice. What could have been accomplished for this country... for us all.

Let's hope that America - the constitutional America we have had is not subverted by a fascistic version of America imposed by Trump.

My gut feeling is that the Dems are getting worried because they know that they have only themselves -the Dems - to protect them from the Repub onslaught and the corporate coup. Many Dems will regret their role in subverting the popular vote and the obvious choice of the voters during the nomination process.


Any serious Representative Government would listen to Bernie.


It sure seems to me that the Dems are all for the corporate coup - they have certainly worked to that end. It will take the 'outliers' to get anything progressive accomplished. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if many establishment Dems work with Reps to make sure this legislation doesn't even get a vote.


Got to hand it to Bernie Sanders for not giving up on all these progressive bills. I think over the course of 30 years he has gotten one watered-down veterans bill into law and two laws naming post offices. Since Trump is trying to destroy the universities I am not sure what the tuition will be used for except to learn some right wing propaganda after they get rid of all the left wing professors. And with all the cuts proposed in scientific research funding students may have to go to another country if they want to get an education in science. The best advice is to apply to McGill or the U of Toronto. And tuition is Canada is relatively low.


Of course. These elites believe they were ordained by g-d with all of their money.


Broad democratic consensus is needed to get anything done. I'd love to abolish the state and replace it with worker's councils tomorrow - but it ain't going to happen except in small increments (and not in my lifetime). Don't attack would-be allies in your meaningless quest for purity. If you actually go out and join some activist organizations, you will find that insistence on purity fall by the wayside pretty fast If anything is ever going to get accomplished.

Then again, maybe you are not actually serious in your views and are actually an agent-provocateur employed by the right wing engaged in the classic "sowing of discord" used by the FBI in the COINTELPRO days.


Yes, but without Sanders and others pulling from the left, sometimes quixotically, the Democratic Party would be even further to the right than it already is.


iTrumpet received 19.5% of the voting age votes. 19.8% of voting age adults voted for the democrat.

This means about 60% of US citizens are waiting for a positive electoral choice.


Great plan -- and a sensible nation would be happy to adopt it.

Our government is being run, however, by insane people (including MIC/CIA/Intelligence) --

And our government has been raking in $65 billion each year from interest on student loans.
Shameful -- !!


Free college for all is a money maker for the country. One or two major inventions by someone who could not afford college would probably pay for thr entire program.


Keep it up progressives and demand lamestreet media covers the bill, whether it gets to the floor of senate and how it is voted.

We have to show in every way we can how the republicans are not for the people. If you have to go stand on your head to get the lamestreet attention it needs to be done.


I wanted to put just "YES!!!" but I got this from the system: Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence? and it wouldn't let me post. We are controlled by computers who sometimes aren't that smart.


I would have edited this out for it does not serve your bigger point.


That is completely ignoring his success at getting more than 90 amendments passed. He has been one of the most effective legislators in that regard.


Funny how something that works in the favor of citizens is put forth when it has NO chance of passing.


The state/public universities were being destroyed way before Trump was in office. For example, neoliberal Mitch Daniels and others like him are presidents of land-grant universities; they are there for a reason and it isn't because they love the public and believe they should have broad and liberal educational experiences. Donations are accepted from the likes of the Koch Bros. and Papa John (yes, the fake/bad pizza man) with lots of strings attached regarding curricula. Boards of education and trustees at public schools filled with conservatives making decisions that negatively impact students (and the public in general) such as cutting sciences and humanities while promoting entrepreneurial curricula and attitudes and raising tuition while increasing administrators' incomes.


"families who make up to $125,000 a year"

Why only up to $125k. have an entrance exam, like any other civilized country (baccalaureate, Abitur, call it whatever), and may the best ones get in. Right now, even with tuition half of them need remedial courses, and by the end of the first year half drop out.


Didn't somebody try that already? I remember it didn't really work out as planned. I was there.


We can always count on Lrx to give the sold-out corporate Democrat / Clinton campaign spin on everything.